Open source Alienflight FC


I would assume that one of these is defined and the other commented out so try reversing them


We make a good team @JG101


config.h lines 376 and 377 but I would have expected one of them to have been already defined. I would uncomment one at a time by removing the // at the start of each line, save and re upload the modified sketch and see if one or the other fixes the issue


How do I get to editing the sketch? This is my first time attempting something like this. Do I have to download a recent sketch from somewhere or can I access the one currently uploaded to the board?

Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it.


Arduino ide software.


You cannot access the one already on the FC . I will try and find you a copy hang on. You edit them in a text editor like notepad, notepad++ (Windoze) or TextEdit on a Mac.


Yes do you have Arduino IDE and MultiWii GUI installed and are you on Windoze or Mac


Yep, I have Arduino and Multiwii GUI installed. I am on windows 7.


Can you connect the FC via USB and start the MW GUI OK?


I can. I was able to change the rates and set flight modes like normal. It’s also how I noticed all the channels were out of whack.


Having trouble finding 2.4 version online pm me your email and I’ll send you a Zip file of 2.4


Hey @FlemonMallister are you there it’s 2am here and I want to get this sorted and then hit the hay :slight_smile:


@JG101 we have re established communication :slight_smile:


We’re in business. Just had the maiden and it flies great. Thanks for your help @JG101 and a big thank you to @pedro147 for staying up late to work the issue and teaching me some new things. Love this community.

Now to install some fpv…


Another successful Alien_Nation mission Commander @JG101

Back to the Bat cave :slight_smile:

Looking good @FlemonMallister


Yer…out, shift is totally over!

That was your win guys, I don’t actually know multiwii, I was guessing!


Great to watch a crack team in action!


Oven cooling down after my first F3 FC build, an AlienFlight Hybrid. Pretty God damn happy about this :smiley:

The only rework required was moving one FET which I will not be using anyway Brushless👽Flight. The easiest build so far, it will not last


Nice, I must get one of you master fc chefs to cook me up a tasty board sometime, or maybe I’ll be so inspired that I’ll learn myself.


Have a go yourself. Join the team/clan/family.