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Hey madman how’s it going. I have been reading up on the AlienWii and I fell into the rabbit hole and some hours later here I am. I recently just got a brand new Classic AlienWii so I have been researching like a madman. During this research I noticed a post you said you were from Washington. I too am from Washington. I currently live in Kirkland would love to get together and fly sometime and see the boards you are making. I have recently been looking into building a board but it’s way beyond my skill set as of now but hopefully in the not to distant future with a little help I’ll be able to fulfill that dream. Building a multi-rotor and flying it is a great accomplishment and it feels good but building the flight controller that is making the multi rotor you also built fly must make you feel like part God. Well keep up the good work and maybe we can grab a beer after we rip thru some volts.


Sounds like we might be friends @Squatch :wink: Quads and beers is how I like to roll. I am south down in Enumclaw but am always up there around the east side for work. I also have a brother who is in Woodinville. I have only ran into a few people from the hobby that are around here, 3 to be exact. One in Everett, one in Federal Way and another that I have not spoke to but saw he was in Gig Harbour.
The AlienWii and AlienFlight can take you down a rabbit hole for sure, there are so many things to know about all of this especially if you have just gotten started. Building the open source AF cards has been a lot of fun for me and an obsession. I got lost down that rabbit hole for almost a year trying to figure all of it out. Besides just the flight controller there are also many other aspects of all this that can take you down that hole as well. If you want some interesting stuff to read check out the story behind how all this got started here The guys responsible for starting all this flight card business. It has evolved much since the inception nearly 8 years ago and is what birthed the many varieties of flight cards based off the work that was done with the MultiWii.
Not sure if you’re on FaceBook but we have a group there for the AW and AF too and a lot of good guys there. If you are on FB come and join we are happy to have you and or anyone that is into these FC.


@Gaetano has been wishing for a PedroWii_CC FC ever since my first attempts to make one, so finally one of his wishes is coming true

I test flew the FC for one last time before it’s long journey to Italy and the FC is now ready for shipping on Monday morning Have fun @Gaetano :slight_smile:

One last test flight on Australian soil


Sweet Bind Plug! :wink:


It’s Le Walker bind plug from Florida @Jtwalkz


Thanks pedro will be 'much to brag with my friends, to say this and custom FC, donated by my friend! Pedro in Australia! :joy:

thank you so much! Pedro :slight_smile:


soon to be 'in Italian soil fly much the Pedro wii! australia Italy :smiley:


This community is just awesome. Keep up the good work guys.


Snyder D Michael an avid Quad Jockey active on Facebook and wherever good quads are sold :smiley: told me that he has a special reason for purple being his favorite colour, so in honour of that special reason I am sending him a purple Pedr​:alien:Wii. This will place a pin right in the heart of the Pedr :alien: Wii_CC map once his FC arrives along with @gaetano’s :smiley:


The mean distribution of the Mustachio from Downunder flight control boards


Omg paradise Australia :heart_eyes:

the aliens really exist flying between USA Germany, Italy, Australia! Then they complain of PID hahhahah :smiley: make the transoceanic .

Pedro for my red and cool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi guys. So a while back I purchased a green Alienflight 5V Narrow Classic from Rob at microfpv. I’m just now getting around to setting it up.

I was able to configure it in Multiwii and bind my DX6 to it. Problem is it’s getting all the wrong Rx information(i.e. throttle is acting as aux3, right on the aileron is yaw). I had this problem on a cleanflight board before and was able to change the receiver setting. I don’t see any such option in Multiwii.

Anyone have any ideas?


Hi @FlemonMallister you have to reverse the aileron and rudder on your TX


Like this


Thanks for the replay @pedro147. I had already done that but this problem seems to be more like what is called “Serial Receiver Provider” in cleanflight.

Its like all the ports are wrong. Everything is registering incorrectly not just the example I provided. Had this problem on cleanflight before and the fix was to change from SPEKTRUM1024 to SPEKTRUM2048. But I have no such option here.

Ever seen something like this on a multiwii board?


You are talking AETR and TAER, or futuba v jr/spek channel mapping…

There must be a way in the sketch to define that.(multiwii is not my area, but surely)


Yes I have heard of it and I think that you have to edit one of the MultiWii files but I do not know which one sorry. I know that @madman1412 is always pretty busy but I see that @JG101 is in the house and may know :smiley:

Take it away Joel


I’ll see if I can find it via Google


This may possibly help @FlemonMallister


Its in this big paste lol

/**************************** PPM Sum Reciver /
The following lines apply only for specific receiver with only one PPM sum signal, on digital PIN 2
Select the right line depending on your radio brand. Feel free to modify the order in your PPM order is different /
//#define SERIAL_SUM_PPM PITCH,YAW,THROTTLE,ROLL,AUX1,AUX2,AUX3,AUX4,8,9,10,11 //For Graupner/Spektrum
//#define SERIAL_SUM_PPM ROLL,PITCH,THROTTLE,YAW,AUX1,AUX2,AUX3,AUX4,8,9,10,11 //For Robe/Hitec/Futaba
//#define SERIAL_SUM_PPM ROLL,PITCH,YAW,THROTTLE,AUX1,AUX2,AUX3,AUX4,8,9,10,11 //For Multiplex
//#define SERIAL_SUM_PPM PITCH,ROLL,THROTTLE,YAW,AUX1,AUX2,AUX3,AUX4,8,9,10,11 //For some Hitec/Sanwa/Others
// Uncommenting following line allow to connect PPM_SUM receiver to standard THROTTLE PIN on MEGA boards (eg. A8 in CRIUS AIO)
Spektrum Satellite Reciver /
The following lines apply only for Spektrum Satellite Receiver
Spektrum Satellites are 3V devices. DO NOT connect to 5V!
For MEGA boards, attach sat grey wire to RX1, pin 19. Sat black wire to ground. Sat orange wire to Mega board’s 3.3V (or any other 3V to 3.3V source).
For PROMINI, attach sat grey to RX0. Attach sat black to ground. /
//#define SPEKTRUM 1024
//#define SPEKTRUM 2048
//#define RX_SERIAL_PORT 1 // Forced to 0 on Pro Mini and single serial boards; Set to your choice of 0, 1, or 2 on any Mega based board (defaults to 1 on Mega).

// Defines that allow a “Bind” of a Spektrum or Compatible Remote Receiver (aka Satellite) via Configuration GUI.
// Bind mode will be same as declared above, if your TX is capable.
// Ground, Power, and Signal must come from three adjacent pins.
// By default, these are Ground=4, Power=5, Signal=6. These pins are in a row on most MultiWii shield boards. Pins can be overriden below.
// Normally use 3.3V regulator is needed on the power pin!! If your satellite hangs during bind (blinks, but won’t complete bind with a solid light), go direct 5V on all pins.
// For Pro Mini, the connector for the Satellite that resides on the FTDI can be unplugged and moved to these three adjacent pins.
//#define SPEK_BIND //Un-Comment for Spektrum Satellie Bind Support. Code is ~420 bytes smaller without it.
//#define SPEK_BIND_GROUND 4
//#define SPEK_BIND_POWER 5
//#define SPEK_BIND_DATA 6
/******************************* SBUS RECIVER *****/
The following line apply only for Futaba S-Bus Receiver on MEGA boards or PROMICRO boards.
You have to invert the S-Bus-Serial Signal e.g. with a Hex-Inverter like IC SN74 LS 04 /
//#define SBUS PITCH,YAW,THROTTLE,ROLL,AUX1,AUX2,AUX3,AUX4,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 // dsm2 orangerx
//#define SBUS ROLL,PITCH,THROTTLE,YAW,AUX1,AUX2,AUX3,AUX4,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 // T14SG
//#define RX_SERIAL_PORT 1
#define SBUS_MID_OFFSET 988 //SBUS Mid-Point at 1500
HOTT RECIVER ***********************************/
Graupner Hott HD */
//#define RX_SERIAL_PORT 1
Uncomment only one block of options to suit your needs.


You beat me by seconds @pedro147.

But @FlemonMallister, you will need to set you rx type in config.h from what I can see, use the but of code there that matches.