Open source Alienflight FC


Done it like u said but there is no red led flashing on the lemon sat…
Only thing that blink is vmon and act2 on the alienflight fc.

Do i need another receiver do bind the sat first like mentioned here:

Need to go to sleep now first. Anyway thanks for your help.


Depending on the sat, sometimes cli settings may need to be changed.

This link might help

I had to ask for help the first time I bound a sat to my own FC as well…I had not bridged the pads.


If you are having trouble binding with any FC , you can just use an RX that is already bound to your TX. I swap Lemon RX’s around between different FC’s all the time. Bind them to your TX once and that’s it, they will work on any FC


Thanks all of you!
The 3 wire cabel of one lemon rx was defect. Glad i ordered 2 of them…:sweat_smile:
So everythings fine now.

Need to short that long 3 wire cabel and maybe desolder the connectors on RX and FC. But for a first go with some tuned cf settings it does pretty well.


A great day in frigid Canberra for Team Pedro :smiley: I received a beautiful gift from @Hammer , an F3 AlienFlight Hex that will go into on of @MrRabble’s most excellent Hex frames when it arrives. How come nobody ever mentions using CleanFlight on a Mac? I downloaded Chrome and the CleanFlight App and when I plugged the FC in it connected straight up. No stuffing around with drivers or any of that shite - too easy

AlienFlight F3 Hex connected to CleanFlight on a Mac


@pedro147 nice…The f3 hexes go really well, and Phil’s frames look nice too. Your going to enjoy that combo I am sure…

What an awesome gift @Hammer :+1:


Anyone waiting on a board from me… I apologize, I have not touched them for a few weeks…Things happen and get in the way…But I will be placing them all soon.


You’re a good man @JG101! Life does not care about what our obsession with all this is it seems. Feels like I have been moving at a turtle’s pace with all of it watching all you guys build away. Most of the time I get to sit down at the bench these days seems to be to make repairs either to the FC I have built or to ones that others have disabled in some way. I do have my next batch of FC ready to go and this will be the 8bit cards as I sort of have an affection for those MultiWii FC. I feel you on the loosing track of who I said what to and promises made. I am somewhat content to help people get their FC back in the air even if it means I do not make as many FC as I had dreamed I would and in between the repairs do what I can to increase the Alien population. I believe that in all that goes on in my weekly schedule that I also may have overlooked some of the folks that had contacted me and asked about these FC as well. So same goes here, if I have overlooked someone please PM me to remind me what I was suppose to be doing :wink:


I ended up putting @Hammer’s AlienFlight Hex FC in @MrRabble’s great frame, a winning combination for sure

Thanks guys


Have seen that frame with alienflight fc on Andy RC’s channel and he was blown away by both of them i think.:smile:

Sad that the frame is not for sale…:confused:


@MrRabble might help you out @BobMarley if you ask nice :wink: He’s in my FaceBook group and pretty active there. Have not seen much of him on here lately.

That looks awesome @pedro147. I need to get my hexa AW suited up for some action and the two MultiFlight I have. Also thanks for these :grinning::sunglasses:


I just invited @BobMarley to the group earlier, a bit late as he had his AF card a little bit now…


[quote=“pedro147, post:1159, topic:178, full:true”]
I ended up putting @Hammer’s AlienFlight Hex FC in @MrRabble’g great frame, a winning combination for sure

Thanks guys

[/quote]That looks great @pedro147@MrRabble’s frame is very nice. Glad the FC has worked out for you. :grinning:


I am super stoked your windows driver issues are sorted and your pristine FC are working as they always should @Hammer.


Thanks @JG101, I’m totally indebted to Peter @pedro147 for resolving my Windows F3 driver problems. He’s very persistent, just won’t give up and I can’t thank him enough for the months he spent resolving the driver issue for me. :grinning:


Do you have any of the alienflight quad boards available? How Much?

Stan (still flying on original Alienwii narrow!)


Hi guys, I’m really happy that I managed to score an Alienflight F3 Hex not too long ago and got it in the air but it definitely needs tuning, which I have not had time to do yet. Any stick movements make it oscillate really badly.

What I want to ask here is what are the measurements of the different Alienflight quad boards? I’m starting to design a simple 3d printed quad frame and I want to make sure it has enough space to mount Alienflight/Alienwii FCs. Thanks!


@jayodas have a look on the dimensions are in the individual descriptions :slight_smile:

Hexa 27 x 31mm


Thanks @pedro147. Those dimensions are of the pcb only correct? The usb plug on the side and the plugs for power and receiver jut out from the board. Anyway, good thing I have a hex FC to experiment with.


I would assume so @jayodas I have an F3 Quad and Hex so when I get home in about an hour I will confirm those sizes if you like

EDIT - Well I measure the F3 Quad at 27mm wide with about 2mm overhang on the USB and 30mm high with about 3.5mm overhang on the battery socket