Open source Alienflight FC


It definitely shows the box if the custom mixer is selected. Any how have seen this a few times with the standard quad mixer also.


Is it possible to use a hex board as quad? Dont want to go through over 1000 posts on my phone and maybe find the answer…:grin: Thanks in advance


If you configure it as a quad X in CF/BF you should be able to. I can’t see any reason why not. I would assume motor connections 1-4 would be used.

Someone correct me if I am wrong please.


Yes @JG101 is right 100%.

Also fyi…an Octo FC can be configured as a hex or quad also.


That makes sense to me @JG101


Thanks guys…gut said that was correct, even though I had not tried it.


Ok, thanks to all of u for info on that.


Just wanted to post update regarding my AlienFlight F3 v1.x boards not connecting to Cleanflight on my Windows 7 laptank.

@pedro147, Peter is a very persistent and a unbelievably good friend that has finally resolved my problem after many months of tedious work on his part. Now all of these F3 boards, I’ve had in the scrap heap for months, are now connecting to Cleanflight and working.

Thank you Peter, I can’t thank you enough!!!

F3 v1.x Quad

F3 v1.x Hexa

F3 v1.x Octo


I am so very happy that I was able to resolve this for you @Hammer and it is great to see that you are now able to get these fine FC’s of your out in the open sky where they belong :alien:


So what was the big hangup? And how was it resolved?


Peter discovered that the DfuSE v3.0.5 software had to be uninstalled. Then installing new software “” he found on zippyshare that included a new driver did the trick. @pedro147 will have to explain it further, I’m just elated to know I’m building FC’s that work after all of these months.


I had to install an STM Virtual Com Port Driver package @Jtwalkz I detailed the fix here

I actually found the software on the STM website and just posted it to Zippyshare to make the downloading of it a bit easier for @Hammer


Nice work Peter.I’m sure John is ecstatic!


Yes @Jtwalkz it was just lucky that I had exactly the same issue with my work PC or the chances of me sorting it out would have been zero :slight_smile:


Very good to know that fix worked. And Even better that all your cards came to life @Hammer!


[quote=“pedro147, post:1142, topic:178, full:true”]
I had to install an STM Virtual Com Port Driver package @Jtwalkz I detailed the fix here

I actually found the software on the STM website and just posted it to Zippyshare to make the downloading of it a bit easier for @Hammer
[/quote]I can’t thank you enough Peter and making it as easy as possible is a must for me working with Windows machines.

[quote=“Jtwalkz, post:1143, topic:178, full:true”]
Nice work Peter.I’m sure John is ecstatic!
[/quote]I’m more than ecstatic Jesse, feel like I’ve had a huge weight lifted off my mind thanks to Peter. Being able to build boards and not set them up has been extremely frustrating for many months. I thank you for your help as well, I gained knowledge every step of the way. This is such a great hobby…making good friends and learning. :grinning:


That is so great John! And @pedro147 good work man! So happy to know that you are on your way to building out some quads @Hammer with your hand built AlienFlight FC :smiley:


People that want an alien F3 quad, or octo(one hex left here too), I have a few pcb left…I am not the fastest builder so if you are impatient I am not your guy…but If you like to know that the man that built the FC enjoyed a nice glass of wine while chatting on the mmc live chat waiting for the oven to stop; then I am maybe your guy lol…

I can not mass produce, but I can do by request…

I don’t wan’t to compete with anyone, just spread the joy.


Hi all!

I bought a Hex F3 fc from Joel. Nice work he did on this. Thanks again!

There are 3 pads SRX, RX and PPM. 2 of them i need to bridge. I have a Taranis X9D plus with orange RX DSM modul and a modded Devo 7E.
Got a lemon RX dsm2 sat connected with 3 wires to the Alienflight.

Question: Which 2 pads should i bridge and how to bind?
Sorry, i am not that good at the technical side. Atm it takes more time for soldering and research things then go out and fly these little birds



You will only need to bridge the SRX and RX pads with solder.

Next, hold down the bind button or short the two boot pins. Depends on version.

With the Lemon plugged in,power up the FC.

The lemon should have a rapidly blinking red led. It is in binding mode.

Now put your tx in binding mode to link up.