Open source Alienflight FC


Until you inevitably want more.


Not a bad price as far as mistresses go.


That’s basically what got me totally hooked, now I have an ever increasing pile of parts and a growing wish list with Banggood. Best addiction I’ve had yet!


I am sending this one off to California to my good friend @Hammer


@pedro147 you are on a roll now!

I was meant to post one out today…but I got to the damn post office…and had left my wallet on the table at home lol. Tomorrow maybe…


[quote=“pedro147, post:1114, topic:178, full:true”]
I am sending this one off to California to my good friend @Hammer[/quote]
@pedro147 is too generous, he has been helping me with my Windows computer problems for the better part of a year now and continues to work on the ever illusive solution.

I posted this AlienFlight F3 v1.x Hexa board out to @pedro147 today, can’t even come close to thanking him for all of his help for many months now. This is such a great hobby…making good friends. :grinning:

Thank you Peter!


No thank you John and all you great guys in this hobby :slight_smile:

It’s a beautiful looking FC that I will be proud to own @Hammer


I downloaded EAGLE freeware from the link you gave but can’t figure out how to open the f3 tactile zip from in EAGLE? Can you help me figure this out? I’ve been sitting on my boards for months, stuck on square one, thanks.


@Crash_Man1ac All I did was unzip the download to a folder, and double click either the .brd or .sch files. If that doesn’t work, right click the files and select “open with” and then browse till you find eagle, and select that.

Hope that is some help. If not can you elaborate on what you are doing and what you have tried so we can help further.


@JG101 I’ll try that and get back to you. Thanks.


@JG101 I got it! Thanks a lot! Now I can finally start to populate my boards. Thanks again for the help.


Good luck and have fun. Don’t stress on the bridges, the parts are tougher than you would think and handle a lot of cleanup if necessary.


A quick question please. Has anyone ever had this show up in the CleanFlight Configurator. @InVideoDrones said that this image come up when you use a custom mixer but it is just set up as a quad X. Here is the mixer section of the cli dump. Any ideas? @Complacent1(Hi Scott :slight_smile: )


Also shows up with Default Octo configurations and a few other default configurations that do not have pictures. If the block moves according to the movements of the FC then the gyro is picking up movement correct.


Did anyone build the f3 hybrid v1? I bought the f3 hybrid v1 boards and realized there is no schematics on the board. What’s the difference between that and the regular f3 v1?


Use the F3 Quad schematic,parts list and board file. It is the same layout besides the 4 pin socket for the ESC signal.


Thanks @InVideoDrones I just couldn’t understand why this was / is displaying with just a standard quad X configuration. It did get it to start displaying the “normal” quad image that I am familiar with but for some reason it has reverted to the box :slight_smile: Oh well it’s working that’s the main thing I suppose but it would have been nice to get it to maintain displaying te proper image

EDIT - I just plugged it again and the proper image is back again - too weird :slight_smile:


Have also seen this block a few times before. Looks to be an issue in the configurator. Nothing to really worry about.


I think it does it if you have a custom mmix


Thanks @mj666 yes it all seems to work OK and it sometimes displays correctly and at other times displays this Box.[quote=“Denovich, post:1129, topic:178, full:true”]

I think it does it if you have a custom mmix

Yes that is what @InVideoDrones said but as you can see from my previous post this is just a quad X configuration. It was just bugging me, I like things to be as they should as far as possible :slight_smile: A bad trait of mine