Open source Alienflight FC


I think that price is fair considering the time it takes to develop the skills required to build these FC’s, the investment in tools and equipment, sourcing parts etc and he is including postage AFAIK.The Genuine AlienWii Classic Narrows were last selling new for $50 USD and the AlienFlight FC’s are technically superior as well. The Lemon RX is $5.50 USD on top of that so you are into it for $60.50 for arguably the best brushed FC available


Ok, the Alien FC’s have more Processor power. But do you have an advantage of this? Or is that little thing just overpowered? Does it really fly that better then a scisky?
At the time the alien wii’s where sold, there was no compareable board on the market. Maybe the Beefs Brushed Board. Dont know because i get into multicopter hobby in december 15. So 50$ was a take it or leave it deal. I think it is even more kind of a hype. Dont get me wrong, i like what all of you people are doing here! I like to have a board by myself so i am able to compare. But the price of the scisky is hard to beat. I have friends that dont even want to pay 30$…
I know of the flyaway’s… That is something that never happened to me. For now… And i had a lot of flights with it.
So the main question leaving to me: Is there a real difference in flight characteristics at all? Both boards use cleanflight and can be tuned the same way.


It’s not going to be for everyone.
And unless you tuned a machine to the absolute limits, and ran the fastest loop times possible in betaflight, the difference between an f1 and f3 in performance would be nil really. But that said a well tuned 8bit alien/multiwii can fly just as good.

I think that the “faster” cards are more tolerant of an “average” tune though.

This is like in mini quads and every one going F3 cards now. Most guys just need a stable FC, and any naze/cc3d f1 based thing can be that. Most of us are not Racing(yet) and are not “amazing” pilots, don’t have all the newest esc’s etc (yes some of us do also have all these things lol)…

You don’t have to get on the F3 wagon, or the alien wagon to have fun or fly a nicely tuned machine.

But both are fun and rewarding! And a classic alien is a piece of history. A pedrowii is a flame ignited by that spark. And the alienflights are the new invasion.


If you want cheap, build a quad based on the H8 mini, or one of the other toy quad boards that silverxxx has ported his firmware to.

Alienflight: I have a dozen boards to build out. You can’t source the parts cheap enough to compete with the Scisky. That’s not counting labor or anything else. It’s a shame that they did not use an SPI connected gyro, or they AFs would be more compelling. But I do think they have one small advantage compared to the Scisky: better FETs. Burning them out is starting to become a regular occurrance for me (my replacement FETs are probably suspect too)

Also: tell your friends to have realistic expectations. Quads are as cheap as they are going to get. They are cheaper than any other RC hobby… Look at what $80 buys you with RC cars or planes: crapola.


I was going to mention superior fet’s, but I have not abused the 3 types enough to really comment on it, but on paper they are a mile better. They are all dual channel microfet’s V sot23-3 irlml6244…Cost more too, as does every component on an alienflight I suspect(should mention that the pedrowii/alienwii is as well specified hardware ratings wise, fets are different, but the parts are all good), all the parts are 1% rated, and 1/4w rated, which is a lot for the sized parts we use. Who knows exactly what parts are on a mass produced board and the tolerances of them. Its a quality difference (assuming we build them good, and they don’t get out till they fly remember).

Edit: Not to mention you know who built them, and have some live human on the end of your support. But we KNOW, the cards are live before they leave.


Ok thanks for some answers on that. So if i manage to get my hands on one of the alien boards i will hopefully get a own picture on it.

I know that… :wink: Since December last year i have bought a Devo 7E and modded it fully. No range mod. Then i bought a brushless build and for better control a taranis x9d plus too. Dont know for sure but it must be 1200-1500€ i had spend until now for that hobby.
But i finished with smoking. So the money is a good investment even if i just burned it…


Batteries are the sneaky expense in this hobby. I started in Dec, and now I have $180 in chargers and about $500 in batteries.

Other costs: Fatsharks + LaForges were another $450-500. Brushless quads build out around $180-$400/ea. Brushed quads about $60-100/ea. Add in about $250 in props during that time period. My TX, a Devo 10 @ $120 is probably the best bargain. And don’t forget all the materials/tools: soldering station, solder, heat shrink, hot glue gun + glue, etc, etc.

So figure about $2000-$3000 to go “all-in” on this hobby. Nothing to sneeze at, but cheap compared to other big-boy toys like motocycles, boats, cars, alcohol, etc.


And the extra sneaky bit: you can get hooked for $13 and a H8 mini.


My newest Alien has been spawned…
110mm NanoQuad
45 grams without lipo
65g with 300mah 2s mylipo

It’s definitely a handful!!


You already know I like it…and its so neat!


What ESCs did you pick?

Nevermind: Kiss 12A…


KISS 12a V1.2


Running BF 2.5.3 Lux
Still got a little bit of tuning to do.
Still trying to iron out some slight vibration/oscillations.


Time to upgrade that FW. BF 2.7 was a huge improvement. BF 2.8 tweaked a few things, but the big change was to the rates, so you’ll need to adjust a bit for that. (Try first with no expo, no deadband… The new rates are by default soft around the center. And the rate of increase is not really proportional so from .60 to .70 is less of a jump than from .70 to .80. Also yaw is scaled the same as P/R so you’ll use similar numbers across the board)

Lastly: check the release notes for Boris’s recommendations for a quiet vs noisy copter. Picking the right gryo and dterm lowpass settings will help out the tuning process.

My quads are flying awesome on this firmware right out of the box. Tuning was basically just dialing it in for my preferences.


Thank you, that took care of the issue immediately!
Still wants to flip out of control when I try to flip or roll though. Gotta get use to this extra power!


Define flip out of control?

Make sure you set min_throttle high enough. I calibrate 1000-2000, then set min_throttle about 40 points higher than the minimum throttle that gets all the motors turning. So around 1050 to 1070 typically.

Doing that ensures that the props are spinning fast enough, even at zero throttle (stick) so that the props don’t stop or windmill backwards, this ensures Airmode can maintain attitude authority.

And set the max_throttle to a bit less than 2000. Not sure how Kiss works. But you don’t want the FC to run into deadband at the top. If that happens, lets say the motors max out at 1980… The FC needs more power and goes to 1990, but nothing happens, P error increases, FC asks for more and more power until it goes to max, still nothing changes. The FC then needs to kill power on the opposite motor… All of that took time and if it takes too much time you can lose control. Try 1960 to 1980… You can emprirically determine this by listening to the motors when you spin them up with the motor test… Find the last step where the RPMs stop increasing. This can be a bit tricky unless you have a way of limiting current, because spinning at full throttle with no props is not a good idea.

Those two are the biggest source of problems for people.


The quad will flip very quickly and when I try to come back with the throttle. It seems like I lose sync and fall to the ground. The momentum stops but the quad does like a stuttering dead duck drop


Try the stuff mentioned above.

If it is still happening, and you think it is a desync have a look at:

set anti_desync_power_step =

Default is 10000 (effectively none) you probably have to drop below 1000 to see something. Possibly as low as 100.


Thanks, just adjusted the min & max commands as suggested. I will have to wait out Mother Nature a bit to try it out. The skies decided to open up down here!


or a Mistress :slight_smile:

I have spent about $7,500 AUD in 17 months and I am damned if I know how. So much fun and worth every cent

That is the best value right there. A sliverwared H8 and a Deviated Devo 7E with some cheap mods and you have it all.