Open source Alienflight FC


I’ve taken a break from building FC’s for awhile but I was sent an incredible gift from Adam @madman1412 , which has rekindled my interest. He sent me one of Peter’s @pedro147 beautifully designed PedroWii FC’s. Adam populated, loaded the bootloader and flashed the firmware ready to connect to MultiWiiConf and posted it off without me knowing…what a great surprise! :grinning:

I’ve soldered motor, RX and power sockets as well as a bind pin. Then connected a Lemon Sat RX and bound to my Spektrum DX7 so now I’m ready to build up a frame and fly.

I just can’t thank @madman1412 and @pedro147 for their generosity, this is what keeps me from getting discouraged.

Peter’s board populated by Adam.

Board with sockets and boot pin.

Lemon RX installed.


As I previously said to you @Hammer I am so pleased that Adam generously donated one of his builds to you and I also thank you for the great hi resolution photos that I can use in my PedroWii photo slider (non responsive site best not viewed on mobile phones)

Happy Pedr :alien: Wii-ing :slight_smile:


Build #6 OSH Park PCB. I did this one in the oven. I had to fix up two bridges on the USB socket and one between pins 43 and 44 of the Atmega and then I got the MultiWii Trifecta :smiley: I just have to fit sockets (now done) and maiden it in the Pedro passion pit until day break when I can give it a full test outside - Pedr​:alien:Wii

Finished FC

MultiWii Trifecta

Bridged USB

Atmega pins 43 and 44 bridged


Just pulled this one from the oven, Looks like 1 bridge on the mpu to reflow, but thats about it…I hope.



Awesome man :wink: sorry I have been away and not seeing what is happening I have had an onslaught of work which is very important and requires more time than I have at the moment.

@pedro147 those renderings of the silk screen, very cool. I will try to be here for a few minutes when I can. Working on some F3 and some repairs to other cards which has been moments at a time here and there.

@gaetano thanks for the kind words :smiley:

@Hammer I thought that you might like that and wanted to give you something you could build out. I do hope that it does not have any issues and from the testing I did in the GUI seemed to be solid as far as the gyro which seems to be plaguing me with both repairs on AW and the AF cards I have made. I look forward to seeing that built out as you are a master of precision and I know you will do something worth seeing :wink: Thank you John for being a part of all of this and I hope that you will continue the quest of building more FC. I know how frustrating things can be when there is ambiguity between PC issues and builds and not knowing which is the culprit. I am very happy that I was able to do this for you and that Peter supplied me with 4 of the original FC that I could share with a few people. Thanks @pedro147 for making this possible.


A reflow is not really necessary for that. You should be able to flux that and hit it with a fine tip iron and fix the bridge. I often have to do some drag soldering on the QFN chips to fix weak joints and or an occasional bridging like that. Rest of the work looks very good :grin:


The first few that I needed to do fixes on I was using my hot air, flux, and tiny braid, and that works fine. But now, depending on how much solder there is on the bridges I just flux it/them all a bit and put in in the oven again, so far most times this is working for me.


Sometimes these Hot Air Guys just don’t understand #OvenIntricacies @JG101 :smiley:


Oh, I forgot, the above FC is finished and operational, flashed and awaiting a motor test (which will be fine, the fets have been behaving).


My Build #6 is all good and up and flying after a minor FET rework (first time I have had a FET issue touch wood) Picnic Quads X-100 Reflection frame with MMW CL-0820-15’s



very nice builds.

Is it possible to buy one of those boards?

Are those DSMX compatible?

Best Regards


@3di not sure who you are referring to me or @JG101 but yes both boards are DSMX compatible and although I am not selling any yet, there are a few guys on our AlienWii / AlienFlight Facebook group that occasionally sell some. Actually there is a member Jakob Flodman selling an AlienFlight right now If I can find the direct link to his post I will post it back here shortly :smile:


@3di As @pedro147 says both kinds of FC in this thread are dsmx compatable, they however do not have an integrated RX if that is what you mean. They have a set of pads for a spek sat. They can also take ppm and sbus.

I have only just started out. The few I have done so far have homes already. When I have spares/catch up, I will post up in here…

This is the post you want @pedro147


Basically that link @JG101 but here is a newer link that @Jakob posted on FB today for a Hexa FC


I can sense another warning from the forum software “You are posting too much in this thread” So bite me forum software :slight_smile:

Build #7 had some bridging at the USB socket, pin 11 (MISO) on the Atmega not properly connected and some bridging pins 13 - 18 on the gyro. I fixed the USB and Atmega pretty easily but the gyro I pulled to refit but pads 14 - 17 came off too. A quick look at the schematic showed that those pins are not connected to anything. Luckily the two end ones on that side 13 and 18 stayed put because they are used. Phew, breathing again :smiley:

All the flashing bootloader and sketch went OK and it was test flown inside. Bring on Sunday so I can go again.


Tell it to go to hell @pedro147, I have had the “let other people say something” warning too…I say they had their chance…speak up or go unheard…

Nice work as always on the pedrowii…


Hell yeah @JG101

like I saw @Complacent1 say he sees it as a badge of honour to get that warning :slight_smile:


Build #8 up and flying It’s the top left one in that Picnic Quads X-80 frame and Adam’s first ever Pedr :alien: Wii build that he kindly gave me is leading the formation and I have gifted one to @Benedikt and @Jtwalkz should receive his in another couple of weeks depending on how slow the Auspost / USPS carrier pigeon is :slight_smile:


Allready asked here if anybody got one of those “magic” boards for sale… No reply.
Now as i watched over that facebook post mentioned above where one guy is selling 3 of the classic boards, i wonder what are the cost for one board? Only for all the parts needed?
He wants 55$ for one and you still need a receiver for it…

So what is the advantage of the alien wii or alienflight board?
I can get the Quanum/Scisky Boad with build in rx for 30$.
I never had an alien wii/flight fc so i cant compare. But from the videos i have watched it look like there is not much difference…


@BobMarley The alienflight F3 has a lot more processing grunt, will run faster looptimes etc…As for the pricing, as we are hand building these in small volumes, we are paying much more for the components than a china factory.