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I may be wrong Jesse but I think that Adam means that generally these style of code alterations for reorientated FC’s will work but they need to be tailored for the specific reorientation that you have in your setup

Which category of FC rotation does your setup fall into @Jtwalkz ?

Well he worded it exactly how mine is flipped so i figured what the hell…I’ll give it a shot! Didn’t work… :frowning:

USB to the left @pedro147

Yes well yours does seem to fall into the same orientation as the Doc’s so damned if I know :smiley:

Yep, I think he meant to the right, but shouldn’t I just have reversed directions, if so?

Hi @mj666, thanks for the link. We are aware there are adjustable PIDs in Cleanflight but it is not as intuitive as MultiWii and we would like to find a way to do this in cleanflight like we do with MultiWii. Basically with MultiWii we can setup pots that adjust P and D for Pitch and Roll (also LEVEL P for the ACC) simply based on the pots position which makes for great in-flight PID control.

My video in this thread shows how it works on the TX

Unfortunately we haven’t found a way to adjust PIDs like this in cleanflight. Their adjustment method does not work like this. Also, cleanflight does not have an adjustment for LEVEL P so ACC adjustments can’t be made on the fly.

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I’m very impressed with the progress @madman1412 has made and all of his great instructional videos. I had time to populate my second AF 5v 1.2 side USB board today. Hoping to flash the bootloader and upload updated sketch from Adam soon. I also have three each of the CF (F3) side USB Quad & Hexa boards to build. Thanks Adam for all of your inspiration.

AlienFlight Multiwii 5v 1.2

Alien CleanFlight Quad & Hexa boards on hand:


Good luck with this one @Hammer :smiley:

FC’s that good looking deserve to fly

I was guessing that this should work and that you would be able to use the standard Tx settings because the chip on the side USB rotated counterclockwise 90 degrees. So if you turn a standard AW left 90 degrees that would put the gyro/acc in the same orientation as the new FC. Seems like it should work but there was a Mag line added to the code with this new build, not sure if that has any bearing on this but the mag tells north south and is actually not a real mag but a virtual mag in multiwii unless you use a different gyro chip that has that built in.

I am just looking at these FCs on the desk and I am thinking there is a little more to this than meets the eye.

Thanks John, that means a lot to me. I hope it will help others take the plunge and that this continues to blossom into a community project that we all can take part in.


Hey guys, too much honor… :slightly_smiling:

About in-flight tuning: i prefer to use EZ-GUI together with a little (<< 10 Euros) bluetooth-module at the quad. It is a few grams extra payload, but you can use your Android tablet or mobile phone to set up everything (PID, expo, rate…) right out of the box, no matter if Multiwii or cleanflight or betaflight.

The real in-flight you can get for < 5 Euros, but since i was unable to handle my phone/tablet and TX at the same time, i did not yet use it. My TX unfortunately has no POT - so this is a good method even if you have to land shortly to change values.


I just checked again, just to check.
Lance added a line of text "Please do not resuscitate!“
Being Dutch I had to look it up, it means something like " do not bring to live again” or “Do not re-animate”

There still is a part of me hoping the site is hacked.
Lance , If you are reading this… You gave a lot to the community man, thnx for that…
I hope all is well


I ordered the PCBs and my surprise the Alien site is closed!
A person could give me the parts list for the map of release:

Hexa Brushed F3 R1.1

Classic Narrow R1.2

A big thank-you

Hey @madman1412 looking good, nice vids!

I’m hoping to have mine done soon as well, got some time to edit this week and just needs some polish then I’ll share also.

That’s a bit disheartening…

:frowning: Please tell me someone saved the files?!

Yes $@user179 plenty of us had the foresight to do that. I have spoken to both @Complacent1 and @Benedikt about the possibility of hosting all the files somewhere here but am waiting on Scott to get back to me at some stage.

In the meantime I suggest that if you require a specific file just ask here and someone will oblige. There are also some hosted in the files section of the Facebook Group AW FC Fan Club where some of us die hard :alien:Aficionados hang out :slightly_smiling:

EDIT 15 Jan 16 The admin of the AW FC Fan Club decided to remove the Alienflight files that were hosted in their files section until we can ascertain what s happening at

@lordnibbla Can’t wait to see you cooking up an :alien:Flight FC

I interpret this as: "Even if you have the files, dont make FCs based on them!"
Im having a hard time to believe that this is what Lance wants, but thats what I read there.

I’m just waiting until someone gets in touch with Lance or we get an update on the situation. Since we don’t know the deal yet I don’t want to step on any toes by jumping the gun. Mj666 did say to watch the Alienflight RCgroups thread and there should be an update soon. I’m still hoping for good news.

Until then I don’t see a problem with handing out the files and info behind the scenes between friends, I just don’t want to host them here until we know what’s going on and that hosting the files wont cause any issues for the genious minds behind Alienflight.


In the medical profession (Do Not Resuscitate) “DNR” is a specific order, “Do Not Attempt to Bring Back to Life”…sorry to say.

Hmm, confusing times… lets hope for the best.

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I don’t know how anyone else here feels about that, and I would never wish to upset Lance after his generous gift to the community, but -

  • I really don’t think that you can gift something to people, they then invest a lot of time and money into procuring the information, parts and expertise to realise that gift, and then expect them to just give it all up. Releasing intellectual property under Creative Commons attribution is not something to take lightly. Once done it is impossible to stop

  • Personally, although it is hard to get a true feel for what Lance is meaning by these words, I do not feel that he is meaning “Even if you have the files, dont make FCs based on them!” From everything that I have heard about his motives, including what he has personally told me, his prime motivation in designing, building, selling and finally releasing under CC was to share the joy of an easy to use plug 'n play FC. It is easy to read whatever one may like into those few words of his. It could just as easily mean that he does not wish to be pressured into opening the site and future development back up again and seeing as Lance does not wish to communicate with anyone that I am aware of all of this is pure conjecture anyway. We will all read into those words what we hope they mean and he is the only one that can shine a light on their true meaning to him

I personally have tried numerous times over the last three months to contact Lance as I know others here have as well. There are a few people that know Lance rather well and who I feel may have some lines of communication open to him but they know who they are and it is not my place to pressure them into trying to contact Lance. As @Complacent1 says

so Michael @mj666 is the one that has had the most recent contact with Lance and is the best source of any future information that we can hope for.

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