Open source Alienflight FC


Hey John, sorry about that, if you need the socket and header I could oblige :wink: I want to see you up. Just email me and I will get that off tomorrow, I have several sockets and header pins as well as the parts to put a 6 pin header together ready to be soldered to a FTDI programmer.


I’ve never used CF props. Would love to try them if you have extras!

Do you need anything I might have? I’ve been receiving from you more than giving :slight_smile:


By looking at the picture those do appear to be the ones. There is a small tick mark on each side of the blade indicating swing rather than the typical A-B markings.


Thanks @Digilord I have an Arduino so I’ll give it a try that way. So how are your :alien: Flight 5v FC’s flying. We would love to see some longer videos of them in action :smile:


Thanks Adam, I have the few things I need on the way from Digi-Key, should be here mid week.


Like you guys I will also be building up some Classic-Narrow-5V FC’s, but I have also been working on developing a board file from the first schematic that Alienwii released just prior to these three boards becoming available. This was the last production release from Alienwii, the Classic-Narrow-3.3V the board that we all know and love. This is still a work in progress for me as I have never done an Eagle project quite as involved as this and there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong during the prototyping process. This particular board being the first one that I have had fabricated has undersized traces for VCC going between the four motors. I think that I can work around this by using some external wiring to “beef” up these traces until I can finalise the version 2 board ready for fabrication in the new year. This also being my first attempt at SMD soldering, aside from soldering one mosfet onto a practise PCB with hot air, it didn’t go so well. There is some bridging on the gyro, voltage regulator and Atmega which I have tried to clean up with flux and solder wick but that hasn’t gone so well :smile:

Anyway I will soldier on with it all and am just posting this to show the failures as well as the successes being experienced by the group members in our quest to build the great :alien:Wii / :alien:Flight FC’s. Regarding the name that I choose for my board, it was not right for me to call it anything Alienwii related and I was encouraged by the Alienwii creator to quote “Make it yours, call it something new, and put your name on it” which is what I have done by calling it the Pedrowii_CC to honour both it’s Alienwii heritage and the generous release of all these files under the Creative Commons umbrella.

UPDATE - Once i had actually successfully built and flown these FC’s there is no issue with undersized VCC traces at all. I have extensively flown a number of these FC’'s with 8.5mm motors and have had no issues at all which is great news.

A Triumvirate of Will’s :smile:


Woop Wooop! Well done Pedro! You’ve done a lot of work there.
So, you’re saying the motors will be starved of power? Something I’ve never thought about, but that’s what prototyping is I guess. And, nice touch with that mustache, pedrowii is super manly ha-ha.


+1 On continuing with your original project prototype @pedro147 and your hard work and dedication to see it through.

Best wishes and let’s see that mustacho fly!


For sure you have done a lot of behind the scenes action @pedro147 and the fact that you were able to do that prior to the gerber files being available is quite the achievement. I know you’ll get this the soldering just takes patience and very steady hand when placing the chips. I have not had time in the past 2 weeks to get back to my FC project but soon I plan to have time I hope to populate the rest of the 8 FC I have and then give the hex and Octo a shot :grin:


Thanks for the words of encouragement @boomtown, @MasterRC_sTudenT and @madman1412 and yes the Mustachio from Down Under will fly one day in the nearish future :smile:


You guys keep blowing my mind in this thread. Way to go Pedro! I’m impressed!


Very nice work @pedro147, like @madman1412 says the SMD soldering will come with time. Just as an update on my AlienFlight FC’s, the USPS lost my shipment from Digi-Key. I paid for 2 day Priority Mail, it was supposed to be here Thursday, tracking shows it leaving North Dakota and then it vanished into USPS oblivion. I called Digi-Key and placed a second order yesterday which should be here next week via UPS this time…I really want to get these boards flying.


Dang usps, I feel for you John. I want you to et them fcs up too :grin: I just ordered the rest of the supplies to complete the other 8 I have this morning and have enough parts to populate 3 more. I took the first class mail method, they better not lose it! 170$ worth of parts there! And another 80$ at CDI :flushed: you should have more reliable service from ups vs usps and be flying in no time :alien:


Yeah the USPS really sucks sometimes Adam. I have enough components to populate the remaining 4 boards I have and will probably go ahead and reflow those for practice while waiting for the Digi-Key order to arrive so I can flash the bootloader. I think I’m going to order the boards and stencil for the Hex as well. The Octo is interesting but I haven’t researched a frame to go for that one yet.:wink:


@Hammer The Octo can be configured as a hex or a quad too. :smiley:


I would think anyone living in the USA that is into this hobby could agree. I recently moved, but at my old place I swear I think I made my postman mad with so many packages that he started purposely messing with me. Missing packages. Packages saying delivered on tracking when they weren’t. Slips about “nobody was home so pick up your package” when people were home all day. I seriously think he had a grudge and was trying to make me pay for it. Things have been smooth at my new place, but just recently I had an international package not delivered because “nobody was home” even though I was. He didn’t even leave a slip. I looked at the tracking and that is what told me it was at the post office for pickup. Here we go again…


Wish I would made that priority mail at least! Had my mailman do the same S to me on the day before veterans day with the slip on the door and I was here, I can hear him when he cruises by in the office with no windows open on the house so I know that he didn’t knock. I get at least a few packages every week and sometimes many more depends, I also get things delivered for the biz but that all comes a different delivery service. I did have someone send something over a week ago from here in WA and it still hasn’t shown so that package may have gone MIA and it had an X nQX fc i need to pull a diode from for my 7mm nQX VA1100 FPV build :confused: been waiting to get that going for about 3 weeks now. I think it is a good day to populate some AlienFlight FC :grin:


I have not had any trouble with USPS yet but Australia Post sounds like they modeled their business off them. This graphic says it all :smile:


HAH Glad I’m not the only one! I forgot the 3v buckboost and ordered it from Mouser Nov. 23rd, priority 2 day. It came today; after the mosfets came that were backordered from the same order. They sent the package from the town next to me, to the city past me, back past me again to the prior town, and then to my door! Sheesh. But, I did it. :smiley:

I’d ask if anyone can spot mishaps, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s eyes on my crummy pics.


I spotted a ton of mishaps.

First the 3rd MOSFET has a bridge. One of the resistors is backwards. Also one of the power traces is botched. Don’t power it up! Get that fixed.

Who am I kidding. You guys are kicking ass and I’m just flying quads. Good job @boomtown !!! I appreciate you guys letting me watch this awesome stuff unfold :wink: