Open source Alienflight FC

i wanted to make this flight controller but sourcing smd components has been extremely difficult and costly that is why i was hoping to get a through hole compatible board file.

You will not find through hole versions of the Atmega32U4, MPU6050 gyro or the TPS6300XXXX buck boost convertor AFAIK plus it would be the size of a small house brick :slight_smile:

The components usually range in price from $35-40 per board depending on where you source them and shipping. It is not a cheap way to get an FC but it’s the most satisfying way and a great way to learn SMD assembly techniques at home.

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I meant components like resistors capacitors LEDs

Nobody will design a flight controller using through hole components, the cost in weight and size would make it hard to go smaller than about a 12" prop with corresponding huge motors. The cost of the components would also be a killer, smd is much cheaper than through hole and there is a greater choice of component values and specs. Also through hole is from so long ago that the key components as @pedro147 says cannot be had in this form.

Oooh, “through hole” as opposed to SMD… got it.

We could go analog with tubes and all… they launched a rocket like that way back when. :slight_smile:

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Just to keep this thread up to date here is a board layout I did based on the AlienWii Narrow Classic Schematic released by Lance in Sep/Oct 2015. It is designed to fit the Whoop style frames and is called the Pedr👽Whoop.


I also did my Pedr👽Wii_Brushless circuit also derived from the AlienWii Narrow Classic briushed board on a 30.5 x 30.5mm board to facilitate bolting the FC to something like my WarpQuad built

Brain transplant from 32bit AlienFlight / Baynes derivative to 8bit Pedr👽Wii_Brushless


hey dont be so harsh:neutral_face:
im just a noob

@eshan I think that they were just having a joke :grinning: we are all friends here.

Yes the shipping in particular can be very expensive to some parts of the world and not all of us have a lot of money. Where about are you located and roughly how much would it cost you for a set of components for an average build like the ones here? Do you have a soldering iron and a hot air station.

I’m a student from India. There isn’t a great hobbyist community. So it is pretty rare to find a dealer dealing in small quantities.
I only have a soldering iron with a fine tip. Planning to buy a hot air gun.
I would have to spend about 80 Dollars to get all the components I need.
I would also have to use larger MOSFETs because of the motors I’m using.
Also can you use nrf24l01 module for controlling the fc

Unfortunately you cannot use an NRF24L01 sorry. Good luck with trying to get a build going :grin:

I have a converter which changes the signal to ppm

From everything I have heard PPM is a bad choice for these FC’s as people say that it is laggy.

I received my 20 x 20mm Pedr :alien: Wii_Brushless PCB’s from OSH Park yesterday and after work today I assembled one. Guess what, it works :smiley:

Double sided components and 4 layer PCB a first for me on both counts. I am sure making the most of Lance’s original AlienWii Narrow Classic design modified to brushless with @InVideoDrones help last year. Thanks to Leon Salisbury for some tips on routing a four layer board and although the routing is pretty ugly, it works so I am stoked. Just waiting on a 4 in one ESC from the Lovely’s at BG and it will go into this Eachine Aurora 100 frame.

16 x 16 Pedr :alien: Wii Brushless top

16 x 16 PedroWii Brushless top

16 x 16 Pedr :alien: Wii Brushless bottom

20 x 20 PedroWii Brushless bottom

20 x 20 Pedr :alien: Wii Brushless board image

20 x 20 PedroWii Brushless board image

20 x 20 Pedr :alien: WiiBrushless in Eachine Aurora 100

20 x 20 Pedr :alien: Wii Brushless in Eachine Aurora 100


Congratulations @pedro147 !
Man that’s one sweet looking FC
I would love to make one of these, it would go right to the top of my build list. :blush:

With the release yesterday of several new products, here’s a tour of a spreadsheet tool I’ve built out to keep myself organized for building AFNG flight controllers. it records stock levels of components, and gives a view on how much I’ve got available to build various projects.

If you want the spreadsheet, you should be able to download a copy; the only personal values are my stock levels, but you can clear those out for yourself. If you have comments, please leave them inline, or leave them here.


Video tour:

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Hey, you want to come run our warehouse at work? It needs somebody like you (who isn’t me)!
Also, your IT is showing.

Which is to say, I grabbed a copy of your sheet, because that’s awesome.

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Thanks, I’d be open to a convo about it if you were serious. Never know… :slight_smile:

Glad you found it useful!

Nice job @Burtlo I see why you were asking if I had any other spreadsheets for :alien: builds now :grinning:

There are are few other AlienFlight ones that others have done so if you like I’ll hunt them up for you.

Please, yes! Thanks @pedro147!