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Bring back the Alien!

Wow, that is really cool. Hopefully this will end the availability issues with brushed FCs and drive down prices.


I believe that would be a direct result of this. It is a very kind act I would say to let anyone who wants to have these FCs made. I know it was a difficult task to design these and to give them away freely like this is a very unselfish act. Very exciting news.


So glad he decided to do this. Very kind of him. It’s obvious he was always a hobbiest at heart and this proves it.


Pretty amazing but not surprising at the same time. My experience with him was always very positive and as Adam says this is very unselfish of him. The Alien saga continues!


With all that energy created over the last 2 years, no doubt this move will save and liberate the Alien race.
Im very happy to see that :smiley:


I just ordered some boards :grin: Already had most of the components for the narrow but the files have a new 5v regulated power from the narrow fc now! Yeah!


So is there a component list? Where did you order the boards from? Ugh, too many projects to do now.

Never mind, see the links on the page.


There is a parts list link on each board page. I don’t trust my SMD skills yet.


Isn’t it basically using solder paste and adding the components and baking in oven? I’ve watched some videos of people using heat guns as well.


You make it sound so easy. I’m going to swap out some FETs. If that goes well I may give it a try.


The videos made it look easy… But that was for clean unpopulated boards. No idea how hard to take out components for replacement. Seems heat gun could loosen adjacent components accidentally. I would play on some old mobos I have laying around.

This would be the list of stuff that could be found on digikey. MPU6050 has to be purchased through CDI here in the US or that is the only place I have found it. Mouser has the additional items like the y1 16mghtz resonator, usb connector etc. For sure this could be done with just a smd solder station, an oven for baking is not necessary and that would mainly be when you have moisture sensitve devices that require that bake to remove excess humidity. I am not a professional by any means but have been studying the art of smd for such an occasion :wink: There are a few extra items in that list and if you look at the board file the IRLML6402 is not on the board. If anyone is really interested in this you would need to have Eeagle cad to look at the files
But all you need are the components and if you follow the link to OSHpark they will take care of making the pcb for $6.45 for 3 boards or something like that. After that a matter of getting the components on the list that can be printed from the site


curious as to the total cost. might as well multiply parts list by 3 and make 3 of them at once since you have to get 3 pcbs… which means 3 more micros to fly.


That’s exactly what I did when I ordered the oshpark spektrum RF module board I have on my list to build.


they will be around 25 to 30$ to make one of these, the two most expensive items are the mpu6050 and the atmega chip both about 6$. I have more than enough parts in a 200$ order there for at least 10 of them. There are also different board manufacturers that will populate the boards for you as well.


Any links on the board manufacturers who build it for you? I have zero SMD skills nor the tools to do it.


Well I only did a quick search on that but it seems there are many many of them. I think if you inquire with OSHpark they can direct you to some within the states. I found one through element14 site about a week ago looking around to see what costs were to make the card. I will do a quick search again and post the link.
Here is the link to the page at Newark for PCB prototyping. I am going to submit a quote request and see what they would charge for a few.

here is the link to one of the prototyping companies:
I will post what that comes back as.


Thanks for doing that! I’ve been in the hobby for a while but I’m new to SMD level stuff and sourcing PCBs, etc. So I have no idea where to start. It was one of those situation where I went to Google and I’m like “what the hell search terms can I even use for this type of stuff?!” :laughing:


I get that constantly :wink: Every time I am on digikey or mouser or newark it gets way too deep! haha So I just filled in some general info and got pricing for what they would charge to populate a board not the PCB manufacture or cost of the parts just what they would charge for assembly and that came back ridiculous but here is a screenshot so if you go to some other sites you can use the info I filled in to get a price. I am not sure I did this correctly and most sites will allow you to upload the .sch and .brd files to get pricing so you wouldn’t need to fill all that in.

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