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One stroke penatly and a free drop


There is a bankrupt golf course near my house that is the new hot spot for flying quads. I met up with a few other brave souls who dared fly in 15-30mph winds.

I was flying my fastest setup straight up wind, full throttle ans a ton of pitch and it felt like I was barely moving. I turned the corner and stayed on the throttle. Catching the tailwind I was slighshotted ahead still pitched hard I lost just enough altitude to catch a dried weed stem.

I had been flying alongside the stream, and of course I spun right into it at full speed. Despite the water level being a few feet below the banks, my friends saw the splash. We were able to find it, with the leds I added still shinning and the current spinning the props.

I unplugged the battery, gave it a few shakes, plugged back in and kept flying to their amazement.



Of course I failed to seize the opportunity for a photo. :face_palm



Lucky…some people get magic smoke from a drop of dew off the grass on morning flights…But low voltage stuff often tolerates a bit of water…

Still wont catch me making my micro’s amphibious any time soon lol :wink:



I sprayed at least one of my Scisky’s with Acrylic Conformal Coating, but I’m not sure if I did both.

I hotglue almost all Vbat+ connections. Don’t want any accidental shorts. Also do ot for strain relief. I suspect that went a long way.