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Oil or no oil for whoop brushed motors


Does anyone believe strongly one way or another. Oil or no oil for the shaft bushings.

Oh and Gday.


I have no scientific reasoning, other than i feel ceryain oils may cause more harm than good. For example, if an oil is too thin or runny it may leak out into the prop shaft, causing loose props mid flight which = stuck in a tree… or worse, a lake or something lol

Ive never applied oil to my motors, but have had 2 cheaper motors just leak oil out causing many headaches


This question has come up a few times in the past, (search “oil” with the search tool) and it would logically make sense to use it.
I have.
No scientific evidence either way, but the psychological edge I felt taking care of my motors made me feel better.
My issue is my motors no matter how well maintained have always given me everything they had until i inevitably smash them into something at near full throttle.
I have one set of original motors from late 2016, an original tiny Whoop. It still flies great with at least 6hrs total time, it’s one of two whoops I own that I only fly inside AND gently. The other is a hand built MMW 0716 by the Chief Scientist himself. I don’t have a pic of the 0716, but this is my OG Whoop in the top right. The others have “retired”.