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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Is there a way for this to autobind when I replace the battery without having to either

1 - TX off and plug battery into quad - TX on - move joysticks - binds!
2 - If TX is already on, I have to go to the bind menu and re-bind.

Not complaining - lol Just kind of a PITA to do this every 4 minutes - lol!


I think it’s to do with the Bayang protocol rather than silverware itself when it comes to rebinding.


Silver already extended the Bayang protocol with telemetry. Maybe proper transmitter binding is in the books too.


It works like a champ! I had to adjust the A1: and A2: sensor ratios in my QX7 to 6 in order for the battery voltage to be accurately reflected.


Maybe. I know very little of how it works but the telemetry is just sending extra packets over? The protocol itself and the handshakes it does maybe can’t be changed but I do not know!


Does anyone know what this SX header is?


I think it had something to do with a toy video camera that never made it into production, or someplace to solder a mosfet to power a camera, or something like that.


Here’s a schematic if you are into that sort of thing.


Wait, @chime13 - are you saying you’d get telemetry displayed on the QX7 while ‘radioing’ thru the IRX? :open_mouth:


I don’t think gcc can be fixed because it’s about 40% slower, that’s too slow to fit in 1 ms.


I’m so jealous of the knowledge you guys have attained. Lol. I literally have no idea what you are talking about even after googling stuff to try to fill in the blanks. Hehe. But if you were to summarize in layman’s terms for a novice like me … are you saying that some features just won’t compile in a useable way when building the software on a mac? If so… for something like kalman gyro filter … it’s maybe only a marginal improvement at best … maybe I should take it out or just make the default (for my fork) the 1st filter.


Yes - I get RSSI complete with Haptic response. Also get 2 battery voltages. Unfortunately I don’t know how to display it on the main screen, it only displays on menu display 10/11.
Also, due to RSSI, I cannot turn off the TX until I remove the battery from the quad.

All from a $8.99 toy fc. My FCs costing 3 times don’t work this well.


@NotFastEnuf and @silver13
I was just over on the BF GitHub and saw this question that I would like to pose to you guys in regards to SW.

Here’s the question:

“Would it make sense to temporarily increase D-Term in quick throttle movements? (like Anti-Gravity) So it could better fight prop-washes while keep D-term relatively low in rest of the flight time?”


You are already running a torque boosted tune on your craft which is essentially similar to what you are asking about. Torque boost is a derivative of motor output so any quick changes in the signals being sent to the motors get amplified. Result is snappier response to throttle and stick inputs. Derivatives are very tricky to tune … very noise sensitive. Screw that up on a brushless craft and you smoke motors fast. I tried Joe Elucid’s betaflight torque boost fork on my xlr-2 and had 4 motors in my re-winding pile inside of 5 seconds. Lol its much lower risk on brushed and I’m hooked on the feel of it.


I was just thinking in general - not really asking for it.
Not really knowing what goes on in the bkgnd, I was wondering about the concept itself and if it is something that is useful or even plausible for SW.

I’m stoked and pissed at the same time because I wanna fly but it’s been way too windy this week, last week nothing but rain - lol


Same. It’s covered in 8in of snow here, and I may need to hop on this bandwagon.


Have you set up “display” on page 13? And to show telemetry, long press ‘page’ to change to telemetry/lua screens…

Ordered the IRX right away.

Yupp - i see … ordered onother 2 E011s.
Couriously following your footsteps it seems… :wink:


I don’t have a page 13…hmmm
I have to sets of menus - 1 goes to 12 and the other to 9. I’m running the latest OpenTX 2.2.1…
Welcome to the insanity!


I’d say, no, mainly because, while it might make sense in some situation, prop wash is hardly proportional to throttle, and it does depend mostly on speed, which is unavailable.

But I also think there are a lot of situations, the quad might be upside down, or completing some move, modulating the d term is not going to affect the quad consistently

but ultimately, if it was ok to have a higher d, why not have it all the time?


the code runs faster when compiled in keil, by about 40%

normally, silverware has 1000uS loop time, but gcc only achieves about 1400.

because of that, the frequency of the fixed filters is 40%lower ( they assume 1ms loop time) Only the 2 custom frequency filters stay the same, because the are loop time independent ( they recalculate frequency dynamically)