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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Racemode is on a switch … Channel 7… Or whatever you set it to.

I’ll post a file here in a bit…


Thanks. I can get acro and racemode, but don’t seem to get level and racemode working together


Acro is acro (any time channel 6 is off)
Level happens when 6 is on. (7 and 8 are off)

Racemode is 6 and 7 on. (8 off)

Racemode_horizon is 6 7 and 8 on

Horizon is 6 and 8 on (7 off).

Think or level mode (ch 6) like turning on the accelerometer for all level modes.

Then 7 and 8 can stack upon a standard level making special leveling behavior


Fork updated ? i dont really fly angle but if it can make me fly better with that mode i will try and start some racing practice .


Config and TX both edited … had ch 6 labeled wrong, not sure why it wasn’t level.

EDIT - Level working now. Something else is weird, so I need to start with a fresh copy of the branch files and compile again. I’ll wait for your file or update to branch.


If you guys want to fly this… just unzip this file and drop it in the src folder (replacing the old one).
angle_pid.zip (863 Bytes)


Got it - will fly it tomorrow.


Well, no usable results. Quad is still acting weird (not much power, uncommanded moves) even after swapping to the B03 and Beecore hex files. Hope the board isn’t bad … will try swapping in new motors.

EDIT:OK, motors swapped and it flies normally. Was going to say I saw no difference and realized the B03 master was still flashed. Flashed the level pid replaced NFE and all was still good. Well, better than good in that race mode works (& I still suck at it).

Initial observations (vs B03): motors are smoother. observed a little bit of wobble in some turns where yaw and roll both used. small hits on objects seem to do little disruption. Not sure if the big hits are any better or maybe worse - seems a little more twitchy but hard to tell.

With the pids on switch should I be seeing any change in level mode behavior? Everything is at defaults, except for the file replacement.

Anyway, if there are some things to try, it looks like I can do that next.

Out of replies as new here, so not sure I can post here again for a while.


I love what you are doing but you should really start working more with branches on github :wink:
Makes tracking/merging/testing and updating stuff much easier.

Let me know if there’'s anything unclear about it and I’ll be happy to explain any git questions should there be some.

I do remember you mentioning not wanting to push experimental stuff on github before you are sure that it’s worth releasing but I think embracing the concept of branching some more would make a lot of sense.
It’s totally fine to abandon branches in git or re-fork them later on and/or continue the work :smiley:


Yeah … Sigh. I suppose you’re right. I guess I barely know how to do that myself still and would have a hard time answering other’s questions about how to get into a branch and download test projects.

I promise to learn soon. It will be a necessary step in starting my new firmware for f1, f3, f4. As soon as I get it compiling… I will add it to my GitHub.


Concerning telling others how to test it:

In terms of github navigation its just a sub directory in the url so it can be linked as usual.

For instance for betaflight the maintenance branch would be : https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/tree/3.5.x-maintenance and can be downloaded as usual via the green button or direct link ala https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/archive/3.5.x-maintenance.zip

In git itself it’s a matter of doing “git checkout branchname” to switch to a different branch and work in there with the added benefit of being able to merge changes from one branch to another :slight_smile:


I’m a bit ignorant to how flashing works on boards. would this mean that any board with an f1, f3, or f4 would be flashable?

for example, would something like this be able to run silverware in the future?

thank you for all your work. only asking because I love your work and would like to avoid learning betaflight :sweat_smile:


That’s my goal


awesome! I recently bought two of these for stupid cheap (protip: look up blowout on that website)


and was going to put the aforementioned stack in both. would be fun to try both betaflight and silverware side by side


You gotta be patient it wont be tomorrow :slight_smile: ! but worth waiting friend


oh for sure! I’m just excited for what’s to come. it’s pretty amazing what passionate people can do in their free time


Thank you so much for your work NFE! Just finished my first whoop with your firmware and it flies fantastic!
Only took me some time to figure out how to use the 3 way switches on my Taranis QX7 to put for example flight modes on 1 switch.

Here’s my first attempt on flying it:

Once again, fantastic job!


Nice job, and yes… Transmitter configuration is often the most challenging part. Probably one of the reasons I’ve stuck to the same radio for almost 10 years now. Hehe


Took me some time but managed to do it on opentx/taranis and deviationtx on my jumper. If anybody needs help please let me know.


Well I did setup quite a few model files on Spektrum and Graupner tx, which is always a hassle since there are configurationally limits when selecting plane/heli/quad. You simply can’t configure everything freely to your personal preferences. I assume taranis might be similar to what we Deviation users are used to, but the other ‘stock’ tx, whatever their (expensive) price is, didn’t convince me yet :wink: