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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Ha, thanks!

I don’t think I understand the problem well enough to have a usable opinion on this yet :sweat_smile:
I’d be much happier if this was fixable on gcc level though. It would be nice to have a working shared codebase across all compilers.


Osx guinea pig here, testing, testing…


Wow super cool. Will be trying out the OSX setup tools tonight.


Hey all!
Loving this e011 on the Silverware - https://www.instagram.com/p/BfXdc07gUU9

A couple of questions:

  • On a fresh flash… Is the Low Rate set to ON by default (Multiplier 0.5)? or does the multiplier have to be turned on. i.e. Am I flying at the rates I put in the config.h (860 roll/pitch + 600 yaw)?

  • After my rolls I descend hard. Are there other setting I need to change? I have 0615 insane motors with 3 blade props. 1s HV Nitro Nectar Lipos.

I’m trying to get mine to react like Mr. JBFPV’s.



If you didn’t change anything from my files … you’re flying the high rates. I set the rates channel called “expert” to chan_on instead of to a switch so they are always pegged full rates. I gave away my 6mm build some time ago but I flew on novelty insane Kados motors 19600kv with 2 blades and eachine 45c 260 mah and it flew like jbfpv’s as far as power. Not sure why you decend hard on rolls. Try fresh motors, fresh batteries, keep your weight at 19 grams max (without battery). If you’re 2 grams fat it’s game over for performance.

Also, did you switch over to the 6mm pids on the pid.c page? The default tune is for 7mm and 6mm doesn’t like it.

And nice flying in your video @TELIS


Thanks for the pointers and quick reply.

I am at 20.5 grams… I’ll check where I can shave some weight.

Ok. I thought I was flying at the full rates just wanted to confirm.
I saw ‘#define RATES CHAN_ON’ and wasn’t sure if it meant ‘ON’ Low or Expert. Thanks for clarifying.

I have not changed anything in the pid.c page!!! lol oops. That’ll probably help the oscillations I am getting with every fresh pack.

I’ll be doing all this in a few hours and will report back. Thanks!!! :fist:


Yeah its going to bring back some power and responsiveness too with the right pids for 6mm. That’s the issue.

Are you familiar with the “commenting” and “uncommenting” process? //


Right right… Makes sense.

Yep. I am familiar with it :+1:

Thanks again!


Awesome bro. Make sure you use 6mm whoop pids and not 6mm boss


I just released a little update. It fixes the missing libusb and removes the 16K limit :+1:


This works really well, so fast compared to Keil, I thought nothing had happened it was so quick. Compile and flash with a single click!
@sier, nice work dude :sunglasses:


Is Kalman still not functioning?

I saw that you need disabled less non functioning filters.

Good stuff, sir. :fist:


Changed the PID.C file settings to Whoop 6mm and boom!!!
Flying so much smoother and the motors come down cool :snowflake:️.
Rolls and flips are better too… Mostly with a fresh pack (as expected).
Thanks for the pointers. :metal::fire::rocket::boom::+1:


That’s great news man! Now go show somebody who whoops betaflight what silverware can do! I’ll be waiting for your next video where you bust all JBFPV’s moves! Lol Glad you stopped by and got that sorted out!!


Look forward to picking apart your scripts to try it in linux. I looked into using OpenOCD but didn’t get it figured out in the time I had available for it.

Next: Figuring out what filters to use to make up for the difference in loop times, or whatever it was.

Might even give a go at ditching the Arduino aspect of some of my arm boards if I can get the hang of compiling and flashing them without helpful GUIs.


I finally got my hands on an h8 blue board thanks to @Bobnova. Plan to put it through the paces on a whoop first to confirm nfe fork is flying well for this target first hand… then it will be going into a whoover so I can test the code mods for Whooverware.

Also @kasmir was kind enough to pop a few of the betafpv lite boards in the mail to me for testing. This board is gonna increase silverware’s exposure and @kasmir and I have suspicions that they may have gotten a hardware setting wrong limiting the board’s performance. Soon I will get to see first hand and that’s exciting!


I wish I could put into words the noticeable difference in ‘feel’ compared to any of my BF F3 builds. Here’s the best I can do:
I’ve never felt so comfortable flying inside in ACRO mode. It’s so much more assertive and confident in terms of response, effortlessly threading needles. The craft doesn’t seem so temperamental or flighty, probably due to better gyro filtering - I guess.
And, I have telemetry to boot!

A Good tune = A Good Time!


That sums up part of it, yesterday I was flying a parrot frame with 8mm darks and 65mm props in tight acro, under full control, in my tiny livingroom. There’s a much better connected feel to the quad than BF seems capable of. Been flying back to back to try and quantify the difference.




@chime13, @Chaotix … the closest I’ve gotten with bf recently is to remove superrates, but. P up rc rate, and put in my silverware expo value coupled with significantly reducing or removing rc interpolation. For me this got it alot closer. But silverware still reigns supreme.