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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


This is great news! If you need any help testing, I’m willing to help! I have several e011c boards and two broken (which might turn into one working) betafpv lite board, as well as one working one that is my current flyer


Here is a way to display MCU load via telemetry. Very nice and easy hack :D. Yets did implement it in his fork.


Cool. That’s exactly what I thought it would turn out to be … A ratio of the time remaining in the loop after calculations are done to the set loop time. I think I’m going to add this under an ifdef debug … And just put it in a watchwindow. Thanks man!

Also I’ve started working through some pull requests … Yay community contributions! Lol.

An optional feature to use betaflight rcrates/superrates/expo was done by phoboss and is now added in. I put a little NFE touch on it of course too… But feel free to go test it out with your betaflight numbers of you’re interested.
@brianquad is working on analog auxiliary channels for bayang, and there is another for a potential fix of pitch trim buttons not being assignable to auxiliary switches when using the toy tx … I don’t have a toy tx to verify with so of any of you guys want to participate on that pull request to verify behavior/solution - I’d appreciate the help.


What you did to BF rates exactly ? i tried yesterday the plain one from phobos , it was not bad but there was something weird probably a NFE effect ^^


I didn’t do anything really to the bf algorithms, more of my touch that I put on it was just a representation of phoboss’ code and a few bug fixes… Mostly so that it would read well in NFE and so that the config.h file stayed clean and easy/intuitive to use. His pull request to merge in the feature just had some minor issues - like it had a conflict with the flip sequencer … Which has been long ignored and unused by most but will eventually become part of a killer turtle mode that is smart enough to think through turning a down quad upright again… And it totally broke level mode… like totally wrecked it into an unflyable state. Lolz - which I didn’t even notice at first casue you guys know how I feel about level mode. Ahahahahahaha


Lol yeah I ran a build using his pullrequest a few months bath and was trying to figure out why level mode was kaput. Glad to hear this is fixed now :smiley:


I swear I stared at it for hours before merging in the change, fighting with a voice in my head that kept saying somehow it was breaking levelmode… But I couldn’t put my finger on why or where at the time. Lol - and I hadn’t flown it to know for sure. Nobody likes a surprise bug, but it was at least reassuring to find out my little voice knew what it was doing if if I didn’t at the time. Ahahaha


@NotFastEnuf I come to you pleading for help. For the past 4 months I’ve been on a courageous effort to try and establish an inexpensive acro option for the masses and newbs of the hobby. When I heard about NFE Silverware being a magic button I was game to try it since the total cost for quad, ST Link, and radio would be under $100

You can read about my original ordeal here:https://rotorbuilds.com/build/14483

TLDR: 4 months ago I tried to flash NFE to a BetaLite board and it would never bind to the Bayang radio I had. A friend of mine who has worked with Silverware previously was able to flash a new board and send it to me. It flew but it was WEIRD. I went into Keil to try and change the rates and it would no longer bind after I reflashed. I sent the entire setup, radio, STLink, and quad to my friend but the USPS lost all my gear. :sob:

Fast forward to today and I now have a Santa Whoop and stock radio. I was able to successfully flash the Bwhoop firmware and it flies but as soon as I attempt to flash NFE it reacts the same way as the Betalite did. I researched this entire thread and several other outlets but no one seems to be using the Stock TX. Back in September '18 @monkeymagic and Ian444 were working on it (add #define BAYANG_PROTOCOL) but I see @monkeymagic had since given up and bought a multi-protocol module. I tried adding this definition to my config but it didn’t change anything. I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels for 4 months. I just wanna spin some props!

I’m a big fan of Flysky and have the i6, Evolution, and Fatshark 101 radio with plenty of Flysky RX. I can easily buy a multi-module or buy an Alienwhoop Zero and use the new RX2A Pro v2 (white one) that runs Sbus. My main goal was how to make this thing fly NFE Silverware using the Stock TX.

Please let me know what I should do next. Thank you in advance for any and all help you can lend.


Let’s start here… Encouraging anyone to fly with a stock toy tx is doing them a disservice. It will severely stunt the learning process … And never fly well no matter what you do. Even the most advanced and accomplished of pilots would struggle to turn one lap on this abomination of a transmitter - a beginner has close to no chance of success. The best thing to do for a newcommer is to point them in a direction that is proven to create a positive outcome. Not mislead them with rainbows and unicorns and the enticing opportunity to save 40 bucks. I will not assist you in encouraging others to use a toy tx as a viable option. Coupon clipping, thrift store shopping, shade tree auto repair, turning AC thermostats up 2 degrees, collecting and recycling soda cans ---- these are hobbies for the budget conscious… NOT FPV. Sorry to be blunt about this. Let me give you some perspective - consider the difference between one time expenses and disposable items. A flight controller or a radio is a one time expenses. Plenty of good radios exist in the 40$ price range. Even the Alienwhoop Zero is only 35$ and you bypass all … Let me emphasize ALL of the frustration, failure, and negative experience that you’ve had so far… AND … If you did run into trouble you purchased a product with actual support. What’s that worth to a newcomer??? Now let’s look at the disposable items - props, batteries, motors, and unfortunately cameras (they die in crashes). You will spend close to 1000 dollars in these items if you whoop every day for a year. Trying to save a few bucks on a FC or radio kind of seems silly when you realize this.

Ok so that said… If you still insist on making one of these boards fly on a stock tx … I’ll help you. But you’re wasting even more of your valuable time that would be better spent learning how to #sendit… And have yourself some real fun. Had you qualified your mission with “I am kid from a small village in a 3rd world country and I have no means or access to improving my gear but to use the toy tx”… My response would be totally different. But you said

I say all of this from a tough love perspective - I hope I have not offended you in any way but I don’t want to be an enabler of misdirection. So I’ll give you a chance to consider my words and clarify your request for help. Would you like to move forward with a good radio??? Or would you like to continue towards making the toy tx work?

I am happy to help you no matter what you choose … But if I’m going to take a break from adding even more horsepower to your NFE Ferrari so that you can retrofit some junkyard brakes pulled off of a Geo Storm cause theyre cheaper than the right brakes- I’ll do it but it comes with the above lecture. :slight_smile:


I appreciate your candid and thoughtful response. I respect your stance against endorsing the stock TX.

I understand that the stock controller is hot garbage and it is not a even a stepping stone for people who want to further enjoy the hobby. As you mentioned I’m not in any type of financial difficulty or lack of equipment. My short term goal is to SEE NFE Silverware fly. Right now, it will not take off or spin props using the controller that the quad came with. That’s massively disappointing and frustrating regardless how crappy the little jelly bean might be.

I want to know what will make it fly with the Toy_TX and see NFE Silverware do acro. If you’re not able to assist because it will somehow hinder the hobby please disregard my plea. That is not my intent.


The is no shame in wanting to know … And clarification had been made so as to discourage toy tx use… So let’s press forward. Download a fresh copy of the firmware. Then make your best attempt to set up config.h … Then take that file out of the src folder… And post it here. (You may need to zip it). I will review and correct where you are going wrong.


I’ll just add that stick extensions can help the toy tx a fair bit from memory of a few years back But I have to fully support NFEs stance on discouraging it. A multimodule would open up full control of the firmware in a very enjoyable fashion, highly recommended.


I’ll pull my config when I get home from work. I feel like I’m very close.



Hi I’m having oscillations with my 7x16 whoop which weighs 25.8g with fpv without lipo. It runs the latest NFE Silverware and flashed with Mac. I’ve never had this issue before. I changed the props then flew it again and no oscillations, then I intentionally crashed it and it’s oscillating again. It’s difficult to maintain low altitude and I can hear some sound out of vibrations. It’s completely flyable but I hate the feel of throttle. The next thing I did is I changed the props and motors then when I flew it, no oscillations! Then I intentionally crashed it into the wall (not a hard but normal crash). After that I flew it again and the sound of vibration is back.


Sounds like your gyro is on the fritz. The calibration procedure looks at your bias baseline … and a good whack is throwing that off. I had an e011 that did a similar thing but I just kept flying it … eventually it was all the time buggered. It really threw me off as it was my main test rig for development… and I kept thinking it was code related so I was making terrible decisions at the time regarding filters and tuning. LOL


lol I already deleted my older versions of NFE Silverware that flew perfectly. Where can I find to download them to test before I replace my fc?


Just enable Alienwhoop Zero filtering and disable beta filtering. Or you can go look in the commit history and pull any old version you want. Or a third option is to go to the releases page and download any of the raw code releases from the zero and change your target.

I hope it helps… But doubt it’s going to


I switched to Alienwhoop Zero filtering and it flies perfect again. No more oscillations, I tested it many times👍.


I wonder if you could give me more information regarding flashing on a Mac @FPV_Lover. How is your firmware being compiled?

I wonder if this is a looptime issue then. I ran some tests tonight and discovered that there is only about 35ms space left in the loop worst case with the beta filtering. A small compilation optimization difference could cause major issues. The reason I ask this is because I can not replicate your experience flashing with Windows and keil.

I wonder if I could give you a precompiled hex to flash for a comparison. Can you give me your config details?


My knowledge is not enough to satisfy your questions lol. The firmware is compiled by clicking compile. Visual Studio Code is used to change some settings instead of Keil.

I used windows and Keil for almost for almost 2 years. The reason why I used Mac for flashing Silverware recently is that everything is faster and easier, thanks to @sier. My experience in Mac Silverware is only 1 month. Here’s my config.h settings https://drive.google.com/file/d/182m9WNtpuGH7WcALi-YLpOd7a4Juf5r2/view?usp=sharing