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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Can you paste in what you defined for aux channel assignment?

When you say channels don’t work… Do you mean aux channels or control channels? How are you arming to fly in horizon if channels are not working? Sorry I’m a bit confused on what is functioning and what isn’t


@NotFastEnuf I am arming on the mode select switch, as for the AUX, I left everything as it was when using my QX7 Multiprotocol set up (my cheapo MP module died, and I want to still be able to fly until my new irx4 arrives).

I did make the change from devo to toy TX in the radio section. Do I also need to switch my radio protocol away from RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL_TELEMETRY_AUTOBIND?


[SOLVED] - Switched to “RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL_BLE_BEACON” and it all works!


+1 to that. Porting the existing silverware to F3/F4 (48 pin package) would make silverware accessible to so many more pilots, sounds like a solid option to me. Also for small craft, I think the larger 64-pin packages will not be so good due to cost/size/weight of larger pcb to accommodate it.


"Being able to flash F3/F4 with Silverware would be the Holy grail "

It would bring even more people but as @sier said we don’t want Silverware to turn into a betaflight thing .

Giving access to newcomers to taste this silverware in easy way and on affordable flight controller would be really awesome . ( im not saying its hard to get into silverware but for beginner its scary for what ive hear from new peoples ).

I don’t think we need a GUI , but i like the idea of a OSD to set your things up …right on the field and on the go !

The only time you would need to use a pc either with third-party programs or dedicated one would be for flashing and just go fly and if theres a features , rates or pids …even filter you could simply use the OSD and save time and just fly .

I think its time to stock up on old fc or simply revive those who are getting dust on our shelf !

Thanks again and again for this super project guys !


That’s true on windows, but on Mac, it looks beginner friendly. Not everyone have a Mac tho.


Short report on the new filters: the recommended settings for boss frame including boss PIDs work well for a similar copter based on a frame by taylormadearmy from RCGroups - good work!
2. I noticed inconsistencies between acro mode and level mode yaw ratres. If I switch to level, yaw seems reduced quite a bit, like at 70%. Is it intended to be like that? Do I miss a setting perhaps? Haven’t used NFE_Silverware for a while :wink:

Beecore Lite Silverware FC

Thank you for testing @SirDomsen. Sounds like a good report on filters. Not sure what’s going on with the yaw thing. I’m not getting any reduction in my yaw rate between acro or level. It’s the same rate used for both in the code. They do however run different expo calculations in acro vs level but that wouldn’t effect the max spin you see unless you aren’t reaching full throws and defaults are only like 5 points different so that wouldn’t account for a 70% difference.

Anyway I know you aren’t a regular nfe user sir D so I won’t pester you to diagnose further, I certainly do appreciate the report especially given this. I’ll keep an eye out for any similar experiences and dig back through it again just to be safe. Thanks again


Thank you for your report @SirDomsen , didnt try myself my Boss yet and ill look at it and report back as soon as the weather let me fly !


Thanks for your answer @NotFastEnuf. I probably need to flash a freshly downloaded version just to rule some messing-up out. Also, there might be a tx related thing, although I see stick deflection at 100 in Deviation’s channel monitor (Devo12e).


A quick trip to the debugger … Watchwindow 2 will let you know for sure what side the problem is on. Just compare the values of rx array and rx_copy array.


@NotFastEnuf @SirDomsen

Here another outdoor Test with the new Firmware

Weather :
Sunny day
Windy day 25km/hr
Cold -15

cm03 716 19000kv
TBS 4 blades props
E011c frame
250mah HV
Wolfwhoop WT05

1 Lowpro and 1 Standard Canopy

You can notice when its fighting wind ! Thats awesome !


Oh no… Right in the drink


Hi guys,
May I ask where to hook the buzzer in a E011C board?
I tried to wire the stock buzzer back to the original pins (labelled SP1 and SP2), and to my surprise the santa song is still there after flashing silverware.


Yes it’s stored on a separate memory chip. Set the pins for your buzzer in hardware.h and then select it’s behavior in the aux channels selection in config.h… it’s gonna have to go on one of the programming pads. Also it needs to be an active buzzer.


To be fair, it did warn you.



Yes ! Failsafe out of nowhere , i really think i need to change my rx chip in my jumper or change brand xD ! It was my old and favorite Whoopy Snow beater. At least its not expansive xD !

Made another one right away no choice ^^ ! Im gonna buy a Zer0 for a dedicated rx to avoid this .


All done and working thank but having this issue Props turn slowly when armed in level mode. Increasing throttle a tiny amount causes motors to run away and fly model into ceiling. Closing throttle has no effect. I have disarm. When battery is half depleted props and you arm props again turn slowly . Touching throttle speeds them up but not enough to lift off.


Now you’re getting it. This is one of the reasons we designed the board around using an external Rx. It seems like an inconvenient decision till you lose one in the drink on a failsafe. As we speak I am coding the crossfire protocol for even longer range than we can get from frsky or dsmx. And we have those that are supporting the Alienwhoop project to thank for this development. Without them crossfire on silverware would not be happening. I would not have the resources I need to do it.


Seriously ! thats awesome , didnt know that , never played with crsf yet , but yea external Rx is what i need so Zer0 is coming , i still got my old Dx7s so i might use it or maybe follow the train get a frsky but first thing first need another Zer0 .

Talking about Silverware , in couple day i should receive my Alienwhoop v2.1 with Blackbox , this board could be a good development one for a port and already has everything onboard ^^ , just saying !


Yes, Alienwhoop keeps me in the air with parts, and the crossfire module and receiver were sent to me by another Alienwhoop team member. I would not be flying or developing without my team’s support. It takes way more than you would think or than I could continually take from my family to push the limits I push. For example, I recently released a new boss 7 tune utilizing the dual kalman filters… I destroyed 6 batteries and 5 sets of nos sauce motors in one week… All donated to the cause and for your enjoyment by Alienwhoop.