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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Github just updated! RacemodeHorizon and a updates to Horizon are in now. I’ve hidden the horizon tuning variables inside control.c but if you feel capable … you can dive in there and try different configurations. Horizon behavior is now an adjustable mix of angle transitioning AND stick deflection transitions. So the mix is the first variable to tune. The other two variables are the horizon transition angle and the horizon transition stick deflection.

For defaults, I’m using 30% influence from angle transition set at 55 degrees AND 70% influence from stick transition set at 95% stick deflection.

I’d love any input on what you use if you change these values… they make a big difference in the feel and behavior of horizon!



From what I understand from the docs gcc has different loop timing, and that messes with the software lpf filters. The INSTALL.MD mentions only using one of the last two lpf filters from the list when using gcc to build the firmware.


I dug out and rebuilt an original H8 mini blue just to try out this fork. So far it flys extremely well without much tuning using your 6mm whoop pids. I’m trying out the aux channels and getting somewhere with them, you have flight modes that are a bit harder to recognise being mix ups. I’d forgotten how much of a laugh it is flying los 6mm in the livingroom. This is like going back to how I got drawn in originally. Lots of new things to play with, thanks @NotFastEnuf for your enthusiasm. :metal:


@NotFastEnuf is there a way to have 2 rate modes on a switch?
I’d gladly lose a level mode to open up an AUX
I like to have my YAW always at 1000deg/sec and my AIL and ELE (high rate) at 800deg/sec switchable to ~300deg/sec (low rate)
Regardless, I’m really stoked and appreciate all your efforts.

BTW - perfect those Boss frames 6,7,8,8.5 by June, so I can order them in time and get them here hand-carried and personally delivered - I’m placing my order! - hahaha


Yes you can have low rates. Just go in the file I sent you and assign expert to one of your empty channels or trade it out for one that you have identified. Above that on tge config page is the low rates setting. It’s a percentage of your high rates … so figure out what decimal you want to multiply your high rates with. Default it’s set to 0.5f (50%) but you can change that to whatever you like. Hopefully when you compile and flash it all works as expected. If not I will make you another hex.


Great! I’ll delve into it tomorrow. Thanks and Goodnight!


I automated the whole OSX setup thing.


Let me know how it works for you.


Amazing work! Very impressive. I I’m pretty sure I could just change my default off of kalman gyro and put it on 1st. They are about the same anyway. Most people wouldn’t notice a difference. Would you think that an advisable thing to do so as not to cause OSX problems?


Great work, do you think you’ll be able to put in the wiki?


Huh? - hehehe
I don’t know how to do this. What to add in order to have dual rates. I see the multiplier, but no idea where “expert” is and what channel or syntax…


For starters … tell me what flight modes you think you want to have. I can then show you what your edit should look like.


Good Morning!
In order of importance
1 - Arm
2 - Hi/Lo rates selection
3 - Racemode toggle
4 - Idle Up - I don’t always want it on but I want the quad armed
5 - any other goodies

Still messing around but really happy so far


Can you elaborate on what your describing there?

And which racemode? Both? Race angle or race horizon?


Right now Arming the quad starts to spin the motors - I’d rather control (switch on/off) when I want “air mode” enabled as I don’t use it when landing. Currently, the only way is to disarm completely, which then immediately drops the quad.
Honestly don’t know the difference between Horizon and Angle. Basically, I want it to return to level no matter the maneuver.

I would like the leveling only on the roll axis ATM. Eventually, since I really haven’t played with leveling modes yet, I think I would like to be able to toggle which axis gets the leveling (pitch or roll) just to mess around.


Let’s start with the difference between horizon and level. Level totally limits your bank angle. Horizon applies some leveling up to your bank angle but will allow you to roll over completely. Everything you are asking for us possible but requires alot of aux channels working and identified. Lol. Your radio has some funny stuff going on like ch 5 and 6 linked somehow. One step at a time anyway. Now that you know what horizon means. Do you want racemode angle or racemodeHorizon?


Bingo! In my words: I want to initiate any crazy maneuver and I want the quad to finish it off for me and bring me back to level - hahaha

As for number channels - I think just 1 switch that combines both(LevelingOn + LevelType)

I guess it would be in the “defines” file - I would like to have all the types of leveling defined and commented out, then I can just “un-comment out” the function that I want to go to Channel x.
Does that make any sense?


Ok so you just want one leveling mode… do you want it to be racemode horizon … or just plain horizon?


This one, please


Ok stand by. I’ll be back soon…