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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


It seems to be flying much better with props in. Thanks


From a post on rcgroups, 527FPV has changed the compiler to ARM in his macOS tools for silverware here:https://simonernst.com/silverware/


can anyone chime in on this?! apparently this Betaflight rates modification is from a Youtube tutorial :exploding_head:


It work great , but nfe has a better feeling .


Yeah I’m not a fan of betaflight superrates. So I never included this code modification in my project. I go the other way and try to make betaflight feel more like silverware instead of the other way around. :smile:


FairEnuf, so I’m guessing that this is from an unknown fork somewhere as I’m yet to find a source. anyway thanks for the chime in guys (tarkux /NFE) and are there any updates coming soon to look forward to? :partying_face:


Find it here https://github.com/NotFastEnuf/NFE_Silverware/pull/5


Well it wast a totally unknown fork, the original author of bf rates was a well respected member of the silverware community. I just can’t recall who cause it wasn’t of much interest to me.

As for what’s new to come … yes I am hard at work on quite a few things… close to a total overhaul in fact. I really need a dev team. There is now quite a lot of attention on silverware which is great … but with that attention have come a lot of new initiatives and a lot of new projects. Unfortunately no one is really working together as a team to bring it all together in one place yet. Some of these pushes forward are financially motivated by companies that want a ride on the zero hypetrain, and others are community projects. It will be interesting to see if silverware becomes fractured into “fudal tribes” or if we organize ourselves towards a united future. There are currently at least 5 companies and tge community itself working on new silverware boards most of them with new features. Some have requested my help, some have not communicated at all, some have changed nothing. None have published any code or offered to unite on a development team and share resources or combine efforts while many have just asked for straight up help to meet their own goals. Sigh. NFE stands alone.

However I am hopeful for the future. Regardless of where advancements come from or if they are accomplished as a united team or as individual projects (financially or otherwise motivated) - anything that pushes the experience forward will be adopted in my project with my own personal spin as I have always done.