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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


@Kalty - any update on getting your stlink going again?


I toke it to a TV / electronic friend … and its dead. I bought 2 more and i’m expecting them next week.
Still waiting for the controller as well … so … my only problem right now is lack of patience :smiley:

PS: Got 3 e011 … 24 19000kv betafpv motors … and 8 batteries … and i can only fly line of sight :smiley:


I’ve had several ST-Links die over a period of a couple of years. When the last one started playing up, I removed the aluminum case, and that “fixed” it. It has been working for a long time now (for an ST-Link). The case seems to have been causing a short somewhere. I tried removing the case on one of my broken ones but it remained totally dead. I always have at least one spare (and usually 2 or 3) as I don’t trust them.


I’m using a QX7 with the cheap banggood multiprotocol module and a e011c santa drone with the BLE silvervise app telemetry and was just wondering of it’s possible to get telemetry working on my QX7?
I tried with “#define RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL_TELEMETRY_AUTOBIND” but that does not seem to work.


That’s all it takes for your fc to send telemetry, but your radio needs to decode it. The bayang telemetry protocol was created by the deviation TX team working together with the silverware community. Bayang by itself is not a telemetry protocol. Either it needs to be enabled in your menus or you may need to update your module to include this special version of bayang.


Can you expand on this a bit, please?

What frames would you run props out with?

I thought I had read that props out was always better. Decided to try it on a new tiny whoop build and I am getting some prop wash but thought it was due to the faster motors I’m trying for the first time. I might try props in to see what happens.


Certain whoop frames have angled struts in the ducts. Those will prop wash if you go against their angle.


I’ve been trying to get Telemetry working with a Taranis Q X7 and I’m seeing some weird behavior.

I’ve updated my 4 in 1 module from banggood with the latest code from GitHub. I’ve updated OpenTX to version 2.2.2. And I’m using the latest code from GitHub for the NFE silverware fork.

I got it working, but only when autobind is off. And the weird thing now, the autobind checkbox in OpenTX seems to be backwards. It works if it’s unchecked and doesn’t work if it’s checked.

Anyone get both autobind and telemetry working at the same time?

I’m new to telemetry also and the voltage reading for a1 confuses me. What is it? A2 seems fine if I adjust the offset for it to show the correct value. What do you all use? A2 and RSSI?

Next I need to read up on how to set alarms for these.


I only use the corrected voltage. Mine is set at 3.5 volts. As for taranis autobind… don’t confuse that with silverware autobind. Leave it wherever things are working. Our autobind is initiated via stick gesture. Up 3 times - blinks once… down 3 times blinks alot. Then your bind id is saved in the fc.


More info from rcgroups about telemetry stuff…


Yes, I understand.

I’m not sure what the problem was but I just went and tried again and it’s working great now on both a tiny whoop and a boss. Hopefully user error lol.

Earlier today, when I would enable autobind in silverware via the gestures, my telemetry screen would just show no data warnings. Turn it off and telemetry worked. But, it’s working as expected now!

Having a warning when you’re about to start losing power is perfect. I should have done this a long time ago.


Everything is working as expected! :smiley:
The level mode works in my flysky i6s and all the other modes
Just need light and enough room to enjoy the full potential of the NFE silverware

Thanks a lot @NotFastEnuf and everyone else that help me


I’m running NFE silverware on a Bhwoop FC in my E011. It’s perfect in Angle but Acro keeps giving big yaw twitches when I do flips and rolls. I’ve tried soft mounting the FC but it made no difference. Any help welcomed.


As an experiment you could try halving the yaw P and see if that helps. And set the yaw I to about half the yaw P.


Thanks I will give it a go tomorrow. I’ve also printed a motor brace to see if that helps.


Are you running props out on an e011 frame? I was having the same problem you describe and I think that might have something to do with it. Just an idea. The e011 frame as described earlier in this thread has angled struts and doesn’t work well with props out. I have not revisited this build though to change it to props in to see if it fixes it.


That’s a good point, stick to props in on bwhoop/e011 frames. There is a stick gesture which will switch the firmware. No code changes needed. Down up down, then down 3 times


Yes I’m running props out. Will swap that first.

I’ve got a Betaflight 65s and Alienwhoop Zer0 in the post. Will that frame fun props out?


Yes it will. It does not have angled struts.


Got to love predicted text. Betafpv 65s.

Great news.

Swapped the props and motors back on the E011 and changed the software. Loving the stick commands. Unfortunately it’s been too wet to try Acro outside so will have to report back later. Fortunately I run a school Drone racing club so I will have a chance to play in the sports hall tomorrow and will feed back my findings.

Thanks again.