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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


@Kalty - any update on getting your stlink going again?


I toke it to a TV / electronic friend … and its dead. I bought 2 more and i’m expecting them next week.
Still waiting for the controller as well … so … my only problem right now is lack of patience :smiley:

PS: Got 3 e011 … 24 19000kv betafpv motors … and 8 batteries … and i can only fly line of sight :smiley:


I’ve had several ST-Links die over a period of a couple of years. When the last one started playing up, I removed the aluminum case, and that “fixed” it. It has been working for a long time now (for an ST-Link). The case seems to have been causing a short somewhere. I tried removing the case on one of my broken ones but it remained totally dead. I always have at least one spare (and usually 2 or 3) as I don’t trust them.


I’m using a QX7 with the cheap banggood multiprotocol module and a e011c santa drone with the BLE silvervise app telemetry and was just wondering of it’s possible to get telemetry working on my QX7?
I tried with “#define RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL_TELEMETRY_AUTOBIND” but that does not seem to work.


That’s all it takes for your fc to send telemetry, but your radio needs to decode it. The bayang telemetry protocol was created by the deviation TX team working together with the silverware community. Bayang by itself is not a telemetry protocol. Either it needs to be enabled in your menus or you may need to update your module to include this special version of bayang.