NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Maybe you could turn it off completely ( leds ) …but it doesnt really pull that much …but who knows


The led I’m referring to is the orange one on the rx to indicate bind. It went solid while powered with 2.8v but it was dim and the fc just blinked slow… no signal


Did you test the output voltage from other toy fc , e011,e011c,bwhoop etc… It could be only the betafpv lite that can output a steady 3v3 … hmmm


Ha ok ! hmmm .


They are all 2.8v. This is how toy boards get away with not running a 5v buck boost to save money.


Voilà ! damn Shenzhen !!!


Bench test using that dvr board & let us know. I’ll add a camera to my test beta lite powering the rx on vbat and report to you as well.


here the pinout


When I was powering the Lemon rx sat from 2.8V, the LED lit up solid, but the rx was not working, it wouldn’t function below somewhere around 3.1V. So the solid light is a bit misleading, compared to ‘it should be off’ until bound. I wasn’t game to try battery voltage or the 5V I had on hand to see if it would take 5V, as the documentation on the Lemon sat rx seems sketchy as far as power input. If I recall anything from previous searches, I think its a high risk (5V). Battery voltage (4.2V) may or may not be OK, I guess we’ll find out in due course.

Just crossed my mind, the Lemon rx sat has no voltage regulator, so the upper voltage probably depends on the chips used, I’ll look it up. From the datasheet quick specs:

CYRF6936 - Operating voltage from 1.8 V to 3.6 V
CY8C21434 - Operating voltage: 2.4 V to 5.25 V

Not sure why it won’t work on 2.8V then, but it didn’t for me.


Sorry mate ! but its almost 3am i work tomorrow need some sleep ! Ill do more test after my job with a recharged brain . Night !


Genesis vs Berzerker


is there a way to compensate in the settings for the toy transmitter not reaching 100% on an axis? Ie: the toy transmitter won’t reach 100% (with stick travel check enabled) in the forward pitch direction?


I wouldn’t worry about it too much, I’m sure it’s not far off. I’ve never looked into the rx code for bayang. Do you notice a dramatic difference in the forward pitch angle or rotation rate?


I’m curious, but haven’t found much info about overclocking the F0 chip. Looks like you’ve gone from 48 to 64 MHz. Are there any significant downsides here?

Of course, power draw from the processor will now bit a bit higher, but that may not matter much compared to the motor and VTX power usage.

Is there any overheating risk? Are all F0 chips assumed to be able to handle 64 MHz? At some point, when increasing the clock rate, some F0 chips out there won’t work properly, right? If that point is close to 128 MHz or something, 64 is probably fine, but do happen to know the limit?

Is my E011 chip cheaper and less capable of overclocking than the AlienWhoop Zero’s chip or anything?


Hey everyone,

my silverware whoop is just spinning on yaw… does anyone have a clue what the issue could be?

EDIT 2: I flashed it with very strong filtering since I use the bold clash 19000kv motors heres a video of the problem

EDIT: Motors not spinning up was just a naming problem on my taranis channel 6 is channel 5 in silverware…

Greetings from Germany,


It would seem that you have a multiprotocol module based on the geobish module. You need to define USE_DEVO for your auxiliary channels to match up.

As for spinning on yaw, that is because the default is for props out… and you are props in. You can either uncomment the invert yaw pid line of code and reflash or use the stick gesture down -up- down to switch it. It will blink once, then enter down - down- down to save. Very strong filtering is also not needed for a whoop. I would suggest either leavin the filtering at the default for the zero which gives you access to 2 filters with stick gestures, or start with the weakest filtering and increase as needed. Overfiltering doss hurt handling.


I am just standing on the shoulders of those who came before me as far as over clocking goes. I don’t know the limit but there is no downside to what we are doing.


thank you so much for responding! I already noticed that its props out default and switched my motors! it flies absolute beautifully in acro <3

I just can’t get the level / racemode to work now! I tried the channels in the config.c + 1 and the quad just blinks rapidly and won’t arm. ill try to resolder the pins and flash it with DEVO as you said!

thank you alot for this fork! its a thing of beauty!


Yeah they don’t follow that pattern. 5 is 10, 6 is 5, etc… But it’s all sorted for you with use_devo.

The fast blink when trying to arm is an indication that your throttle is not down all the way when you try to arm. It’s a safety feature i added to prevent mismatched tx channel setups from arming and behaving erratically.


awesome! ill give it a try