NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Eureka ! Dsmx !



@NotFastEnuf Quick question about DSMX !

Channel assigment standard ?
Max travel ?


I set up 10 on dsmx, or 7 on dsm2. It’s TAER, and you’ll have to max em out yes. On my deco it was 147%. I’ve just started messing with a dx6 tonight and I don’t quite know how to work it but it looks like 150 on that one. Taranis I don’t know. But it’s an equivalent amount to of travel to do 1000 to 2000 on betaflight.

How are you powering your rx?


from Vbat … and was working at first then its stopped working , still bound but he fc is just pulsing . Might just go back to Jumper Tx with bayang . Otherwise i’ll need to reflash and retry but don’t think it will work .


Fast blink or slow? Best to disconnect that rx when flashing too… the clock pulses during flash can mess up your bind. Hang in there and keep trying. My beta lite has been reliably connecting and I’m about 100 flights or more in on my zero. The code is good. If you flash again, try doing an erase first then flash.


Slow ! and got a Fast blink too after couple try …was trying to play with my travel adjustment but nothing . Really weird ! FLashed back to bayang for now .


Once i get the Zero , ill set my dsmx since is perfectly working . For now ill keep flying with my Jumper .


Did you happen to flash while the rx was connected? Or maybe it’s voltage related? I’m just reaching at this point. Any clues on a procedure I could follow to replicate? I’m using the same rx. Tested both on the clock pin and also disabled one of the leds and running it off the led circuit.


ofc ! no , didnt want to brick my Fc ! I flashed , then installed my rx . Tried it ! it was working but not steady . Its probably the voltage , vbat + spektrum its not good , its why on 5" fc theres some specific pads regulated for 3v3 . So don’t think it will be flyable at this point . Unless i or you find another way .


Should still work on the bench though. In theory you could replace the vreg for a 3v3 one, but it will drop out as your battery sags cutting flights short. A 5v buck is an option but added weight.
Ahh the toy board struggles. Pita. AW team members had similar issues during early testing with toy boards and sbus. Seemed OK one day then dropping out the next likely due to voltage. That’s why we put a mack daddy power system on the zero


Downloaded lasted source code from alienwhoop zero fork not the regular one , then changed my setting as usual . DSMX 2048 , MULTI and removed expo thats it ! At this point my rx was already bound . So before installing my rx , i compiled my hex then erase / flashed it , disconnected the bat and the stlink . Installed my RX Signal on clk , ground on ground , and V to vbat . All set , Plugged the battery then turned on my Tx , Armed and it was acting crazy , so i disarmed it and started playing with travel adjustment , rearmed it and it was working fine . I noticed my Cam/VTX wasnt working so i had a cable to resolder which i did , plugged it back and nothing , only Cam vtx was working , rx was still bound to my tx , but was getting slow blink and once some flash blink .


So it was working when the cam was disconnected and stopped working when the cam was also drawing vbat. It wouldn’t have armed if your channels were out of range. The zero is props out, that’s probably the “acting funny”?? Stick gesture down- up-down to change to props in. Then down 3 times to save.


Im using props out :slight_smile: ! and yes the cam was not working so its simple its a voltage issue . Well i think …acting funny yea but im pretty sure its because i did touch the throttle with one of my hands or something .


Yea i did try stick gesture too , but for travel stick ,but it wasnt working . ( Cam on )


Wonder whats the voltage from the bayang one , from the chip itself .


Here’s a crazy idea… find 3v3 on your camera to power the rx. On board regulator is 2.8v. Cam should have 3v3


Thats easy and smart !


It could be even better with my module runcam dvr theres dedicated pads for 3v3 and 5v :slight_smile: ! Even if my slot holder dont clip anymore for some reason but i could still use the module for perfect voltages .


Fingers crossed! Thanks for pioneering this. Hopefully we find a solution to help others. I’ve just bench tested the beta lite, but I could not get a good connection of 2.8v. My light was solid but dim.


That should answer a few questions!