NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


That sounds correct to me, but I shouldn’t have fiddled with your original settings…old habits die hard…at least I have tried one way so now to try the other :slight_smile:


I use this module:

edit: now I have tried all channels and on this module with USE_MULTI I get this:
config.h / TX
CH5 = CH6
CH6 = CH10
CH7 = CH7
CH8 = CH8
CH9 = CH9
CH10 = CH5

So maybe I should use USE_DEVO instead?

edit2: yup, channels are correct with USE_DEVO.

Binding a Silverized/NFE E011 to a QX7 using an IRX4+ [Solved]

Excellent observation! I will have to figure out how to note that in config so it will help others! Thanks!


Okay I’m finally ready to jump into silverware. Just got the TX01 from BetaFPV and one of their silverware boards. Curious to see how they end up comparing to an e011 and b03 with the stock controller (both of which I have.)

Is there a specific file I should start with to try with this tx? Is there a better board to use first between the b03, e011 and this betafpv board?


I have no idea what the mapping is going to be on that transmitter but lets dive in and find out!
When you go into the config.H file, set it up to use toy tx and see how it tuns out! Let is know if you have any questions!


So I have been testing this out as well and I really like the new format. Way easier to figure out what everything means. I have noticed that I can no longer adjust rates with my tx. Before the fork, I was able to adjust rates on the tx and the quad would respond accordingly. I am using a e011 with FSi6 with multimodule. Thanks


The default setting in my firmware for rates is chan_on That means high rates all the time. If you want low rates on a switch - replace the letters on with whatever channel number you want to assign it to.


ill put this on my next e011 with the taranis and try it out! probably time to get a couple more h8 minis too!


Actually I get low rates by default and high rates when I activate “RATES” by aux channel.


That’s strange @silenec - my default settings put the rates channel to chan_on meaning the switch is thrown in software to high rates (since I don’t use low rates at all). Assigning it to a channel like chan_9 should toggle between high rates and low rates when you move the corresponding channel on your tx. The factor for your low rates is set to 0.5f (50%) by default and is also adjustable.


Well for me it works like that. Anyway, the code in control.c is like this:


Had a fun first flight on a Boss 7 where I changed appropriate section in pid.c but forgot to update filters in config.h. Flew for a little but promptly lost control, smacking into a hard surface breaking a motor and some props. lol. Hopefully the board and other things are ok.

Question on prop size. For the boss 7 settings, should I be using any different #'s when using 46mm or 50mm props?

Also, not sure what I should be using in the motor curve section of config.h w/stock E011 motors. Just leave it as none? 8k vs 24k? I do have a Boss 8 frame ready to build but there doesn’t seem to be a curve for 8mm motors. Use the 8.5mm curve settings?


I always use motor curve none & that’s what my tunes are tailored too. And yes a boss 6 or 7 takes some more aggressive filters - they definitely have more resonant vibrations than the bigger frame/prop/motor combos. If you don’t drop the filters down making it more aggressive … it’s a flyaway. Lol sorry to hear about the breakage.

Also I don’t change the tune much for 46 vs 50mm props. In fact on the boss 7 I had more luck with torque boost on and running the low d values noted on the experimental tune.


Strange … just to verify … I downloaded a fresh copy … compiled & flashed it to an e011 without changing anything at all … and I got high rates for sure. Lol. I’m really no computer scientist. I’m just faking it as best I can and learning along the way. Hehe


I coded a horizon mode tonight based on stick transition which gradually fades off leveling strength away from center stick and mixes it with gradually fading in acro behavior. The transition from mixed to acro fully completes at an adjustable horizon transition factor. I’ll add it into github in the next day or so and post a few more details about it as I get it set up for you guys to try. Probably make a racemode version of it soon too.

I want to take a moment to say this though … @silver13 is a freaking genius. His implementation of rotating yaw around a gravity vector means I can set a forward pitch of about 35 degrees and just freaking haul steering entirely with the yaw stick and it just stays totally flat and cuts corners like a hot knife through butter. This is NOT the way betaflight is coded.

Speaking of being NOT BETAFLIGHT … put your thinking caps on and follow this cause it’s HUGE!!!

All the flight behaviour in silverware is based off vectors (as best I can tell) - it’s just so much more consistent and reliable for tiny crafts like a whoop. Simple test to see what I mean… take a bf whoop in acro and rotate it about any axis … it resists for a second but as soon as you stop moving… it throttles down and accepts the orientation you forced on it (that’s bad news if you tag a gate in a race or clip a ghost branch boys!!). Do the same thing in silverware … and it insists on returning to the orientation it had before you forced a rotation on it. WHAAAAAAT - re read that again if you I need to… it does not accept a new orientation that is forced upon it - only the controls you give it. This is REVOLUTIONARY and gets hardly no attention. It’s like crash prevention in acro mode. Just ask @JBFPV how those wall taps feel as silverware acro keeps him right on point!!!


Ah, that eplains my Silverware brushless quads ability to fly through ghost branches and the likes with ease and recover to keep flying were otherwise I’d be climbing the tree, again.
Been trying to quantify the difference in flight feel for newcomers who are sceptical how it can be better than Betaflight.
The case is building :sunglasses:


aha! Yeah I can confirm, you can also feel it when the quad is hovering and you push it with your finger. It really fights back!


I have been flying a mix of both and allot lately, like 10 packs daily. I thought it was just me but on my silver whoop I seem to recover allot faster from smacks. I thought I just handled the silverwhoop better (an e011 FC) but now that you have mentioned it, it does seem to try to return to its previous attitude once it hits something. On my betaflight birds I start spinning if I clip a wall or chair.


You know… now that I’m thinking about it … I bet this tendency for silverware to reject all uncommanded motions may make it the PERFECT firmware for tiny whooving!!! Imagine having precise control over the drift instead of just suggesting what you want it to do and then reacting to what it did with the suggestion!!!

Anyone for Whooverware???


Hell yes I’m for hooverware!
I want a silverware A999 car brain, too.