NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


@NotFastEnuf, just wondering if you’ve had a chance to look at separating the Yaw rates from the Roll and Pitch? I know you’re busy with everything else - just wanted to make sure you added it to your “droney-do” list -haha

Weather has sucked so flying has been minimal - Just got my desk, so now I can get back to building my Bosses. I’ve been banished from the kitchen counter and dining room table…glad to have my desk (custom-made, ikea designed desk base with a 1-1/2" plywood top, wrapped in stainless steel.) Now I can neuter a dog and make donuts on the same top without worries (just kidding…:blush:)


Yawn rates are already separate from roll&pitch. Always have been.

As for separating roll & pitch, I probably won’t. Eventually I’d like to work out a serial configurator, and with limited flash memory to store variables - some compromises will need to be made.


There is nothing about your Silverware that is “Yawn” buddy. :wink:


Ahh… smart phones. Lol. Is there anything they can’t do… :wink:


Sorry - late night. Let me try to put it in english:
I want to be able to always keep my YAW rate at 1000. I’d like it to stay that way when I flip the switch to lower the rate for P and R. Currently the rates switch will change the rate for all axises.


I’d say set that up in your transmitter as an easy shortcut to results. Dual rates is so easily programmed on the tx side that I may drop it all together eventually.


addicted to silverware?


#define RATES CHAN_ON ->
does that mean that I will always have #define LOW_RATES_MULTI 0.5f active?
should I change to CHAN_10


means it’s always on high rates, no multiplier


Just wanted to show off my latest build courtesy of @NotFastEnuf. He was kind enough to print me some frames and canopies for my Wife to bring back to Ecuador and I’m loving the new material!

24.6g AUW
Boss 6mm and canopy
Crazepony 0617 25k motors
Cyclops 2 25mw AIO
Bwhoop FC with latest SW/NFE build
Tattu 220 Lipos
Amazing power!
As soon as I can get worthy footage, I promise to upload. :slight_smile:



Does anybody else get a lot of instability with fast turns on a Boss 615 and HMU props? Like proper yaw blow outs? Are the HMU props still the best to go on the 615?


Which props are the hmu props? Hm830? Or h8mini? The biggest issue I have with the boss 6 is noise. It’s somewhat “challenging” to tune when youre working with a 2 gram plastic frame and big props. I use the hm830 paper airplane props and felt I had the best luck with the tune labeled “experimental” - it’s the one with lower D gain and torque boost turned on at 2. The lower D gain helped keep the noise under control and torque boost supplimented the D type response. But I never had yaw blowouts at all. I went through over 40 6mm motors trying to tune the boss 6 and still don’t feel like I nailed it. Unfortunately due to limited funds, I just had to stop throwing money at it and have not purchased a 6mm motor since. In fact since I stopped selling canopies on ebay, all of my hobby money has totally dried up - so if it were not for supplies provided by team alienwhoop made possible through community support of the Alienwhoop company, and the occasional patron that reaches out to support development by contracting me to complete a build, flash fc’s, print frames, or order canopies - my days of trying to push development forward would be coming to an end. So big thank you to those of you that fall into any of those categories! I have a pile of mismatched 6mm motors that had to be removed from builds due to sub par performance - I need to print a micro thrust stand and work through them to pick out a matched set and try again with the boss 6. I have not tested any of the boss tunes since adding pid voltage compensation which can really throw things off due to previous tunes trying to compensate for voltage sag. Which pids/settings are you running?


Hahaha @JBFPV! The part of Ecuador that I live in looks like this:

The city is called Cuenca -


Sorry, meant hm830 props! Predictive text is awesome :roll_eyes: Been using the 615/716 PIDs with Very strong filtering and some torque boost. It’s actually a delight to fly apart from the blowouts, not as locked in as the 716 but it’s so nippy. I’ll try the experimental PIDs and see what I can get.

If you ever have enough time, you not think it’ll be good to put out a tuning video for us to try and get your godly tunes? Silverware seems to be a slightly tuning routine, for FPV at least?

Also because you definitely do have the time (haha), I hope you revisit the eBay store but stock up on Boss frames too? I have no access to a 3d printer like others and I’ve had to ask a member to print me a frame or two but I’d happily pay for a supply of Boss stuff, canopies, more frames etc.

But it’s all time.


The printable designs are there for those who like to diy as much as possible and to promote and feed a healthy open source community in the hobby. I’m actually working towards making a commercially available carbon fiber version of the boss series for brushed and brushless. It should tune out much easier so hang in there. Soon you’ll have something better available than a printed frame!

A tuning video is a good idea. I have quite a backlog of videos I want to make regarding silverware but that is one for sure.


Good to know! Looking forward to the new frames. In the meantime I’ll have to rely on the kindness of owners of a 3D printer!

Here’s a quick vid of what I was talking about;

Excuse the poor piloting skills, the lack of smoothness (needs more expo, running LOS rates) and the tune (experimental). This blowout on fast turns happens in the 615/716 PID tune which it actually flies better on. Wasn’t a windy day. I’m starting to think it’s the frame, it’s a bit flexible. Not sure what @Taylormadearmy made it out of? Wonder if he has a tune?


I’ve only flown 716 builds and above I’m afraid.
I’ve since retired the 716 frame - I prefer the 720 by a long way…


That is the dreaded whoop yaw blowout for sure. Zip up your flash and put it on your gdrive to email me a link or something. I’ll try to assemble a 6 and fly it. I think he used nylon, not sure if flexibility lends itself to the blowout. It comes from a saturated motor which can be noise related. Are you running props out? I highly recommend it to reduce yaw blowout.


Only if you have the time to @NotFastEnuf and it helps the general FW.

I’ll try props out. I’ve lived with it on the E011, not had it on the 816. Will get a copy sent over to later


It’s not the prettiest but this thing is punchy!