NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


I actually took out the precompiled files as they were stock silverware and there was some confusion as to if they had my settings. I suppose I could put some back there… if that’s wanted.


You need sbus… ppm is not supported.


No worries. Maybe just update the readme? Mostly I wanted to see if my st-link worked and whether my h67 santa edition was flashable (i thought I had read some newer e011c boards were not flashable). Now that I know it works, I’ll mess with the setting more.

2 questions then:

  1. I assume if I compile your version as it is setup it will have all your PID settings?
  2. Is there a gesture to choose racemode or racemode horizon or do those replace level mode?


Also…since it appears the christmas music still resides on the board…maybe that could be repurposed as a buzzer/lost quad alarm…not sure if there’s a way to control when the music is activated tho. Thanks again for the awesome work and quick response!

edit: wow…this acro thing is gonna take some getting used to


In the Readme there is a division line marked “end NFE notes” … everything beyond that point are the notes from stock silverware for reference. Consider the need to clarify that noted! :smile: I need to get back in the readme and update some of the new features I’ve changed/added anyway soon.

As for how to turn features on and off via transmitter… there is a receiver section which has a list of switchable features and they are assigned to your aux channels via a CHAN_5 through 10 designation. There is also a selection for devo or multi radio type which will make sure that these 5 -10 channels match up with your radio.

So directly answer your questions… yes my flight settings will be there if you compile my fork, and race mode is on aux CHAN_7 if memory serves. Keep in mind that the level modes stack… and both racemode and horizon mode are “leveling modes”. That means you need to have level mode turned on to access any level mode. So level on plus racemode on is what makes macemode with angle limit on roll. Level on plus horizon on plus racemode on is what makes racemode with horizon behavior on roll. Level on plus horizon on while racemode is off is what makes traditional horizon behavior. So they stack … or build upon the base angle mode. Have fun, it’s a great way to learn acro flying. Racemode_horizon is a great way to step towards pure acro while learning. It will assist you slightly on roll and will help you land advanced acro moves. Give it a shot


Awesome. Thanks very much for the help.


I have some question about setting up a board rotation of 45° CW hopefully anyone can assist me to make the right settings in Bwhoop Silverware Fork.

Thats how it looks now:

I use a devo 7e, have already flashed the H8 mini board and get response. So everything on this side are fine.
My question is where can i change the 45° cw rotation of the board?
I have figured out that the sixaxis.c contains rotation information and that in config.h also one entry is with sensor rotation values but i´m not very familar with this sort of code and don´t know how that things work together.
If anyone can bring light into my darkness brain , i would be very pleased :slightly_smiling_face:


Assuming the black props are at the front, the board has been rotated 45 degrees clockwise, so in the firmware, you would add a 45 degrees CCW correction like this:

For the NFE fork, in config.h, find the line “#ifdef H8mini_blue_board” (around line 512 in the latest). About 20 lines underneath that, find the line “#define SENSOR_ROTATE_180” and directly under that line add “#define SENSOR_ROTATE_45_CCW”. The 2 corrections will be added together. Then rebuild target and reflash the board.


Add #define SENSOR_ROTATE_45_CW or #define SENSOR_ROTATE_45_CCW depending on the rotation to under
#define SENSOR_ROTATE_180 for #ifdef H8mini_blue_board

Ian beat me to it


Ok, thx for the fast help :+1:

But looks like it wan´t work.
My config.h looks like this
#define SOFTI2C_SDAPIN GPIO_Pin_10
#define GYRO_ID_1 0x68
#define GYRO_ID_2 0x78 // common h8 gyro
#define GYRO_ID_3 0x7D
#define GYRO_ID_4 0x72
#define SENSOR_ROTATE_180

and the whoop flips out like this:!AieW7WWsvxjcjGIRKtZ2cS6trSUu

where i go wrong ? any suggestion?


Ah, so sorry. I didn’t look at your motor wiring, you will need to change the motor pinouts, since the front left motor for example is connected to what the FC thinks is the back left motor. I’ll work it out and update this post, gimme 15 mins.


All good, i´m happy that i get assists so no worry or get in hurry :wink:

hopefully when fixed i can it comprehend :joy:


The motor pins for the H8 mini are set in config.h around line 568 (just above where the Alienwhoop settings start). Try reassigning the pins like this:

// Assingment of pin to motor
#define MOTOR0_PIN_PB1 // motor 0 back-left
#define MOTOR1_PIN_PA6 // motor 1 front-left
#define MOTOR2_PIN_PA7 // motor 2 back-right
#define MOTOR3_PIN_PA4 // motor 3 front-right


Yes looking at the picture it appears as if he has swapped the motor soldering points around during from stock too. Rf motor is soldered to old Lf position. Same for the rear.

So motors 0 and 2 need to trade places and motors 1 and 3 need to trade places in software.


You are awesome ! @Ian444

Thanx a lot it works as it should!
@NotFastEnuf yes i have it wrong soldered as I see now. :face_with_monocle:
Don´t know why, think it was to late last night as i build up this little guy :joy:

anyway big thx to ya all, i´m realy happy now.


It’s not wrong… we have the freedom to do it however we choose and fix it with pin mapping! Great job @eXzez and @Ian444 for the support! !


Just a heads up, good deal on e011c right now, 10.40 a piece if you get two:


not 100% sure it can be flashed


Is there a racemode equivalent in betaflight? I just got my first brushless, snapper6, and miss my NFE horizon/racemode.


I have not made a compile of racemode in Betaflight since 3.23. Unfortunately your snapper wasn’t a target back then. It’s likely that i will do a 3.4 compile at some point again, just have to find the time to rewrite a good chunk of code. Quite a bit has changed from 3.23 to 3.4 so it’s not a simple changeover. I’ll keep you posted.