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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


There is nothing to worry about with silverware and brushless, it’s a great match, and size does not matter. I have found silverware to be very safe and dependable. Best to stick with a known good board like E011/B03/H8 blue, I would not use any of the other lesser-known brushed boards. Hey, I took the 90mm frame out again this morning for a sanity check, to see if the new PID controller really is as good as I thought it was yesterday - haha, it’s even better than I thought :smile:

Regarding the 1102 with 2" props, I wouldn’t go smaller than 3020 (2-blade) cut to 58mm if I could help it, as I know that works well, but I haven’t tested smaller than that.


That is fantastic news! And great advice too. Might I ask, are you running the modification to dma triggered gyro read and loop? I’m so excited to see all that developing. Do you have any advice for the NFE fork regarding those changes?

Oh and as for the 4" … I was going to run your flight controller! :smile:


At first I ran without the dma gyro read, and then later I put the dma gyro read on all three. I think the sixaxis dma is ready to go, but there’s still some details on what options/defines etc, plus I’m not sure if JazzMac is finished with it. It will be interesting to see how the brushed quads go with it! Posts 759 and 762 have all the info on how to do it, in the Dedicated Brushless Silverware FC thread (RCG).


I’ve not finishing reading this thread yeat ! but if you ever need Tester im your man … and im pretty 200% sure @PJC will follow as usual ^^ ! you’re the man ! Oh ! also if you ever need to get a Readme in French let me know id llove to share this genius Silverware and spread your stuff around the Globe ! supporting you 100% !


After reading my post …i was like Jeeez ! Stop drinking ! you might be out of the track and F****ing late ! lolll Sponsored by Weekend beer ! xD ! Anyway i still keep my word for what ive said before !

@NotFastEnuf for Silverware PRESIDENT !

Maximum PIDS …sniff sniff burned Brushed motors ! xD


Hi guys, i have 2 whoops and use different firmware. I want to make the other firmware have ability to arm, which text should i copy to the other firmware? Thank you and sorry for bad english


The arming code is quite complex and tied to many other features like idle up, handling of integral windups on the ground, reducing air mode strength till the craft is actually in the air, and other safety features and lockouts. It’s quite embedded now. What are the details of your other firmware? Maybe I could help you with a simpler version. Do you have a repository sonewhere?


Oh i see, im using e011 board with a standard silverware firmware. I forgot what version, i got it from github… Oh im sorry i dont have any repistory, any other way?


Why not just use this version if you like it’s features?


If i use this version, i feel like im Valentino Rossi on the track lol… So i need the slow version to teach my brother to fly :grin:. But its ok, i start to teach him using racemode… Thanks


Just copy the rates and expo over from base silverware. That Wil help.


Ok thank you, i’ll try it… One question about motor pwm frequency. I dont understand what is that for… In my experiment if i use for boldclash motor and set the number to 24k, it feels like slow response…


Build both?
But seriously - when are you going to build a Brusless Boss? You’ve no idea what your are missing… You can fly in the same places a Boss can go… But, man, the power reserves in comparison, while feeling similar…


@UthaRemo… higher pwm rates reduce the motors torque through the mid range of its power band. My particular tuning style benefits from this reduction of midrange motor response and prevents mid throttle oscillations as well as allowing higher pid response (tighter handling due to higher pids) at both high throttle values and in off throttle/low throttle conditions.

@Taylormadearmy … I’m working on it man!


@NotFastEnuf - i changed the pwm rates to 24k and use boldclash motor curves, i got great vibrations when moving slowly. Is it true, when using this version more chance to replace the motor because the high speed tune and higher pid? Or just my feeling


I do not recommend straying from defaults in my fork for a whoop. It’s not going to fly right. You need to be at motor curve none and 32k for my pids to work. I do not notice any shorter motor life.


Thank you man, i learned the proggram a lot… But this version is still my best settup… Wish to understand this programs and help around…


Hey @NotFastEnuf,
Browsing through your changes and I came across in your pid.c file

Range of acceptable values for stickTransition are from -1 to 1. Do not input a value outside of this range. When stick transition is 0 - no stick transition will take place
+// and stick acceleration will remain constant regardless of stick position. Positive values up to 1 will represent a transition where stick acceleration at it’s maximum at full
+// stick deflection and is reduced by whatever percentage you enter here at stick center. For example accelerator at 1 and transition at .3 means that there will be 30% reduction
+// of acceleration at stick center, and acceleration strength of 1 at full stick.

My question is: What happens when I input -1? The text only describes positive numbers, but the range is -1 to 1.

Can’t wait to try it!


It reverses the slope so you get more stick acceleration near center fading down to the value of the stick acceleration variable at full stick deflection. Transition value specifically of -1 will double your stick acceleration variable at center stick.

It’s an experimental approach to make up for the fact that rcexpo causes an abrupt increase in the acceleration effect towards full deflection. This “flaw” also exists in beta flight as well but they just ignore it. Lol. Maybe because there isn’t much that can be done about it or it just doesn’t matter. Either way I thought it would be fun to play with.


Lastest release of NFE build
Betafpv lite
7X16mm 17500kv
Devo ( Jumper TS8G)
Default setting
Flying only acro
Aux 5 for Arming/ idle up

Super punchy , nice handling and so on ! But theres one problem . For some reason its really hard to keep my throttle constant , its like theres a voltage cutoff or motor cutoff and always want to punch out … Really dont know how to explain but if i want to hover i always need to bump throttle a bit and drop …up down up down …it feel like im flying a 5" …used to be able to have a good throttle management but now , its like im learning again …or im missing something .

*Only thing i changed is i removed all expo on each axis and added directly to my tx .

Its a new world for me …about silverware and devo tx !


Edit: Do you think i need a Throttle curve or something ? Never had to do it or Never had this problem with Betaflight / Butterflight