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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


just built this using an e011 fc and 820 motors with 55mm prop.

is it best to use these pid settings?
//BOSS 8.5 - 820 motors, kingkong 66mm props -kalman at 80hz, D 2nd at 90hz, motor filter at 90hz
float pidkp[PIDNUMBER] = { 29.5e-2 , 29.5e-2 , 11.5e-1 };
float pidki[PIDNUMBER] = { 12e-1 , 12e-1 , 12.0e-1 };
float pidkd[PIDNUMBER] = {17.5e-1 , 17.5e-1 , 7e-1 };


That looks like an older tune to me that was a little too high on pids and filters but you could try it - it doesn’t look terrible. I will check my notes later tonight too. Or you could just download the newest file and make the following changes … select boss 8.5 pids, set mix throttle max strength to .20. That should work well. If it doesn’t throttle down cleanly, then you could change filters from strong to very strong setting. Filters now select with weak, strong, and very strong selection.


new script in your firmware about rx_sbus, what is that for? sorry for newbie uestion… thank you


It’s for using an external sbus receiver like frsky instead of the on board bayang rx.

ALL questions are welcome!


well thank you, im using flysky tx and it cant use all the 10 channels… Some said it required external rx. the multiprotocol module is nrf24l01


Try both use_devo and use_multi options. Maybe it’s just a channel mapping mismatch


OK my beta testing crew!!! @chime13, @Bobnova, @brianquad, @yets, @Ian444, @sier, @SirDomsen, @0a23 - I’m calling all hands on deck with this one cause its pretty freaking cool!!! Just when you though it wasn’t possible for anything to fly sharper and crisper than silverware … D term based on error instead of measurement is in!!! There is a define you need to enable for ERROR_D_TERM and that will map both D terms to the stick gesture aux channel. It will start up in “legacy” mode which is the old measurement method of computing where D tracks just the gyro. Stick gesture RIGHT-RIGHT-DOWN will switch it over to the new ERROR method of computing D which is based on the difference between the stick commands and the gyro input.

Its a totally different feel which is much more noticeable in a proximity or confined space. Have fun with it!!!


Awesome! I’ll stuff this into my Boss tonight!
Assuming I do anything tonight.


I was just going out to fly…now I gotta flash this thing! Damn! Hahaha

I’ll check back shortly.


Awesome stuff. I have so many things to update in my fork


This one may not play well with brushless. I’d test with caution on your own if you’re brave. You see, when you have a digital setpoint instead of an analog one established by moving the transmitter sticks … you get a stairstepping pattern. Subtracting gyro from the stairstep still leaves an error which has a stairstep pattern. Now you take the derivative right at a step up and the rate of change going up a step is infinite very briefly. That is what is referred to as D term kick in a pid controller. Brushless motors with active braking can respond to that and actually cook themselves. Now, will that actually happen … it’s just a guess but I don’t think so. We are filtering the D term pretty heavily before it gets to the motors and we are filtering motor outputs which should smooth it out because that will present as high frequency noise. But, I want you to know what would be on my mind going into it.

That said, I am still gonna fly error on brushless and just watch my motor Temps when I get a build together and brushed just don’t care at all. AND IT JUST FEELS TOO DARN GOOD NOT TOO!!! I genuinely think it’s safe to do this on brushless too and have faith in the 2ND order d term filters and motor filters to keep motors cool. But it will be interesting to see how it really turns out there.

Thanks for jumping on this guys. After we get a feel for it … we gotta decide what to do. Move it to an aux switch on the tx? Apply a setpoint weight to blend them together? Apply a transition so we can have different feels across the stick range? This is really an exciting one!!


Can it be a channel with a full analog rangeb for selecting the mix of error and measurement? For say, the trim pots on an x9d.
That’d be a very cool way to find the mix level you want.


I was thinking about that, too. I first wanted something similar when I was first getting started as a rate multiplier, rather than having it fixed in the code.

I peeked at the code a while back and it doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to add. If I remember right, the “analog” value for each AUX channel is currently being read to see if it is above 900-something to set a Boolean and then the analog value is thrown away. We could save off the analog value in a separate array for use in some situations like this.


Sounds awesome! Will try as soon as I have anything airworthy again :sweat_smile:


Haaaaaaaaa! That’s a challenge now! How does it work with Torque boost? I think it’s something that I may try with the brushless whoop. The motors are trying cook themselves anyway, in for a penny in for a pound…

Thanks for the warning, I’m sure the brushless guys would be giving it a go.

OTT but related, what changes did you make to the SBUS protocol? Did you just add expo? Updating bits and bobs…

Edit: Just adding Stick Travel test code, what are these lines doing in the asterix;
*** if (in_air == 1){
float underthrottle = 0; ***

Does it mess with mix_throttle?


So, how can I hardwire it in - I hate stick gestures or better yet, remembering to genuflect before arming- hahaha
Flew 2 builds, a Boss8.5 (mismatched motors) and Boss6 (18.1k). (Same tune Team Abduction)
Slalom times are down (both builds) and unless I’m being duped, it feels tighter. Along with air mode, there is so much authority on Pitch and Roll - almost too much, or just a matter of getting used to a hotter quad. Didn’t hinder performance, just gave it a different feel.
Both crafts are just simply insane! I threw everything at them and they always recovered flawlessly. Newton who???

I wanted to drop the PWM to 24K on my 8.5 build, but made it un-flyable due to resonance using Strong filtering. Couldn’t raise above idle without it shooting into the sky. Brought it back to 32K. All’s well again…
I also added Torque Boost 2 on the both - real nice…going to see how high I can go.
Also commented out YawFix…superfluous in my application


I added separate expo for angle and acro for all the radios, added a missing aux channel 5 which threw off the channel mapping for all the others, and a little blurb which unswaps tx and rx pins for the zer0 since we are using a dedicated uart


You missed my edit…

edit: ignore that edit.

There’s a lot of edit.


Yeah this bit was there before and we were running mix increase at 20% because of it. I added the strength define to config so that we adjust it more instead of accepting defaults. My preference is 100%

This bit only affects those of us using the arming feature. And yes, if you are using software arming or idle up… it’s gonna squash mix increase 3 only while you are on the ground so that something that has 100% over throttle doesn’t decide to kill you. Once you take off, it stays active till the next time you disarm. That change is what made the move to 100% mix increase safe.

@yets did I address everything there? Please ask if not


No it’s all perfect. Just deciphering what changes are in the commit. Thanks