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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Yeah I’m curious about running base level cheap 0716 motors on 2s 260mAh or 2s 150mAh…


I remember some experiments done by NFE once, went not that good iirc :wink:


I have vague memories along those lines, couldn’t remember what motor size it was.


It was all 8.5mm. I tried varying kv’s from 1s to 2s rated and a special custom in between kv provided by kados. I cooked every last one. And not the brushes… I cooked the windings.

I look forward to trying again on a whoop. 2 blade props may actually be a viable option due to significantly less drag. Maybe…


Is it possible that this firmware version won’t work on the altitude hold version boldclash FC? BC FC
The LEDs are blinking but it doesn’t bind to the tx.

edit: It’s not getting into bind mode.


Unless we lost something along the way … it used to work fine. Anything is possible


Which radio protocol is it on? I recently updated the defaults to autobind. Maybe it needs to go back to regular bayang for a toy tx link. I also recently experimented with some new angle pids. They came highly recommended bit I don’t like them. I need to drop that back to defaults.


The new angle PIDs are spectacular, leave them! :sweat_smile:


Whaaaaaaaaat :smile: Really?? Lol. You angle guys … I just don’t understand. Hehe. OK - stays.


@NotFastEnuf, I’ve been trying to merge @yets’ dual pids and pid voltage compensation code to your build but I get at least 3 errors and it won’t compile.
Do you think this is something you can incorporate in your fork?


What are the errors?


Voltage compensation is something I plan to add but after much thought, dual pids is not. I’m going to continue to focus on brushed for now which doesn’t necessitate 2 sets of pids like brushless does with different batteries. I guess some extreme prop changes call for a different tune but that’s rare. Right now i am working on a safety feature for idle up. Similar to air mode in betaflight - I don’t want full strength corrections taking place as soon as you arm. This should kick in after crossing a certain throttle boundary to indicate you’re in the air. I’ve not had any issues in acro with the current configuration … but I’m getting reports of it being difficult to stage a whoop before a race in angle mode. This may also be a good brushless safety feature.


Sorry @yets, I gave up for the meantime and forgot the errors. They basically had to do with undefined references in pid.c - I think v_compensation is one of them. I thought I was really careful about cutting and pasting, but alas I lost patience after a dozen or so tries.
Eventually if I get bored enough, I’ll delve into it again.

I would love to see all these innovations as exportable/importable routines that may be included in with our current builds, such as for example, DualPids.c and PidEComp.c
kinda like OOP I guess…


Hopefully it can be commented out :slight_smile:

me neither

I’m actually more interested in dual setpoint weight settings.


I’ve been thinking about that too. Might be nice to have a sharp setpoint for racing a whoop in angle and a soft setpoint for that freestyle acro flow. I’ll probably tie it into acro/angle mode selection.

As for the safety feature. I’m not sure you’d want to comment it out. It’s only going to affect on ground behavior just before takeoff. Why would you want to bypass that?


As long as it doesn’t affect anything else because right now, it’s perfect.

I only fly acro :sunglasses: Hahaha!
But, I totally agree on having tight set points racing and relaxed ones for freestyle


Is it possible to to keep MAX_RATEYAW at its max while using LOW_RATES_MULTI? In other words, I like to keep my yaw at 900 degrees no matter the rates setting.


Set the low rates multiplier to 1.0?


I get what you’re saying. I don’t see why that wouldn’t be possible. Just need to un-link the yaw bit from the low rates multiplier. Seems doable. I’ll be looking at code tonight to finish that safety feature. I’ll let you know of I have any insight for you on how to make the edit you need.


Then how would I get low rates if the multiplier is 1 (which it is already)
Optimally, I want switchable pitch and roll rates and fixed yaw.