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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Easier to show you;

It’s probably more useful for LOS but stops drift

Edit: @NotFastEnuf we should probably add “drift” to the description in config file! :smiley:


Oh nice catch … I guess I missed something when I changed the buzzer code. Open your buzzer.c file and paste the following line in at the top to fix it and use CHAN_8 or whatever channel you want.

Sorry I must have forgotten to load that change. I will update github tonight.

As for idle throttle I use the default 5%. I think you have another condition causing your flyaway. Either motor, prop, or a misake in your code from inputting your changes. Try a fresh copy, make minimal changes just to get in the air … like define e011, and retest and report.


Well unless we run into a problem with it … I’m probably gonna take away the define and leave it hard coded in.

Also, change pushed up to github on the buzzer. Sorry I had left that out.

Edit: @zonners if you still have a problem after trying a clean file… maybe you could upload your whole folder to Google drive where i could download it and take a look. Just label it with your screen name and broken … so it doesn’t get mixed up when i download it.


This latest build changed “#define LOW_RATES_MULTI 0.5f” to “#define LOW_RATES_MULTI 0.1f”
Any reason for the change?

Thank you!


Thanks @yets!

TBH - I couldn’t tell the difference between the before and after on the video…maybe too subtle for my level of experience


If you fly backwards alot… it makes a little difference. Also for the rates multiplier, used to have it at 1.0 because under no accidental circumstances did i ever want low rates, but I’ve changed it to .5 somewhere along the lines so that low rates are half of full rates. Feel free to adjust it to wherever you want your low rates to be.


So, I flashed and flew with your latest release and everything works as expected. Expo really tames the little beast…too much so - removing expo and going back to my “Colibri” settings - haha

Good work! No Bugs!


Last version all right here.


One thing, I had to use Devo transmitter settings. I’m using a DIY Goebish module in my Q X7.

// *************Transmitter Type Selection
//#define USE_STOCK_TX
#define USE_DEVO
//#define USE_MULTI

On the Goebish module is possible to reinitiate binding process on CH12. I’ve set this on a switch. On battery change I just have to flip it and it binds.


I would like to rebind with a switch on x9d+ Irx4


You can try to toggle your channel 12 aux on a switch. It may trigger a bind sequence again but that depends on how the software was written for your multimodule. If it doesn’t work, you can always use the autobind protocol and after you save your transmitter ID to silverware with stick commands, it will remain bound through battery pack swaps without doing anything on your transmitter.


Oh thanks man, y have this software https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module on my IRX4+

A few days ago I tried with autobind but I did not know about the transmitter ID
Stick gesture Down-Down-Down, Pitch stick?


Yeah I’m not sure about your module. If it can set a fixed id… it will work.

Set your fixed id.
Then up up up on pitch stick. Blinks once to indicate autobind on.
Then down down down to save


thanks… will report to you soon for the update


I just had to sign up to give a big thanks to @NotFastEnuf, @silver13, and the rest of the community! I’ve been getting up to speed with the hobby over the past few months and now have a Taranis Q X7 with IRX4+ multiprotocol module controlling my E011 and Beta 65S Lite. With all the great info here and elsewhere, I’ve flashed the NotFastEnuf silverware fork on both and gotten autobind and telemetry working. I also soldered connectors on both quads for easy flashing updates and have been having a blast whooping around the house and yard!

So thanks to all you folks who have dedicated time to sharing what you’ve built. I’ll try to contribute where I can, too, and help the community along!


Welcome to the family @brianquad! Happy to have you here and glad you’re enjoying it!!!

In other news … I just pushed some changes upstream here today. The ALIENWHOOP ZERO target has been added. Hang on boys … this one is gonna blow your minds and I have been honored by the privilege of working with TEAM ALIENWHOOP to help bring this into reality!! I promise to tell you more about this one later as its closer to production… but for now I will say that this FC has been designed with the utmost care and attention to high quality components and to be the highest performing silverware board of all. 2s capable, 5v on board buck boost, huge power rails to feed the hungriest motors, something like 75A burst mosfets, easy servo cable sized programming ports, and here is the kicker…

THIS BOARD IS INTENDED FOR USE WITH AN EXTERNAL SBUS RX!!! (you’re welcome taranis guys :wink:)

It will in the future likely become the default board in this fork in place of the bwhoop target … cause I’m gonna be making the switch!!! Of course all the targets will remain and continue to be developed.

Next up is a mission to code DSM satellite receiver protocol.

As always… I appreciate anyone willing to test your targets and make sure I didn’t screw up anything with all the new changes!!!


AlienWhoop Zero amazing, I want to try it, have to buy an alienwhoop fc, right? on newbeedrone and betafpv i think


This is a new design that we are working on now. @brucesdad13 just hand assembled the first 5 boards and we are gonna fly them for a bit to make sure they are the best they can possibly be … then it gets ramped up from there. Hang in there - it will be worth the wait!


Understood, for the moment I’m going to try BetaFPV Lite.

By the way I leave the video how to Flash the BetaFPV Lite (same applies to the others)

Im lost keil issues

I for one am very excited!
A Silverware board Spec’d by the experts and capable of 2S is a killer prospect!:smiley::smiley::smiley: