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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Just to keep you guys updated on the next change to come … right now I am testing splitting up expo between acro and angle. The purpose of this is to give those of you that like to freestyle in acro and race in level mode a little more love. As I understand it for racing in angle mode, removing expo from pitch is critical. Roll might actually enjoy a little expo. So soon when you set up config.h, you will enter your expo seperately for angle_expo and acro_expo. I’m also going to break up expo_xy into two seperate lines for roll and pitch. When you switch between acro & angle - the matching expo variable to your flight mode will automatically get used. Racemodes of course are acro on pitch and angle on roll and will use acro_expo on pitch axis and angle_expo on roll axis.

I test flew it last night and it feels pretty good so I just need to load the changes to github. My previous expo defaults will be moved into acro_expo variables. For angle_expo variables, I will be inputting .35 expo on roll, 0 expo on pitch, and .35 expo on yaw as defaults. Keep you guys posted when it’s ready!


I only fly in acro, I would like to have separate expo and rates (pitch, roll, yaw), Throttle expo (negative)
Good improvement.

I found this:


it does not affect anything but I think that in this part the comment refers to BRUSHLESS and not BRUSHED


Motor beeps is actually a brushed feature. It will cycle little throttle blips after 30 seconds of failsafe. It’s not audible … but maybe the props will rustle some leaves in the bushes or something.

Throttle expo sounds interesting, I hadn’t considered that before. I also have not yet looked into splitting the rotational acro deg/s between roll & pitch or the angle limit. Should we?


oh I understand, I thought it was like dhsot beacon

I use the throttle expo in BF to make a negative curve (ie upwards), and thus not have to raise the stick up

let me know if I can help with something.


Try turning on either torque boost at .5 or turning on throttle transient compensation. Both will make throttle significantly more responsive to changes and you may not need expo anymore. Throttle transient can be raised as high as you like but will eventually show thrust imbalances. Torque boost is best left at .5 unless you start dropping you D pid term to offset noise as its a derivative of motor output signals.

I’ll probably just leave throttle expo to be set up in your transmitter as opposed to in software. I will however report back on splitting roll/pitch deg/s and angle limits after looking at that code.


Ok, I’ll do some tests at night


Last night I pushed the changes up to github for splitting the expo variabls into 3 axis and adding seperate angle mode and acro mode expo variables. The commit also included a repair to sbus code. Anyone like to try it out? :smile:


Of course I’ll try it out - hahaha

Question: I seem to be getting bounce-back only on my pitch axis - WWNFED?


Which build, which tune?


Well, it’s happening more with H config frame versus X configuration. I think it has to do with pitch setpoint weighting or D… and it’s actually happening with my BF builds and not the SW builds which are all x config Boss frames.

For my wishlist, I’d like to be able to flip between 2 setpoint weighting/transition settings on the fly.

Leaving my final rates alone, I’m finding much more tune-ability for ‘feel’ using setpoint weighting/transition. I also don’t care for adding Expo as the feel is different and affects the whole range as opposed to setpoint weighting where it’s mostly active around centered stick -IMHO

It should be like a Sport/Cruise setting on a car. Your steering wheel still has the same ratio of turns, but for cruising, the wheel has a looser response - while for slalom type of driving, you’d want it to be as crisp as possible.



Overshoot can be tricky. In betaflight, raise P if it’s a soft bounce back. Raise D if it’s a sharp one. Raise d setpoint transition to slow tge response of the quad in general as it approaches a setpoint so it’s less likely to overshoot. It would be nice to have setpoint variables on profiles. I also would like them split out on each individual axis if I had my way.


hi im newbie here, just want to what’s t the different arming and idle_up function?.. im using old one which only idle_up function. And i have problem with this, i set IDLE_THR 0.05f or IDLE_THR 0.03f the quad goes up in full throttle right after idle_up was on… set IDLE_THR 0.01f the quad still bouncing on the ground. What is the problem? im using E011 board and boldclash 19000kv 716 motors.



Arming just allows the throttle to be any value other than zero. Idle_up replaces zero throttle with the value that you set so that motors never stop spinning and the quad continues to be stabilized even when you move your throttle stick to zero.

As for your quad wanting to go “to the moon” - there are a couple possibilities. Most likely is that you have a bent prop or motor shaft. Check those first. Another is that you don’t have fpv gear on it yet in which case I reccomend using 6mm pids on a 7mm whoop. A third is that you are compiling the firmware on a mac which can/has produced all sorts of strange results that are a mystery to me. Or finally that there is something in the code that you accidentally messed up in which case I’d reccomend downloading a fresh copy and starting over. We can help you make your changes before you build and flash. I suppose a additional option could be the setup of the mixer in your radio. Can you give us more details of your process and equipment?


Yes, these FCs are very susceptible to vibration and resonance and taking off on idle_up even if it is set to .01f. has happened to me.
Your issue is purely vibration caused by unbalanced props or bent motor shafts or FC is mounted in such a way that is too is picking up frame vibrations.


If I use qx7, which radio protocol should i use?


You need a multi-protocol module such as an iRX4 in order to use your QX7. The protocol for these E011 FCs is called Bangyang.

Currently with the QX7 you are only able to use the FRSKY protocol.


got it,
then in the code I enable #define RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL_TELEMETRY
is that correct?


That will work yes … or any of the other bayang ones. Each different one has a special feature. I prefer autobind myself so I can fly pack after pack and don’t have to power cycle my tx to initiate bind.


Thanks for your explanation, for idle thr =0.05f is that mean for 5% throttle?

Im using new boldclash 19000kv motor and new betafpv 4 blades 31mm propeller . Using betafpv 65mm frame with lst s2 fpv cam and betafpv canopy. Im using betafpv LiHV 260mah. Im using your tight pid settings and uaing windows 8 for flashing the program. Im using at9 and multiprotocol.

Im trying your new update but confusing how to setting the buzzer on channel. I set buzzer_enable chan_8 but when compiled it comes to error “undefined chan_8”. I already set clk pin to active. Another try is buzzer_enables_chan_8, compile smooth, but the buzzer not working on any channel.

Really appreciate if you can re write something for me to set up arming, best idle_thr and to activate buzzer on channel.



@NotFastEnuf Can you tell me what Joelucid’s Yaw Fix is all about? I can’t seem to find anything on it. What issues did we have with Yaw before?