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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


1.0 is too high without dropping D term to compensate. .5 is really the limit on a “stock NFE tune”.

Also the line for throttle transient factor just changes the variable strength. You have to enable the line above it without the factor to turn it on. On my rigs … transient just seems to amplify thrust imbalances … nut it sure does add a little pop on the throttle. Personally I prefer the pop to be on my controls. Give torque boost another shot with a value below .5. :wink:


@NotFastEnuf @silver13 You guys rule. You turned my little $8 H801 into an indoor maniac. I’ve been rocking racemode until I’m better with acro.

Any idea on how I can get autobind to work? Should it work with the latest flash or do I need that patch that was mentioned earlier in the thread? Thanks.


@NotFastEnuf Of course I enabled throttle transient compensation :wink: I left it out of the post for brevity.

I also tried torque boost at 0.5, it makes absolutely no difference to 1.0 :thinking:


Explained by Sier


I tried this with no success. Am i missing an extra step or is the latest NFE build all i need?


What TX are you using? Which part isn’t working, are you doing gestures? Do you get the flashing LEDS?


Hi, thanks for this great firmware.

Just curious on 1 thing, why my CH_PIT_TRIM is not working…do I set something wrong?
The code is:
#define LEDS_ON CHAN_9

and 've tried

both are not working…

It works using ROLL trim if i set it to CHAN_8


Flashed as Bwhoop?


Yes, flashed as Bwhoop.


Edit: Nevermind, I’m confusing different languages :roll_eyes:


I thought “//” signified a comment?


yeah, # is for define
// is for comment…

anyone got the same condition? (*CH_PIT_TRIM not working?)


@DonnieH801 double check the receiver section. Autobind is not the default protocol. You probably have RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL_TELEMETRY active and you need to switch to RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL_TELEMETRY_AUTOBIND


Did you define use toy tx instead of use devo for transmitter type?


yes, NFE,
I’m pretty sure, because the ROLL_TRIM is working


I can test it again to make sure nothing recent has broken it when I get back in town from easter. If it works for me, ill have you email me your project for review. It used to work.


sure thanks NFE.
Please share your email address


btw, which one is the latest firmware for E011, is it the whoover?


That was it! The instructions were unclear due to protocol differences especially for a noob like me. Maybe include autobind in wiki? Thanks man.


I have idle up and arming on these channels on the toy TX:

#define ARMING CHAN_9
#define IDLE_UP CHAN_8

But it starts with those channels active after the tx binds to the quad. Is it possible to start those channels in the off state?