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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Try the standard 30 secs as a test >> done.
for 5, 10 even 30 secs. nothing happened.

i am sure no sound for the quad or the others when i turn power on. but when lowbatt or not/lost binding it will make a sound (silver13 fw).


Ok, I’ll look into it later today. Which board?


Thanks for your help @yets.
It is E011 board.

//#define BWHOOP
#define E011
//#define H8mini_blue_board


Go to buzzer.c, look for line

extern char aux[];
if ( lowbatt || failsafe || aux[BUZZER_ENABLES] )

Change to;

if ( lowbatt || failsafe )

Uncomment enable buzzers and try that to see if it works for lost bind etc



it look like we’re back to silver13 fw…


Yes, trouble shooting. If the buzzer works then we’ll look at other options


Okay, I will try later.



Does it compile when comment in ENABLE_BUZZER?


of course.


I can’t even get it to compile :thinking:


if you enabled these two line you get error message.


Can you try this for me and see if it works on your tx

extern char aux[];
if ( lowbatt || failsafe || aux[CH_AUX2] )

Delete #define BUZZER_ENABLES XXXXXX and just have the one line
#define BUZZER_ENABLE CH_10 or whatever channel you want


I don’t know what CH_AUX2 is refer to, so i change to CH_INV

extern char aux[];
if ( lowbatt || failsafe || aux[CH_INV] )

i delete


and made a change


and it work :slight_smile:


Glad it worked


Thanks @yets,

is it workaround ?


Ahhhh… looks like we are all working on the same problem. It seems I came up with a similar solution and have updated it to the fork. I moved the #define BUZZER_ENABLE CHAN_OFF up to the receiver section and commented it out with a few additional notes advising that the pin needs to be assigned in hardware.h. I also set it to CHAN_OFF by default because that allows regular buzzer functions to operate without it needing to be on a switch. In buzzer.c I took out aux[BUZZER_ENABLES] and replaced it with aux[BUZZER_ENABLE] so that we only need the one line to both turn on the buzzer and activate it with a switch if so desired by adding a channel number in place of OFF in CHAN_OFF from config.h. Finally, the key to this is to add #include “defines.h” at the top of the buzzer.c file.

I also added Joelucid’s yaw fix as an option in config.h and have set it to on by default. Thank you @yets for having it in your brushless fork already for reference! I like it! It’s like having eyes in the back of your head for flying backwards! I actually lined up right at my own head from across the room … yaw spun all the way towards myself and hit my forehead on the first try. So sick!

Finally, for anyone on a whoop either 6mm or 7mm … I HIGHLY reccomend turning on TORQUE_BOOST in config.h. Its bonkers - so crisp! Default value of .5 is enough to feel the difference to me and does not require any retuning on both the crafts I tested tonight… 6 and 7mm.


thanks a lot @yets and @NotFastEnuf


Whoa, somehow forgot about this thread here. Just updated myself. :yum:

A general info, since the wiki actually is a wiki, feel free to add stuff that you think it’s worth putting up. I’ll rearrange it if necessary, but since I’m not involved in everything, it’s sometimes better to write down the Infos off first hand.


Is there a way to update the source files without wiping out my numbers?

Better yet:

Is it possible to move all the user values/settings to a separate file such as user.h or user.c?

Can the other source files use variables instead of hardcoded numbers? Would it cause the build to be larger than 32k


I observed something different. I tried torque boost on my angle mode setup, and it performed worse.

I replaced




I noticed no difference in maneuverability.
But latency went up, the craft felt sluggish.

For angle mode THROTTLE_TRANSIENT_COMPENSATION seems to be the better option.