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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


It probably should be if people are experiencing problems with arming/air mode. I’ve always done it in the TX so I didn’t know what the issues was. Only potential thing I can think about is running out of Channels?

Also, just spotted the ADC change on github. The 2s choice is nice, I like it, however the number used is not probably not cot correct. I used that number just to ensure there was no LVC in my tests so I’m not sure what the correct figure is. I’ll work out a base number so you can apply it. Good idea though, going to put it in my fork


Either way is fine :+1: As long as arming and idle up can be disabled, as that’s what I usually do :sweat_smile:


@SirDomsen Can you add this to the wiki please? Really useful information


I just didn’t want to disregard it if it was important since you were working in it. We can consider it a placeholder for now

Or we could just build this equation in so that we have a spot in config where we enter actual voltage measured on the bench and the voltage readout in telemetry. It could be populated by dummy values giving a ratio of one to start.

I think we’re in the clear on that. We can always assign multiple features to the same channel or permanently turn anything on of off. Plus all of these arming and idle features that require a channel assignment can just be disabled by commenting out too.

Speaking of that… for anyone struggling through checking their channel mapping … Assigning the led to a channel is an easy way to determine if you are actually turning something on or off with your switch without having to test fly from the computer desk. Or you can put It on the same channel as any flight mode for a line of sight rig to have a visual indicator that you are In a certain flight mode, or that you are armed for example.

Thanks for the input guys!


+1 here

Updated values for Taranis with scalefactor set:
Battery sensor; Ratio: 10.4 and Offset: -2.62
(er… using Methusa having had it’s last calibration back in '94)


Nope, purely testing but it’s actually a good idea for brushless builds, maybe not brushed. You can delete it if you want. It’s currently sitting in my brushless fork.

If you know how to do this I think it’s a great addition. And I think separate arming and idle up is good too. I’l wait for you to do it before trying to add dual pids


I’d like the ability to easily separate them, that would be cool.


I’ve got all 3 E011 builds working out of 1 model in my TX and everything assigned works the way I’d like it to without having to futz with it - lol

Can the rates be stored with the pids as part of an array selectable by an if/then or an OR statement? - idk - hehe

Nothing happens - lol It just don’t do nothin’ I’ve tried all the stuff on the wiki. My phone OTGs all day long but not sure if the phone (Huawei Y7 Prime) BT is compatible.

Thanks for caring!


Have you started the app and it scans but nothings shows up? Have you tried

TX_POWER_GENERAL: if you have problem with TLM DISCONNECTED, try with default value or put here values from 0 - 7 - experiment while you get stable TLM connection without compromising controlling and flying quad
TX_POWER_ON_TLM: reduces power during sending TLM data from the quad - also for better reception if you have problems receiving data from some boards to some Android devices and nothing else helps. Try with default value or put here values from 0 - 7 - experiment while you get stable TLM connection without compromising controlling and flying quad.
USE_ALL_BLE_CHANNELS: TLM data will be transmitted on all 3 BLE channels (for better reception on some phones)

USE_ALL_BLE_CHANNELS gets it to work with my phone

May I ask why you don’t set this up on your TX? Easy to do as the pids will need toggling with a switch anyway?


Yes you may - hehehe
I’d rather it be a function in the build and not on the TX. No real reason other than I’m used to doing it this way. Just a carryover from my DX6i days where if I had messed with rates on the TX and several times couldn’t get the quad to arm because my sticks weren’t going far enough trigger, due to reduced rate travel setting on my TX.

I did do all the above but to no avail. I’ll start it from the beginning again using your advice and see if I get further


Ahh I see. I’ll let NotFastEnuf come up with an idea for this, I have one but he’s a bit more creative than I am. Dual Pids will maybe done tomorrow hopefully, I’ve been creating my own brushless fork so I’m a bit sick of code…


Yep tried - All I get is “No compatible devices found” Don’t know if I’m missing something…
Throughout - I’ve not lost RX telemetry.

Settings from .\src\rx_bayang_ble_app.c

#define MY_QUAD_NAME “Tina”
#define MY_QUAD_ID 13
#define MY_QUAD_MODEL 0x00
#define TX_POWER_ON_TLM 4


Basically I’d like 2 tunings - Aggressive and Cruising, each typically requires different LO/HI rates for the selected tune.


Just to be 100% sure, you have the rx_bayang_ble_app protocol selected and it compiles correctly?

Try tx power general 3
power TLM 2

Tina. Nice name.


//#define RX_CG023_PROTOCOL
//#define RX_H7_PROTOCOL
//#define RX_SBUS

Yes compiles without errors.

Tried it in addition to other combinations - nada

I’ve tried all numbers from 1-7

“Tina Turner” because of NFE’s crazy rates - LOL! Turns like crazy!


Hmm strange. Do you have any other Bluetooth phones in the house?

You may have to tune by sight and then use debug in Keil to see the numbers


Unfortunately the only other phone is an iPhone…It probably is my phone - either Android version or the BT Spec is not compatible…


Don’t i recall the iPhones only ‘bluetooth’ to other i-thingies?


No, iPhones do have full BT capabilities and compatibility. The issue is that SilverVise is an Android app and I only have 1 android device.


Do you have a laptop with bluetooth capabilities? If so, you could try Bluestacks. Program that runs android apps on windows, like a virtual machine. Not sure if it would work, but worth a try