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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Yeah, it won’t compile due to the autobind regardless of whether you want to use it or not, sorry, that’s what I’m trying to explain. The bayang_telemetry protocol has code which is included in all the protocols, the code has changed in the bayang_telemetry protocol and because of that the other protocols will not compile because they have not been updated to account for that new code. They need code added/changed so they will not compile due to this.

edit: Try my code, it what’s being pulled to NFE’s fork and all should compile https://github.com/vidzo/E011-BWHOOP-H8-Silverware/tree/master/Silverware/src


Hopefully I get to it tonight! Is the option to disable autobind in that pull request too? Maybe I should make it automatic if the ble protocols is selected. What do you think?


Currently it’s;


The original protocol is there to make sure all other protocols can be compiled. Plus, as autobind doesn’t work with NRF and some TX modules, I left it as an option for users


Stupid question : is this SilverVise BT compatible or just RX Telemetry?


#define RX_BAYANG_BLE_APP works with SIlvervise


Merged @yets! Thank you so much for being active and supporting our project!!! Feel free to give it a whirl and/or double check me to make sure I applied it all correctly. I do like the way you did the define for autobind!!! …and the readme notes are a very nice touch. So what’s next??? Where do we go from here?
I am a few commits behind Silver on the main branch but nothing totally critical
We all talked before about bringing in SilverAG’s work with dual pids and the switchable devo to app telemetry.
Any suggestions?
I’d also like to take this chance to call out another recent convert … @brucesdad13 has joined us now! Even stole his kid’s whoop to try it out!!! :open_mouth:


Is this furibee h801 fc flashable with silverware? it looks like the b03 fc.


No worries @NotFastEnuf, wanted to help (if even for slightly selfish reasons!)

Can you change #define ADC_SCALEFACTOR 0.003364 in hardware to #define ADC_SCALEFACTOR 0.001364 please? That’s an artifact of me checking a 2S build and I forgot to amend it! Sorry

I have just (hopefully) implemented Dual Pids on a build but not included updated Devo/Silvervise changes. I could do the Dual Pids push but the other bits might take me some time…


Yep. Just set up channel 5 to arm it.


Done and thanks again!


if it does look like that it should be flashable


Yes. I recently flashed mine. It took me a while and it wouldn’t arm at first but I think I was just doing something wrong. Now I just need to learn how to control the little sucker.


Speaking of arming … I’m tempted to move arming to channel 6 instead of channel 5 since that’s one that is the same on both multi and devo channel mapping. What do you guys think?


Yes for standardization! :slight_smile:

I’d still like having separate ARM and IDLE_UP channels as you configured for me. I’d like to see that added as a commented out option in future builds Or if possible or helpful, separated into it’s own ‘c’ or ‘h’ file so I may include it as part of my build option. Currently, I’m having difficulty trying out the different builds sources because I’m trying to keep my ARM and IDLE_UP config.

I would also like to see 2 sets of pids with their own rates, knowing that there is limited memory for features, I’d gladly lose all the acro stuff if need be.

All in all - I’m tickled giddy and I’m happy with all the advances you guys have contributed, so please take my suggestions only as suggestions and not in any negative way.

And…if you may indulge me once again:
I still don’t understand the concept of CH_ON and CH_OFF…May you clarify how to use this param?

Currently this is how I’m configured

#define ARMING CHAN_5
#define IDLE_UP CHAN_6
#define IDLE_THR 0.005f

#define HORIZON CHAN_10
#define RATES CHAN_8

I’m still getting nowhere as far as SilverVise…
I’d really like to tune my pids in real time with this app.


What’s your ARM and IDLE UP config? Surely it’s easier setting up an arm switch in the TX then if you’re trying different builds?

Dual PIDS is on the way, hopefully at some point this weekend. Rates with the PIDs? That’s interesting, I’ll look into that, maybe something for my brushless fork!

What problems are you having with Silvervise?


Its just a toggle switch to turn something permanently on or off in software instead of with your radio. For example … I never use plain angle mode. So my channel assignment is 6 for acro/angle, racemode chan_on, and horizon on 7. That way any time I turn 6 on… it pops into racemode. Then if I add 7, I get racemode_horizon. Or in the case of the Leds. … i don’t want to have to set up a switch to control them… so they are just turned on.

I may add the seperate arm/idle up to the fork officially. @JBFPV was asking for that too. For those of us that want to keep it as one function … that’s as simple as assigning both of them to chan_6 at the same time.


@JBFPV wanted it for those times that he prefers air mode to be off. Like trying to sneak out from under a couch. So I guess it’s not so much about the arming as it is about the not having airmode be linked to arm. Idk really. Lol I’m not that picky - but I have no objections to it.


Got it ! Thanks @NotFastEnuf


@chime13 You can separate arming and idle up with this code in control.c

cut out lines 184 to 194 that look like this…

and replace them with this…

Then add to config.h …

obviously with whatever channel number you wanted it to be on…

@JBFPV … you may want to try that for yourself too since you were asking for it.

Does anyone else have any input on if I should add this officially into the fork? Like I was saying, my default settings will probably have the two features linked together on the same channel anyway so it wouldn’t change anything for those of us that like them linked really. @Ian444, @brucesdad13, @silver13, @Bobnova, @sier, @yets … who else can I tag for an opinion :wink:


Sweet! Thanks Bro!