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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


@NotFastEnuf Thanks I am aware of that.
But I don’t know how to set it up on the transmitter.

Now I have 3 switches assigned in the inputs tab for chan 6-7-8. No matter how I switch them it just stays in acro.:frowning_face:
On the mixer these are also assigned.

And its not working…

I’m not interested in Acro ATM, so… #define LEVELMODE CHAN_ON :sunglasses:


Wooohoooo it flies like a… I don’t know but good. :grin:

Why is the Expo XY and Yaw so high?


Defaults are NFE’s personal preferences, it’s that personal touch!
I run 800 degrees and 0.35 expo personally, but I know a lot of people like the high expo.


I’ve used 0.3 (was set there) on silver13’s, and lowered on this to 0.5.
Still learning (for others basic) things. :grin:


the code does sample the vreg voltage and corrects for that, but the resistors probably have some tolerance. The regulators have terrible tolerances sometimes and this sampling has helped.


My rates are alot higher than stock silverware. That’s the reason for the higher expo in my defaults. Makes it easier to fly.


My build is still waiting to be tested by folks NotFastEnuf. Just updated it to be able to comment out autobind for those who have tx modules that won’t work with it. Also I think your build doesn’t include the NRF protocol for the dedicated board, so I’ve implemented that too


I had to set the TX to DEVO. The Mode switches are working. :sunglasses:
Idea is from here: Silverware b03 fc cannot arm (SOLVED)


Thanks @mcRich! That did it! I did end up with (QX7 - “Ratio” instead of “Scale”): 10.4 and Offset: -2.64 and that got it exact (for me)
Very cool!


Hi @NotFastEnuf Just pulled the latest code from the E011-BWHOOP-H8-Silverware repo and noticed that I couldn’t compile if RX_BAYANG_BLE_APP was enabled in config.h.

The following variables seem to be missing in rx_bayang_ble_app.c:

int telemetry_enabled = 0;
int rx_bind_enable = 0;
int rx_bind_load = 0;

Compiles fine with those variables added.



That’s to do with autobind I think. I have an update that I think sorts it


Nice catch @chanddan! I did not even test that. And big thank you to @yets! He is helping me stay updated while real life is in the way of hobby time! I will update you all after pulls have been incorporated from yets to NFE fork!


It’ll be a few hours @NotFastEnuf , just got a couple of additions and updates


Is it possible that this setup flies flawlessly on 4 bladed props and oscillates on 3 bladed props?

Another question what is the difference on the motor curves?
I’m using Boldclash 8k with the 19.000kv motors.


Yeah - my bad :blush: told you i was using different language on my Taranis. Glad you have your reading corrected this way!

… which gets me to the next item:

Thanks @silver13 for joining in. I’m pretty sure there might be horrible tolerances hidden in the resistors, up to now i wasn’t aware that the 0402 size are commonly available in 20% tolerance :flushed: So as the readings (chime13’s ans mine) appear to be pretty close it seems the correction works pretty well. But if there were (most likely) 20%tol resistors used, attempts for precision might be ‘limited’.

Show us your builds!

20 per cent, wow, and I thought they are all 1%. I guess I am spoilt


hmm… measured randomly across 2 of my E011s.
most values seem to be according EIA96 pretty well.
10.00k, 10.00k, 2k66, 32k9, 4k68. Well, my Metex might be called Methusa for the sake of precision.
9k94, 9k95 (there we go) 2k67 - that looks like 1%. Maybe too pessimistic yesterday, but not way off course:


Trying to checkout SilverVise and compiling “BoldClash-BWHOOP-B-03 - bind_b” and I get the following errors when I select either

.\Objects\bwhoop.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol rx_bind_enable (referred from flash.o).
.\Objects\bwhoop.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol rx_bind_load (referred from flash.o).
.\Objects\bwhoop.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol telemetry_enabled (referred from flash.o).
Not enough information to list image symbols.
Not enough information to list load addresses in the image map.
Finished: 2 information, 0 warning and 3 error messages.
“.\Objects\bwhoop.axf” - 3 Error(s), 0 Warning(s).
Target not created.

Does not happen and compiles correctly if I choose


Currently the autobind doesn’t work with those protocols, there’s a few changes in the telemetry code and they haven’t been updated to the other protocols.

I have a pull request for the NFE fork that solves the problem but NotFastEnuf is a bit busy. Unless you’re talking about GCC builds…


GitHub Noob…

@yets - Ok, I just want to try BT telemetry on my E011 using SilverVise. It doesn’t work. Autobind is not an issue and works fine with my other compiles. I’m only referring to the errors generated during compiling.