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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Yes, there are pads than need bridged to connect the pin to vbatt.
I see you’ve made the Bangyang nrf code gcc friendly :+1:


You can have multiple but mine was complaining about a missing device,

I tried it several times, I must remove the 2.0.0 package for it to stop complaining.


I get the same errors and always wants to download 2.0.0 - I just cancel out with errors and continue without any errors


@sier - This is great news!



I merged the diff file and successfully compiled but…what needs to happen in order for autobind to work? After flashing the fc and everything is good but no autobind. I have to resort to the old method.
Am I missing something here? :slight_smile:


I read that you need to do an up/up/up gesture to enable it, and a down/down/down to save it. The d/d/d will also save the PID’s if you have been tuning by tx. Up/up/up at any time after that will disable the autobind.

Some discussion here:


No time to dive in myself right now but watching attentively!!! Thanks @sier! @chime13 I hope the AHA moment hits soon!


I would have to believe that the quad has to already be bound in order for it to accept stick commands???
After binding normally, I tried UUU and then DDD - lights flash, things happen but no autobind…


@chime13 Which transmitter are you using? I had to set a 6 digit fixed id in Deviation (was 3 digits).


Here is all the steps required to have autorebind:

  • apply the patch linked above
  • enable RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL_TELEMETRY (it only works with this)
  • compile/flash
  • make sure bayang telemetry is enabled in your transmitter and your transmitter has a fixed ID
  • bind normally
  • use the U-U-U gesture to toggle autorebind (1 flash = on, 2 flashes = off)
  • use D-D-D to save
  • unplug the quad battery, it should rebind when you plug the battery back in


Yes - this is the recipe for it to work with my QX7 and iRX4+
Unless the QX7 already defaults to a fixed id - I didn’t have to do this part for it to autobind
Works like a charm!
Muchas Gracias!


also autobind won’t work with iRangeX iRX6 module… Because it uses random address at each powerup, it will only work until the tx is power cycled


Does flashing the FC reset the autobind, requiring me to do the above procedure again - or is this a sticky toggle that resides somewhere else?


The autorebind setting is stored together with gesture tuned pids and accererometer data, at the end of flash memory.
If you use version 0.5, the flash tool will not not override these settings.


I’ve flashed this fork on a bwhoop board.

Only changes were these:
#define USE_STOCK_TX - I thought that’s causing the issue.
//#define IDLE_UP CHAN_5
//#define IDLE_THR 0.05f

It’s hopping like a bunny if increase throttle.:pensive:

update: Still hopping but got it fly a bit better. What can be the cause?

update2: It seems I’m a bit too novice for this, it’s not hopping if treated well. :smiley:


Its darn near impossible to fly a “hobby grade” tune/setup on a toy tx. I can’t do it and it’s my tune. Lol


That’s why I use my nrf24l01 module in the Q X7.
BTW thanks for your tune. :smiley:

I have only flown a few toy grade quads, that’s my entry in the upper league. :smiley:

I examined a bit the code, have found the throttle things, maybe I am wrong but I think that’s the hopping.
And it starts on acro, I have never seen that in person, was a bit of a shock when it rumbled through the living room… LOL


It shouldn’t as far as I understand, unless you change the PID’s in pid.c and flash that. You should be able to change anything bar the PID’s in pid.c and reflash and the autobind will stick. But you could test that to be sure. When you change the PID’s in pid.c, it also overwrites the PID’s that you have from tx tuning.

Edit - refer silver13’s post below, looks like a reflash will not affect autobind.


BTW flashing the bwhoop was easy. Had to get the drivers and stm libraries and worked like a charm.
But I can’t get the Santa Whoop to connect. (JJRC H67)
It says get reset mode and lower MHz…


Just wanted to chime in…

Successfully flashed 3 E011 boards with @sier’s autobind and all work flawlessly! QX7 and iRX4+ re-establishes communications and telemetry without fail after ~10sec after plugging in battery.

@NotFastEnuf - can’t say enough as far as how impressed I am with your tune! My little BOSS v1 0615 build handled beach-flying in 20knot winds like nothing I’ve flown before. BTW - I have been using H8 props - have you tried them?

@silver13 - Thanks for getting the ball rolling with Silverware and turning toy FCs into tunable FCs that already show much better characteristics than any of the F3 brushed FCs I’ve purchased in the past.