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NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork


Has anyone successfully added a bind switch to a Taranis (with a 4 in 1 multi protocol module} and the e011?

Would love not having to restart my QX7 :upside_down_face:


I’d be interested to know this too! Instead of rebooting the taranis I’ve been switching between models to rebind though.


I third the issue. I’ve worn out 2 power switches on my devo since switching to silverware.

Guys test something for me… bind up. Turn off your tx… then turn it back on. Do you reconnect without issue? If so… there may be hope to fix it in silverware. Maybe a permanent bind like dsm?


How have you done that @NotFastEnuf? There’s a re-init/bind setting in the Deviation model setup menu. You can set up a long press button to go straight into the model setup menu.

The binding issue is a protocol thing I think? I think silver mentioned it over on the RC thread. It is a “toy” rx, one of those things that toys do


Yeah I’m aware of the long press button assignment but I still don’t like that solution. Why can’t we just select a permanent bind packet and hard write it on both sides?


With Deviation, I’m sure we could approach Goebish to look into it. I’m not sure how OpenTx is run


I don’t know about the 4-in-1, but the little banggood multiprotocol module allows me to bind after swapping batteries by sending a “Channel 12” signal from my QX7. This is on the stock firmware. I’m hoping to flash silverware today or tomorrow and will report back about results there.

Since it works with that module and firmware it suggests that there is a way to do it…

Multiprotocol TX Module For Frsky X9D X9D Plus X12S Flysky TH9X…


Wish I had my tx at work to test. I just found this post at rcgroups that mentioned pulsing ch 16 puts it in bind mode too. So pulsing channels 12 or 16 are things to try out.


the multimodule code seems to be set up to ch 16 by default, but I think it needs autobind to be set as an option if I understand the text correctly


Without having to turn off or switch models on a QX7

Model Menu - Page 2/11 - Scroll down to [BND] and press right button until the lights on the FC go solid - Press Exit several times to get out. In this same menu there is a checkbox (Autobind) but it doesn’t do anything as far as the E011.

Only if all your switches are in their default positions - Voice will tell you, then lights go solid when you correct the situation


Great idea to bind the transmitter without power cycle. :blush:
I’m relatively new to this hobby. :grinning:

QX7 + Goebish DIY Module
Set QX7 to PPM 12ch
On channel 12 set up the momentary switch (SH).

Works like a charm! On stock JJRC H67.

Waiting for stuff to be able to flash it.


@Saccco - Doesn’t work on my setup XR4i+QX7 with an E011. I’m using SBUS not PPM, though.


Has anyone had this issue with the Bwhoop pro board? It’s probably something I’ve not set in the config somewhere but anyway, I’ve kept everything as stock apart from enabled BWHOOP. I’ve not added any extra switches on my Devo7e so I’m probably missing a couple of modes but it binds and arms ok.

The motors spin up without input which I assume is the Idle Up but the quad doesn’t lift when I increase the throttle. Audibly something is happening as the motors change in sounds and the pitch, roll and yaw I think is working but there’s something wrong with the throttle.


How are you arming if you didn’t set up a switch?
Have you checked the output monitor in your devo to see you are sending a throttle signal? I don’t change anything in config.h anymore … just select board type and flash. Works every time for me


Hmm that’s a good point, I used an old config - I think I setup the switch in the Devo7e config. So throttle depends on CHAN_5 being on. I’m not sure about the output monitor - I didn’t realise there was a special output monitor on the Devo :joy: But it flies using the stock silverware firmware.

If I push the pitch and roll sticks, the quad will flip over while being on the floor, but the throttle doesn’t lift the quad.


Likely something from your old model file. Check your output monitor to confirm. My fork requires ch 5 to be set up to arm. Maybe start a fresh model.


You know what? That’s just gone and solved all the issues! :grinning: I created a fresh model and it works perfectly - must have been some weird clash with chan 5. Thanks for your help NotFastEnuf, and thanks for this firmware. It really is awesome.


Hey @NotFastEnuf I am having trouble adapting your fork to fly my brushless board. I need to use the d-shot driver and the banyang nrf24 protocol as well as some hardware.h changes for motor pins etc. I am using the B03 firmware from Silvers repo originally and yours is slightly older but has the nrf driver and the d-shot one. I added a line in your config.h to define the nrf protocol and defined d-shot driver in hardware.h, made relevant gyro alignment changes and added a section in pid.c for brushless 2" pids. As far as I can tell it should work like on the B03 firmware but with your extra mode options and idle up or whatever its called.
So, my escs don’t make the d-shot beeps and I get one motor trying to spin on binding as well as really not responsive throttle up ending in total spazz out on disarm.
Whats going on? What have you changed elsewhere? Does d-shot work? Does your fork work on brushless builds?


I have not gotten into this yet but I’m guessing it has something to do with those motor pins you said that need to be reassigned? I moved some stuff from hardware.h to the bottom of config.h so that I could cram in the h8, e011, and bwhoop into the same file. Check at the bottom of config.h for and things that you were supposed to change which used to be in hardware.h and keep me posted.

I hope to dive into brushless soon. Ideally I’d like to have a brushed/brushless selection built in so that all that stuff gets selected automatically. Doesn’t Ian or sir d have a guide somewhere to going brushless? Do you have a link to that for me? I’m sure I could spot the problem with that.


it’s just a matter of setting the pwm driver to d-shot or ppm pretty much from the software point