NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork

Hi, it’s me again :sweat_smile:
Playing around with PID, got quite good tune (for me), but its wobble when on level mode…
What & where should I tweak?

Dig the github and found Berzerk release. What’s the different than the latest release?

Thank you

do we have turtle mode?

Turtle mode is possible only on firmwares for H101 and simmilar boards that has 3D cappabilities and appropriate hardware - but it is not programmed in those firmwares + I think there is no NFE version for those boards - only stock silverware.

3 Likes any comments on this? :innocent:

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I want 1S with built in bayang… Any chance to be produced? :frowning:

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@fichek, i have one on the bench and am starting to debug it to get more familiar with the code base. But I’m also involved in many other projects.

@silverAG I know Betafpv is making one based off the 2s board. But time will tell if they have finally sorted out a F0 osd that doesn’t blow looptime.

In any case I intend to make my own f0 osd support at some point just for fun. I have already prototyped the hardware. So even if it’s a little rough around the edges… One day we will sort it out.

I can say this, the software engineer at Betafpv is dedicated to learning Silverware and is working very hard to make the best system he can. We talk often and i appreciate his efforts. I think we will have no problem working with him on the project so I would say jump on in.


I think we can live without OSD - at least I can and I am used to fly that way… :slight_smile:
I mean, if brushed silverware boards can be used without OSD, why some brushless can’t? :frowning:


Of course. But mfgr are constantly looking for an edge to sell more. Its unfortunate that so many boards were released with compromised performance just to add snazzy features … I won’t list them or name names.

Osd is fun though. I have been working on the Quicksilver osd now for months and quite enjoy it. Hopefully I can bring some of that to f0 some day.


I end up having osd on a switch and disabled 99% of the time on the builds that have it anyway :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback on the new beta board, seems like a good stepping stone till the AlienWhoop brushless board.

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When I fly, I fly fast and crazy - and have no time to watch OSD :wink: :slight_smile: (I have few AIOs with OSD and I noticed that most of the time I don’t look at it at all :slight_smile: )
Also, by putting too much things into Silverware, I am afraid it will soon become like Betaflight - to work, need fast hardware for lot of things that are usually not needed :wink: :wink: :wink:
But I am aware that customers wants “gimmick” and to have profit you need to sell and to sell, you need to add stuff that people wants… :frowning:

OSD is one of really useful things - but I would like to know how many people actually can watch on-screen information and fly - unless they are cruising around :wink:

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Osd for configuration of the fc parameters, pids, filters and all the other NFE goodness is not a “gimmick” we don’t do gimmicks just performance!


True - but if you use OSD only for configuring, you use it when you are on the ground - and then (as I assume from previous posts) there are no problems with looptime on F0 boards because you are not flying… So, current F0 problems can be ignored and we can get 1S brushless F0 with OSD :slight_smile:
But - the problem is F0 OSD support during flying - and that is a bit “gimmicky” to me because I can’t get it how someone can fly and track OSD data in the same time :wink: But, maybe it’s just me - I’m not a multitasking person + my flying is mostly trying not to crash - so I have no time to concentrate reading OSD … :blush:

Anyway, I already plan to add some code for gesture filter tuning and preview on Devo and/or maybe update SilverVISE (for brushed and for my needs only) - so, I just need some completely made brushless board with bayang and ESCs and FW that goes with it which I can tweak… I know it is obviously not commercial to produce boards that way (because maybe I am the only person who wants that :wink: ), but hey - they did it with brushed (betafpv lite, beecore lite etc. )… Why not making the same one - no OSD, no smart audio etc. - just plain and simple silverware compatible bayang 1S , but brushless? :wink:

But all the things you mentioned @silverAG are extremely helpful, especially for new users of Silverware who are coming from BF. If the features are there and it doesn’t take away from performance then there’s no worry. It’s not BF, it’s industry standard. BF is super easy to use and effiecient with those features and SIlverware, even with great features of gesture tuning etc, is stil pretty clunky in the eyes of the those using a BF GUI.

I used to be super bothered about SW not being BF, like a lot of other old users of SW but at the end of the day, without the features and the progress, SW will never be taken seriousy. As long as it flies like SW, it doesn’t matter

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I agree - but if it is not posible to make brushless 1S with OSD, why not make it without OSD? That worked for brushed 1S silverware boards… Why complicating with brushless for 1S use? :frowning:
Reason is, I assume, that target market is bigger, and brushless boards are “for serious use” - and that’s OK - but to go 1S brushless (which is hardly for any serious use :wink: ), I think they don’t need to complicate and try to put inside all what BF and others have… :frowning: At the end of the day, silverware was made to be compact, minimal and super efficient - and now companies try to push it in an opposite way and add everything and still get it efficient - which is legit if it is possible, and if it is not (like in F0+OSD case, as I can see from previous posts), then they won’t make it at all :frowning:

Well, yes - at the end, it is all money-related, anyway :wink: - if there are no features like in other firmwares, it will push back customers who are used to them and it won’t sell :frowning: So, from that perspective, I am glad we at least have few commercial silverware brushed boards that are still available and in production (apart from AlienWhoop Zero and beecore lite and betafpv lite, there are E011C which is the only still partially available and B03 which is almost impossible to get)…

Betafpv just released a 1s brushless silverware board. It showed up on their site today.


Just checked… this one?

Interresting! But no bayang :frowning: And I am using modded Devo7e without FrSky :frowning:

@silverAg I’m sure there is a way to make 1s brushless with OSD, NFE is incredible at coding and I’m sure he’ll work out the intricacies. I don’t think he said it’s unobtainable, it just needs management. It’s not complicating it all.

I think you’re also underestimating the market for 1s boards, they are as “serious” as 2s boards. Tinywhoops will always be big and 1s is the only way to fly then in and around the house ( people don’t want to stop flying just because it’s winter), the market is huge. Racing is also huge, 1s with OSD features is beyond helpful for these things. Who wants to take a laptop with them to change settings at a meet? Timers on your tx is kind of a bandaid when you can see your voltage etc/RSSI.
Add that to the Toothpick craze, where 1s and 2s boards with integrated receivers are king in the attempt to save weight. Not complicating, making it better.

Silverware was made to be compact etc when it came out but it came out near a time where FPV was still pretty expensive to get into, smart audio, etc hadn’t been conceived. Silverware was a great and cheap way to get into acro but BF had many developers working on all these things. Silverware is still efficient but why shy away from adding features to make it easier to fly and set up? Let’s not bullshit, SW at one point was incredibly difficult to set up especially for a newcomer.

Also agree - but boards like betafpv, beecore, alienwhoop zero and newbeedrone, practically can be used out-of-the-box and no need to tune. They are well tuned and flyable out of the box. Same thing can be done with brushless. I am saying: no need to complicate and hold back while in the same time, with brushed you can ignore some special features… It’s discriminating :wink:

But - rjsj just pointed that betafpv just released 1S brusless silverware board with OSD! Looks interresting, but without bayang so I can’t get it unless I get new controller :frowning:

I wonder if it is possible to use a Bayang module salvaged from a controller with this 1s brushless board? Also, do I get it right that the board is running a modded FW and NFE SW will not run there?

It is possible if it can be added to that S1 board… From what is written on betafpv site, looks like there is built-in FrSky receiver, so I think it is not possible to add another receiver… I don’t know :frowning:

As I see in at github source they linked on their site, they used NFE and modded it. They used rather new NFE code (there are even some of my rahter new changes regarding PID tuning I committed in standard NFE brushed version, so I see they used rather new code) and adapted it to work with their brushless hardware and OSD. Source is available so can be further modded by your own needs, if needed.