NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork

Thanks @NotFastEnuf for you answer :+1:

I have additional question: Which settings should I enable to be able to use stock toy controller? Which protocol should I use? I’m asking because figuring out the Taranis settings will probably take some time as I’m new to this hobby :slightly_smiling_face:

@Ziem, I am using a Taranis QX7 with LiteModule from Betafpv and got it to bind with my NFE E011c by changing the model setting in my Taranis as shown in the picture. I hope it helps you.

@HDeeFPV What stick pattern do you use to bind to your E011C? What protocol did you choose when you were building NFE firmware?

Hi @Ziem, AETR and config.h Receiver as in the image below. Both highlighted line options work fine for me.

Thanks @HDeeFPV :+1: I have one more question :smile:. How do you select the correct protocol during the binding on your Taranis (for stock H67/E011C it’s left stick at bottom and right stick at top-right position).

Hi @Ziem, after your Taranis boots up, move both your sticks to bottom left corners for a moment to bind. Remember that it won’t bind on a lipo that is near empty so test using a fully charged lipo.

Keep in mind that the above advice is for the Betafpv Litemodule. If you are using some other module I recommend that you check its manual as the binding stick positions might be different.

To use the toy transmitter, you need to add this receiver type to the list… #define RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL
It is the one that will work with the toy. I keep it off the list normally since I don’t recommend using it for anything other than spare parts for those good with a soldering iron and diy projects. It is nearly impossible to fly with, but it is supported.

Thank you both @NotFastEnuf and @HDeeFPV :slightly_smiling_face:!! Finally, with you help, I managed to bind to my Taranis and also to the toy controller :tada: . The advice to charge my battery was on point! This is what I have changed in my config.h file:

#define BWHOOP
#define USE_STOCK_TX

One milestone reached :smile::smile::+1:

Final config.h:

#define BWHOOP
#define USE_MULTI
// #define ARMING CHAN_5
// #define INVERT_YAW_PID

I had to comment out INVERT_YAW_PID because my kwad was yaw spinning when I was pushing throttle stick.

This config works with JJRC H67 + Taranis Q X7 with multiprotocol module from banggood.

Thanks once more time for helping me with the config :slightly_smiling_face:

Optionally you could have just performed the stick gesture to switch from props out to props in. Click on the releases tab, you will see many features explained with slightly different language than the comment documentation by each feature in config.h.

Would that be yhe issue quad yaw spinnibg out of control

Yes, if you’re props in, but your FC is set to props out … Or vice versa - it spins

My motors are set for props out and matching props.

Hi @SinisterLefty, just like @NotFastEnuf said. I accidentally bumped into the same issue today.

In case you haven’t fixed your yaw issue yet, try uncommenting motor rotational inversion and moving your motors and props into a “props-in” arrangement. I’m not saying that props-out won’t work, but this is what I did to fix the same yaw issue when I was still new to silverware.

That was the very issue. I changed the motors around and it rips like a charm!

Let’s take a min to admire that boss too!!! How bout some details!!!

Bit of a throw together.

Frame from @Bobnova

Fc: BetaFPV Lite w/stock silverware

Motors: BetaFPV 720s @ 17500kv

Props: Afunta transparent clear (their description)

Camera: Unknown, was pulled from one of my first quad, so the lense is pretty beat up.

Camera Mount: From Hooptie J on Facebook.

Morning guys,

Just trying to get some clarification on race mode.

On my X-Lite I have the following switch assignments;

SC - Arm (2 pos)
SA - Flight Mode (3 pos) acro/angle/none
SB - Stick Mode (2 pos) juicy/bronx
SD - Race Mode (3 pos) acro/level/none

As Acro is default, would RMacro also be on by default or would I need to flip SD into pos2 and for RMangle flip SA to angle and RMangle on pos3?

Well I don’t speak taranis… But I can try to help you wrap your mind around what the quad is expecting from your radio.

All of the following info assumes your aux channel assignments are still on NFE defaults.

Ch 5 is arm/disarm. Simple enough. If the signal on aux 5 goes high… Props spin and respond to throttle.

Ch 6 is like a switch that turns the accelerometer on and off. 6 will have to be on for any/all leveled type modes to work which includes angle, horizon, and racemode

Now let’s say you want to try out all 3 leveled modes which is data from the accelerometer … Start with sending ch 6 signal high so that the accelerometer is on. Then the quad is going to listen to what you do with channels 7 and 8

Ch 7 is the racemode switch. If 7 is high and 6 is high … The accelerometer is only going to participate (level) on the roll axis … Leaving the pitch axis behaving purely acro. This essentially disconnects the accelerometer from pitch.

Ch 8 is the horizon switch. If channel 8 is high …and of course 6 is on… Then any leveled axis is going to have horizon type behavior. Meaning it will level near level … But of you push it away from level it will transition to acro and let you roll or flip.

So imagine you have 6 on, 7 on and 8 on… then the accelerometer is active, it is disconnected from pitch and only active on roll, and it is going to do horizon type behavior on roll. This is racemode horizon.

Imagine you have 6 on, 7 off , and 8 on… Then the accelerometer is active, it is connected to both roll and pitch, and it has horizon behavior. This is horizon.

Imagine 6 on, 7 on, 8 off … Then the accelerometer is on, it is connected only to roll and disconnected from pitch. This is racemode

Imagine you have 6 on, and both 7 and 8 off. Accelerometer is on. No other special modes are active to modify it. This is level

Any time 6 is off … Regardless of what 7 and 8 are doing … The accelerometer is off and you are in acro.

Now how do you translate this to taranis… I suggest finding a channel output monitor screen that shows you what values you are sending to the quad on your aux channels when you flip switches around. Hope that helps

You can also assign any aux channel number to any aux feature in config.h. or the same aux channel number to more than one feature, or even set them to CHAN_ON or CHAN_OFF which makes a feature on or off all the time.


Given me something else to do on another rainy day here in Ohio while I wait on a rx for the whoop. Thank you!

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