NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork

Are you referring to minimum motor output in config.h?

Yes there are 3 types

sounded like BeeBrain lite is one of the F4s?

got one ready to test …

Hi all, I have quad (using bwhoop) that previously was using the notfastenuf build from June 2018 and was flying great. Today I decided to flash from the latest notfastenuf repo and now the quad spins aggressively when armed. I have played around with the different filters and it still yaws aggressively when armed.

I have also flashed the latest on another quad and the same thing is happening.

I’ve reverted back to the June 2018 source and things work properly again?

Is there any secret sauce that i’m not aware of when configuring for either 8520 or 720 motors using the latest source code with a bwhoop board?

Yes, default is now props out… so that’s your spin. A bwhoop is props in. You need only perform 2 stick gestures to fix it. One to change to props in and one to save that setting permanently.

To be honest I can’t even remember it at this exact moment lolz… but if you click on the releases tab… and scan the release notes, you will see an extensive explanation.

Thanks @NotFastEnuf that did the trick! (DOWN-UP-DOWN). I’ll have to find some time to catch up and read the threads from July 2018 :slight_smile:

Don’t forget down down down to save

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Just a FYI of a kinda neat thing. I found a couple of Android STM32 ST-Link apps (ZFlasher STM32 and StlinkP are the first two I tried, and both work great via OTG) and using my OTG adapter, I can build a bunch of trial builds and load them on my phone. Throw the ST-Link and my programing harness in the bag and Voila!, able to flash in the field without lugging a laptop/tablet!


Zflasher I have used with success, stlinkp I will have to check out. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve recently flashed my Betafpv Lite FC with the latest NFE_Silverware. I am using the irangex irx6 multi-protocol module with my Flysky FS-I6 transmitter (stock firmware).

I noticed that the channel mapping seems to be off. For me, channel 5 on my TX maps to CHAN_10 and channel 6 on my TX maps to CHAN_5. I’m using the USE_MULTI type and RX_BAYANG_PROTOCOL_TELEMETRY_AUTOBIND protocol.

Anyone else have similar issues?

The irange follows devo mapping. Not multi


Thanks @NotFastEnuf , you were correct. I’ve been really impressed with the performance vs stock. I’ve been flying the Betafpv 65x frame with 716 motors. The stock Betafpv firmware has rates so slow it’s very difficult to fly.

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Is it possible to get telemetry working from the irangex irx6? I’ve seen some people mention that the irx4 has telemetry capabilities, but I’m not sure how that works.

If I remember correctly the irx6 (and maybe anything that uses that port?) communicates via PPM and is one-way only.
I may be wrong here though.

Is that a brushless frame? Did you have to mod it?

Nope, I’m running essentially the same components as the Beta 65x Lite (65mm frame with brushed 716 motors)

Free Bump and Hug ! NFE ftw ! Long live to the upcoming QuickSilver !

I have a betafpv lite that after a hard crash will not bind. Starts blinking slow followed by a rapid blinking. Has anybody seen that? Attempting to power loop the kitchen table may not have been the greatest idea!

Start off by checking the crystal, the cylindrical component that has two legs close to the antenna, they normally are damaged after hard crashes.

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Can you Ohm that out or just replace?