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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


Heh, it does in many ways… think I have everything needed to make a vacuum box in the garage as well. Only gotcha might be a heat source… a mapp gas torch might be pushing it. I suppose it would be justification for a cheap heat gun… :slight_smile:


I’m on Version 4 of my 88_1103, and am quite happy with it for now (and have started work on 77_0705).
Would love some feedback if anyone feels like printing one, 88_1103_V4.zip (256.8 KB)


Vacuum formed skid plate might be the easy to go too, though I think you’d want fairly heavy plastic (comparatively speaking anyway).


77_0705. Printing now,


I have many of those lst-s2 cams and they do fit in the mullet easily


I’ve discovered somewhat of a cura slicing error in the currently posted files that causes about 80 thousand unnecessary retractions while printing the canopy guides. Needless to say this creates some pretty rough prints. I’m testing some raised “BOSS” lettering for the back plate tonight too. Much improved files will be posted tomorrow night that should produce better quality prints and print much faster without all those retractions!


@TinuZ Ahh great to know, I guess I might really have to play with vacuum forming…


STL files have been updated to official V2 tonight and are posted in the beginning of this thread. The “BOSS” lettering was added to the license plate of the canopy guide component of the frame and a .1mm geometry error was corrected that eliminated an unnecessary amount of retractions while printing. Results should come out much cleaner and take a lot less time to print. Thank you to all who are testing and supporting this project to push it forward.


66_V1_Frame. v1.zip (94.1 KB)

Here’s my latest design, 66mm frame for 0703’s, weighing just under 2g.
Ducts to come…


66_Duct_V1 v2.zip (1.7 MB)

The Duct will probably be a little heavy (printing now), but looks cool…
These prints seem better designed for PETG than ABS, I did an ABS frame and it was too brittle.


I wonder if my petg is just garbage… it feels flexible but shatters like pla on impacts (crashes).


I really like your new brushless design. I will try to print your latest with PETG and ABS. It will be a few days. Let see if I can add a new whoop to my colection. :smile:


I just printed the 66 in ABS to compare with the PETG, The ABS is about 10% lighter and perhaps a little stiffer, It certainly produces a much better looking print that’s easier to remove the dags. But, given the same stress testing, the ABS failed much sooner.


Are you loading slowly or shock loading to failure?


Could it be absorbing water? It’s happened to me


No, I have a drybox. I’ve just found that if you induce a brittle mode fracture(like a high speed crash) in petg, the fracture toughness of abs exceeds it in my testing. Slow loading - petg put performs abs every time. Just my observation


I think your right about the ability of PETG to handle shock loading, I have seem it snap on relatively light impact also.


Well here is my first brushless print in NylonX. A 100 e011 0705r model for @yets. It’s much stronger than I expected in the 100mm wheelbase. The motor guards are also really strong. I have one minor retraction issue which caused some voids right around the motor bolt holes (worst possible place). Hope to sort that out quickly. After feeling this final outcome I’m tempted to bolt a bigger 11xx on it, and go 3s with true 2.5" props - it will all fit! I’m also imagining a carbon boss now - that could be really cool and I think I can pull off something that still looks exactly like a boss!!
Imagining a modular canopy guide printed in nylon x that attaches to the stack as the lower level of standoffs.

Sorry for the poor focus picture while holding a child and eager for that first cup of coffee thus morning. Lol


Haven’t been able to work on anything unfortunately. In the middle of a new job hunt, and preparing for a move to somewhere within the next 6-7 weeks. Hope to see some great progress here though!


Thanks for checking in @Zenroth. I wish you the best in all those endeavors. My parts have arrived to start building some brushless models. Test frames are in the mail to @yets and @JointDexter, and will soon be headed out to @Bobnova and @mike-heli. So there should be some action soon!