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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


Printing a one now! 16x16 100mm for 1103 motors. Going to print one to shove the Bat100 guts into next.


Botton plate cover does indeed look to have some very minor clearance issues with hardware on the bottom. Also may just be not having things dialed in fully, but having a heck of a time printing it cleanly as well, warps without supports, and with supports things are getting messy. Printer joys probably.

Although in my case it seems like I won’t be able to use it anyways. The 4 in 1 ESC I have available has a 16x16 mounting pattern but is 25x29 with solder pads, which poses problems either on top or on bottom. Also my 16x16 FC usb isn’t a vertical one which poses some more orientation challenges.


Do we even need usb access anymore with osd?? Lol. Take a picture of your esc lined up with the mounts both on the top and on the bottom for me of you don’t mind. I’d like to see how it looks. There are some big 16x16 escs out there. I intentionally ordered a small one but I’d like to see if we can make an adjustment for it to work for you.


@Zenroth, I had a thought this morning about making a bottom cover attach via the stack - maybe I can accommodate protection for your esc with that variation


Yeah I’m half tempted to drill holes in the cover and mount it, it would probably work, though the whole build area is kinda rough with this ESC. The solder pads extend so far out that it blocks any real cam or canopy mount if up top.


Looks like a fantastic fit below - it’s inside the canopy guides rails! I can make you a bottom cover to accommodate that!!!

Option 1:
Just get me a clearance to the lowest point on the bolt heads and yo the lowest point on the esc and I will contour around both and make it so that you mount the cover on the whoop mounts with tiny whoop fc screws.

Option 2:
If you have some longer through bolts- I can make the cover mount as part of the stack.

Keep me posted and thanks for taking excellent and helpful pics!


No problem, thanks for doing these. It’s fantastic finding such an openly documented and community driven project.

Longer screws aren’t a problem here. A stack mounting option might be more useful universally if you want to give it a go.


Yes I considered that too, and the bottom cover could be used for that … but then stack heights can vary and that leads to canopy issues and camera mounting issues - and I’d like to keep that top layer on a known position where you can print t the canopy mold and make a sweet mullet on top. My next project will be 16x16 standard stack mounting and will not resemble the boss at all. Focus will be on larger motors and batteries as well as a micro ccd. Anyway, I’ll get you a bottom cover tonight if possible that will mount on your stack bolts and cover that larger esc. Hopefully I nail it on the first try. I do appreciate your participation! That’s what makes this fun!


@Zenroth - give this a print and see how you like it.Super S Bottom Cover
Super S Bottom Cover.zip (636.5 KB)

Not sure if that will be enough room at the esc tabs or not but it should be pretty close. I can adjust if necessary.


Not sure how to share the STL’s, If anyone is interested? (still a work in progress…).


I’m interested. I think you can upload them straight to the forum like a picture if they’re small enough.


Not authorized, Need to work how to ZIP them…


If you’re in Windows 7 or newer, right click the file -> Send To -> Compressed (Zipped) Folder.

If you’re not on win7 or newer but are on windows, 7zip is a good program. Be sure to get a clean version from the people that make it, not a malware/adware/etc. infested version.

If you’re on Linux or Mac, I’ve no idea.


88_1103…zip (350.4 KB)
Cheers, Finally gave up on Linux and got a Win10 I7, Still learning the ropes.


@NotFastEnuf looks like you nailed the fit pretty much. Might have some wiring fun, but I think this should work pretty okay.

Any tips on the rough ABS layering on the sides? Still trying to dial in all the magic settings lol


On a piece like this … that depends on how you print it. Looks like you had it with the bottom on your build plate which makes one giant overhang. I’d turn it over and enable supports. Should look better.

Also if you let me know where you make/want holes in that cover for wires … we can add them. I just couldn’t picture what I’d like best in my head and I’m still waiting on stuff to arrive for me to join the fun. I’d also like to recess those screw heads if you get me a diameter on them now that we know the cover works…


I’ll have to figure out wire routing, might get a chance to wire up the ESC later today.

Heads on those screws are 2mm deep.

I did indeed print it as an overhang, on the original I tried it flipped over with supports and got the following. (Nice outside though) seems like I’m struggling with clean supports and overhangs with ABS at the moment. Which I suppose isn’t the worse problem to have all things considered.


Yeah that’s to be expected with abs. Maybe use an advanced setting to enable the fan on only that first layer that’s getting laid down on the supports. I’m not sure mine will look much better but at least it will be out of sight that way.

Again I’d just like to than you for your participation and feedback. With the brushed series i did this part alone - took me close to 50 prints to get all the kinks worked out before I dropped the designs. It’s nice to have help and input on this brushless version of the project while we iron out the details!

2mm deep on screw heads, got it - what is their diameter across? I’ll work on a recess for them while you sort out where you want holes in that cover for wiring. It’s gonna be a right build - most of the stuff I take on is. But it should look pretty cool when done. You gonna try your hand at vacuum forming too?


Hmm that seems like a decent idea. Will add that to my list of things to look into. Only been 3D printing for about 2 months now, so still fighting the learning curve, especially with throwing in Fusion 360 as well. Still running Cura 15 as well, so might be an argument for a slicer software upgrade or swap too.

These machine screws look to be 3.5mm - 3.6mm across the head. I might give a try to vacuum forming, its certainly an interesting prospect. My tentative plan for this build, was to use one of the Tiny 6 extra canopies I have laying around. However, the Shinehole LST-S2 AIO cam i’m using for this build at the moment, doesn’t fit with the PCB design… so I’d need to hack up the canopy a bit, which I might still do. The TX05 AIO I have certainly doesn’t fit either (or many things for that matter.) Alas don’t have any other AIO cams about… could maybe separate the TX05 VTX, and wire up a king kong 12x12 cam into it… but not sure about that.


Vacuum forming a mullet sounds alot easier. Lol and you get to add another skill to your skill set! Hehe