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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


Ok NFE, so are we going to get new fc flash for the E11, and how hard would it be to add small stand off under motor mounts to help protect battery scraps, and if so can you add diffrent material for the stand off for flex…just curious bud, and you doing great job. Hows the nylon going are you getting close to needing more, just let me know when your getting close…keep it up we all are eagerly awaiting for more quads that are just not fast enouf …haha lol later


Because we are very good friends I will answer you candidly. Lol I am the guy who would cut those off if you gave me a frame that had them just to save a half a gram of weight. Like we used to say in fixed wing - build it to fly not to crash and it may just fly well enough that you don’t crash!

They would probably snap off anyway. :slight_smile:


What I’ve found is that if you want the battery protected, armor the battery. Standoffs don’t help vs tree branches, curbs, rocks, other quads, etc. while armor on the battery itself does (at least to an extent).

What I’ve also found is that I’ll destroy the battery anyway.


Lmao ok fine ill just wrap in bubble wrap…its just amazing what that asphalt will do to a battery, ok bob or NFE any suggestions. I stay away from asphalt but trees poke holes and yes i try not to crash, but trees are the north pole on a magnet and im the south…


I hit a tree and DENTED my battery! No :fire: tho, luckily. I also have cut batteries with props from my dang slammed deck quad.


Couple layers of fiberglass tape is one, a TPU or CF battery shield is another. At the boss weight level I’ve never managed to ding a battery, only my 60g and up builds have.


I finally got to dedicate a day to Fusion360. And have based my first project on inspiration from Travis’s work, (If Travis won’t design me a 90mm Brushless Whoop, I 'll just have to do it myself). I still need to learn a few tricks in Fusion (as I only have 2D CAD experience). But am getting the hang of it. Would it be OK to share my work here when done?


Absolutely!!! Can’t wait to see it!!


Cool, As I lack 3D modeling experience, I have chosen instead to work with 3 or 4 stackable layers, each between 2 and 4mm in depth (I’m guessing this not the quickest way of achieving my goal?, but does allow for easier modification.) Not having a tutor is a little frustrating and I need to find a good tutorial, any suggestions?


Ok. @NotFastEnuf, here are the results. The teeny2s stack esc stock is 3.5mm, but can be lowered to 1.4mm. The mounting is 16x16. This is only if we want to continue 07xx mounting.

And check out this tiny rx!


Still a bit of ‘tweeking’ to go, But ready to print a trial.


One thing you may want to consider is a design for ducts that bolts on top of the frame and prints sepertely. As soon as I get the 90 mm done I would share my source files (fair warning - total mess there. LOL). Heck the canopy guides were trimmed out of ducts that still exist in a sketch and would just need to be resized. I will PM you the canopy guides component file. You can mess with editing ducts back on to it then you will just be able to replace that component when the 90 is done. I’m sitting down to work right now…

Also, don’t take that as discouragement to continue your own design. I just want to make the option available - but by all means keep designing! It’s exciting to see your work and I’m proud the project inspired you!

PM sent


OK guys - the 100mm selection of this series is done and uploaded to post # 2 of this thread. All updates applied. Flight controller options are E011, INDY (for the new brushless AIO boards and whoop FC brushless conversions), and 16x16. Motor options are 0705 racerstar and sunnysky, 1102 standard pattern, and the old school 1103 racerstar 1st gen. Have fun and happy printing! Just click below to shortcut to the files…

Here is a model of the 100mm 1102 frame for 16x16 electronics with the bottom cover plate in place


Cheers Travis, I have started from scratch with an 88 from what I have learn’t from this design. I need to work out how to put a curve to the duct wall. But meanwhile have been fine tuning and shedding weight…


Alright guys the 90 mm variation of the series is done. Here is a look at a digital model of the 1102 frame with canopy and bottom plate in place. All the same options as the 100mm for fc mounting options and motor options. I’m uploading STL files to post # 2 now!


Let me double check, whats the print orientation for these suppose to be? Frame laying flat on the build table, with supports only used for the small raised central section, or is this suppose to be Z axis oriented? It loads up like Fusion 360 still has what is the Z axis set to being Y, but want to double check.


Yeah I’m not sure why it comes out like that but rotate it around so that it lays flat. Which one are you printing?


To anyone testing 16x16 - please report back how the bottom cover fits over the hardware that attaches the stack. I have concerns that I did not leave enough room to go over the screw heads. So I could either make a larger dome in the cover, dome just the screw heads, or make through holes in that cover. I’m probably going to make a smaller through hole in the standoffs for myself and use whoop screws to attach my fc and esc which is why i made this oversite ( if it turns out to be a problem). Another thing I considered is to print 2mm threads inside the standoffs so a through bolt doesn’t have to be used but I’m not sure many people have printers dialed in enough for that kind of detail. Also the top side of the front standoff hardware may interfere with the camera mount so a mod to that camera mount part for the 16x16 version may also be necessary. Keep me posted…


Printing the 16x16 90mm currently. A smaller AIO cam arrived last week so I should actually have everything to attempt to put something together.

Also in regards to orientation, I think this happens if you don’t update Fusion 360 preferences to have Z be up instead of Y.


I’m starting to get the hang of Fusion360, there were a couple of hr’s of frustration…,
88mm Wheelbase, 0705 8000KV, 2S, 56mm props.
Still a bit of tweaking needed on the ducts, but, I’m fairly happy with the frame.
Excuse the messy prints, new version of cura on the new computer and I’ve not yet got it dialed in.