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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


We’ll toss it in the lineup


@NotFastEnuf Especially with fishpepper’s v3 4-in-1 ESC in the works, I think sticking to 16x16mm electronics makes a lot of sense. Using the lightest possible BL components will allow the BL-Boss to retain the brushed Boss’ stellar flying and crashing characteristics.

On a related note, you might want to consider limiting yourself on prop size as well. Case in point, @Ian444’s recent Zappy 120 build with 16x16mm electronics, BR1103B motors, and 3020 props. The longer 3" props make the build more efficient and better performing than a tiny 2" build. As cute as recent 2" builds may be, I’d consider sticking to 2.5" and 3" props for maximum efficiency.

Last but not least, the larger disc (surface) area of 3" props (and 2.5" quad-blades) will decrease loading and improve slow flight characteristics – exactly what we need for a brushless indoor micro! :smiley:


Agreed. For me when I say 2" … I actually run a 2.3". I’ve never actually flown a true 2". Lol I know 2.5 would be better … that could be a possibility for the 100mm base frame. I’m just not sure if the 100mm frame is strong enough to take the brushless abuse. It’s worth testing. The 90mm base frame will accept 2.3 in props and is tough as a junkyard dog. Excellent input my friend! Thank you


OK…IT’S FINALLY BRUSHLESS PROTOTYPE TIME!!! Here is where I’m at so far. @yets is gonna be the first one to build out a brushless boss frame and is eagerly awaiting the first prototype to be created. He runs silverware on a bwhoop board and is intending to use 1s 0705 racerstar motors and 66mm kingkong props on the 100mm frame. In the interest of simplicity, he is just going to use some VHB tape to stick his esc to the bottom of his flight controller so there are no 16x16 mounts on this design. This is my first revision and unlike the brushed boss series that I just dropped when it was all done - I’m bringing you guys along for the whole ride as we create all the different revisions. Final releases may look nothing like this. I included a digital image with canopies on top just for fun :wink:

I am definately open to feedback &suggestions on this. Motor protection for 0705 has been mentioned a few times as being almost necessary. Weight on this one comes in at under 6 grams. Should I stop here? Do I need to beef up the outside bottom edges of the motor mounts for impact resistance? Should I make the motor guard thicker? Do you want some phallic protrusion pointing off the motor mounts as is so common on brushless frames these days or just leave it round?


This is brilliant @NotFastEnuf. I feel really honoured to be part of the project and I’m hoping that I can give valuable feedback.

From what I can see, the guards look really functional and will be great. I like the route you’re going on with potential extra beefiness for impact resistance on the motor mounts. What thickness did you go for in the end? Looks like it will be durable.

You’ve inspired me, once I get out of my current situation I’d like to give back to the community in a similar way. You’re a true champ NFE.


2.4mm thickness on the plates beneath the motor mounts since you said you had room for up to 2.5mm on the included hardware.


Looking good NFE, I have a set of motors and some 16x16 hardware put aside, and eagerly awaiting your STL releases.


New to the community, but I am certainly interested in this, and will be following along. I should be able to potentially test out any of the 110x stuff that comes along as well. Just need to get the printer dialed in for ABS, and eventually Nylon/CF.


Yessssss! Can wait! Which FC is it built for again? 16x16?


@MidnightQuads - this first one is for a brushless conversion of the e011 board but I’m working on 16x16 now too. Stack height seems to be an issue for canopy use. Can you or anyone else report on the absolute minimum distance between fc and esc - in other words the shortest possible spacer height that will work?

@Zenroth - excellent news! Welcome… and I also need to get my printer dialed in for abs. For whatever reason after printing no less than 100 frames - my abs prints suddenly are awful. I’ve tried every trick in the book except a new roll of filament. It may be goodbye favorite orange color time for me. 11xx designs coming soon.

@Theon - well you are a step ahead of me - my stuff is still in transit. I’ll release some prototypes for you guys to help me sort put issues before my stuff arrives. Fair warning - we may need a few revisions before we get it right since I don’t have the stuff to test it yet.


Hi all, I have been following this and the brushed thread for a while and look forward to build at least one of both eventually when I get through my current builds.

It looks like whoop sized brushless all in one fc’s are starting to appear, at least i’ve had this board in my bg cart for a while :

looks the exact same as this betafpv board

there’s also this boldclash board, however only 2-3A from the description


Perhaps these are good candidates for a brushless boss as the mounting pattern is already designed for the brushed version.


@Edwin - good call! I will add an INDY bolt pattern to the lineup! Those boards are 1s only correct?


I have a 2s 16x16 stack on the way. I’ll measure it when it gets here, so I can figure out the minimum distance between plates.
Initial report- the stack I’m using is supposedly using 5mm standoff’s, but I’m not sure. The only thing holding it back is the cable connector height. If we go the tinyfish route, it’d be lower, cause there are no cables.
I’ve also seen the aio 1s board (OMNIBUS F3) from BG.

Edit! Scratch all that, I’d go @edwin s findings!


I’ve desoldered the ESC connector before, you can solder wires to the pads left behind. It’s delicate, the motor wires from 6mm motors are about the right size though and I’ll sure we all have a bunch of those :smiley:


Bobnova, If I do that, it should bring the stack down 3-4mm— hopefully. Will let you know
Why doesn’t anyone post size specs for their boards? There is l and w, it not height. :weary:


Yeah the only issue with the aio boards is they are 1s only. So I will be on 16x16. The design challenge with 16x16 is that the frame is only 5mm tall at its thickest point. So either the stack sits tall to keep the esc recessed up into the center area (which interferes with canopy/camera), or the esc is basically bolted to the bottom of the frame (pee wee Herman exposure - lol). Maybe 16x16 versions will have a printed roll pan to enclose the center space on the bottom and shield the protruding esc for option 2. This will also keep the entire center section enclosed when used with a canopy and allow all whoop style camera mounts to continue to be used. 2s can probably handle the extra gram from the roll pan too. 1s will likely be on that aio for most in the future and can save the weight by not using the roll pan at all. Thoughts?

I have no issues soldering straight to an esc … but it would limit the accessibility of these designs. Let’s try to work with it on.


I did have a thought, what about a battery pad, or 1mm bottom cover? Like the idea of a roll pan. I did notice that that brushless whoop FC had pins. Accessibility?


Yep, that is what I am trying to describe above. OK. Looks like a plan is in place pending more feedback.
Anybody got a link to whoop fc screws like what comes on an e010 or e011? Preferably not the beecore ones - they are too long.


A whoop style 1 to 2s aio would be awesome, I hope one of the chinese companies will pick that up as a next step. With regards to screws the e010 has some thicker scews than the original inductrix ones. I have one of these kits and the size is accurate.


Ok. I found some screws for ‘Eachine E010 Frame and Blade Inductrix Frame‘. Bad news- I don’t think they’ll work for this project. My stack is the super_s F4 from BG. It uses m2 screws, and if I desolder, I can probably get the whole thing down to ~7mm, including a mount, and maybe nuts
On other builds, I use rubber washers instead of nuts to cap the bolts/screws.