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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


A short deviation from being on task…Are any of you guys interested in an open source version of a “full bodied shell” type design like the pocket quads 2" or do you prefer the dream catcher frame style of the brushed boss series? I don’t intend to copy his design - but if you like the style/concept we can move on to that after we build a brushless boss and select style elements as a group.

The alternative is i have a 5" ultralight tube frame design on the drawing board that I could push towards completion first. It consists of about 5$ wort of woven carbon fiber tube and printed & vacuum formed parts to assemble. Should be sub 50 grams and look pretty sick with a sweet canopy pod.

Since these projects are dual purpose - for my own fun and to share - I’m open to input on what you want next.


I’ve been hoping you would bless us with a brushless design, I would love to be involved in an open source project, I am however lacking in skills, But, I have recently upgraded my computer and have a Graphics card for it on the way. I also have some experience with Auto Cad (25 Years ago, lol), And eager to help if I can.


I would be keen to see what you brew up.


I think either would be good, but where I fly, it’s fairly dusty, so I try to use canopies, or shells.


You know for selfish reasons I’d like a hybrid of both - basically your frame in a deadcat config…Oh BTW, for brushed 6mm - hahaha
And made from that material “unobtainium”…

Happy Sunday!


I like the canopy version also to partially protect my FC and camera.

I have a 3D printer and lots of experience with Solidworks so I may be able to help some. :grin:


I use it for the same reasons. I use fusion 360 for designing though


Fusion 360 is great for having multiple contributors to a project


I don’t have that. :disappointed:


It’s free.


When I google it, it says free 30 day trial if you aren’t a student? Is it like Creo parametric where you can just pretend your a student and use it non commercially?


Not really but sort of. You download the trial, then go through the process of activating a license. But there will be an option to tell it that you are applying for a hobby license or will make less than 100k a year with it. That license is a full activation for 1 year, can be renewed at the end of a year, and is also free.


Cool. I’ve only used autodesk once but I’ll give it a shot.


Well I like where this is going as a group. I am going to finish out the mods to the boss for brushless motors, get a canopy designed for it … and then we will move on to a group frame project.

For starters … I will accommodate the existing frames to accept 16x16 boards and the 07 and 11 motor sizes since I have some of that stuff here to test the fits. I do not own any 20x20 equipment and I’m not sure the esc is going to fit so that may not be possible with the boss. I will have to order an esc in on the slow boat or a killer sale … but eventually we will get something going for 20x20.

My personal brushless boss for 1s will be a modified e011 board with a 4in1 taped to the bottom. My 2s will be 16x16 properly mounted.


When you set up fusion, it can configure in multiple ways. Like if you have a solidworks, rhino, or inventor experience.


Well it seems 20x20 stuff is gonna be too big to fit down in the canopy guides. So the brushless version of the boss will be 16x16 only. I’ll do a 0703/05 and a 11xx version but it seems 11xx motors will be limited to the smaller ones since I think 6a is the biggest 2s esc in that size. I should be able to finish out the design modifications in the next few days and I will include a printable “plug” that can be used to vacuum form a canopy that can be used on either boss or whoop builds. I was gonna really put alot of effort into the design to adapt it to brushless… but after careful consideration - I think it’s best to keep it simple for really light builds and then we can move on as a group to designing the ultimate 2" brushless printable frame that gives us all the versatility we are looking for. The brushless whoop design will be revisited here eventually … bit not until I’ve explored some more filament types. Abs is not the answer for a whoop.


1102 motors might be good for that. 1/2s, with low A rating


Yeah that’s my plan for what I’ll be building. 1102 and 1103 2s. That’s all that fits my flying space anyway.


I know that is especially true for me, because where I live, we get fairly harsh winters. So, I’ll be flying inside!


So i just saw in another thread there now is a DYS 905 motor with 7mm mounting pattern and 1.5mm shaft…
Seems like it could use a lightweight frame and there is probably not many frames out there for these yet. :slightly_smiling_face: