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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


I’ll just leave this here if you can’t find suitable Boss…

There are a good few other options on Thingiverse too.

Personally I’m using 16,000kv 0802 motors as I think that’s plenty kv for 65mm props.


@PJC @Taylormadearmy I still have not acquired any 0802 motors. But the boss 7 worked out so well (seriously one of my favorites) that I am curious how 0802 would do on that 46mm prop. I guess we’d have to drill them out to 1.0mm?

When I originally made brushless boss frames my focus was on 1102/1103. I added some 07xx mount patterns a
Which were requested at the time, and along with that request came the communication that they were very fragile and needed a built in guard. So how are 0802’s? Can they hang out on an ATM like any other brushless or do they also need guards to survive the first crash? This fragility is one reason I stick to cheap (also fragile) brushed motors. I can buy them in bulk and consider them disposable.

So summarize 0802 durability for me, where do I find the right drill bit for the 46mm props, and should I assume we’re sticking to 1s?


0802 16000kv + hm830 = OMG !


Here its with 65mm props but after that ive been testing hm830 and it way more better but still need to push it waiting for a nice weather


yeah, @tarkux seems to be on the right track, and I thought the 46mm paddles would do well.

@NotFastEnuf, 802’s are more durable and reliable than the smaller motors. I haven’t run them outside of prop guards tho, so Kevin will be the guinea pig there…and honestly, I’ve seen a bunch of people using Kabab’s “toothpick” frame with 802 and it has no protection for the motors and people haven’t been complaining.

I think a 19k 802 build with the 46mm will probably be the sweet spot for 1s and keeping it in the same size as the BOSS 7…just enough more than a 716 motor and lighter. :slight_smile:


Yea i will try some 802s 19k too but right im impressed with the 16k and 65mm and then the 46mm but as you said on 19k and 46mm would probably be the perfect spot but we def need a boss 7 frame xL !


Yeah. There is no problem with them hanging out there at all.
I have bent a shaft on one landing hard on the road but it still flies (badly) not sure an 110X would have fared much better.
And they are not expensive. You can pick up 4 for $20 or so.
And seriously. The way these things fly…

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Anyone came with a good design to Transfert Beta75x stack and motors i got another one laying around i wanna try some 46mm and 65mm props and see how it fly . I know the BOSS made one in the shadow and caught in fire but i wanna give a try .

Don’t be shy just post your thingy / stl here .

Best Regard


Well Boss Frame made it !


@tarkux What frame is it Kevin? My mob7 frame is dying.


Looks great! Is the stl on Thingiverse?

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Thanks! You can find it and other newer designs here:


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It’s so cool to see all the designs the boss series has inspired. I have not been into printing or even really flying much as I am focused more on hardware design and firmware development lately … but I just wanted to pop in and say I still watch the progress in this thread with great enjoyment. Well done to all of you participating here!


@Smalleagle Hi Joseph :wave: Welcome

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Excellent! Thanks.


:grin:. Not sure if I should thank you or not… The amount of hours I’ve ending up spending on this… :rofl:.

Seriously - Would be great to send you some frames printed in polycarbonate to play with though. If you are interested PM me.


At some point when I circle back to the boss for another round of innovation. … I will absolutely take you up on that. Thank you. Very kind. For now I have my head buried in code, yet another hobby inside the hobby. Lol.

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