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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


If you go for a low profile camera mounting maybe your can fit 2" props?


Nah, I’m done with 1.5" for now. Caught it on fire in the first crash.


Oh no :sleepy:.
Is that the same as the super_s stack? I’ve had mixed results with those ESCs, but most of the breakages actually turned out to be my fault (like my standoffs bring too big knocking components off the ESC in a crash)… But at least they are cheap if bought from AliExpress…


Fullspeed. Same brand as the one that started a field on fire in the carnage thread. Yes it was probably due to flex on impact knocking one component into another shorting the board via standoffs … I hit very hard. That said… crashes are an unavoidable part of this hobby. I have seen far too many boards lately with components way too close to standoffs. I say when you have to notch a m2 post - maybe the board manufacturer was reaching a bit to make everything fit


All true. I’ve started making my own narrow TPU standoffs. Haven’t had anything break since.
I do recommend the super_s f4 stack if you are ever tempted to try a light weight 2S again.


I ended up trying for a 70mm 2S LOS quad (parts on order only at this stage). Basically copying the Mobula 7 2S whoop using these SE0802 motors with these 40mm props. Also a 2.5gm carbon fibre frame (no ducts). Will let you know how it goes. Hoping for 16.5gm without battery. Something to zip around the driveway with :wink:


While my time this size class of prop was very limited (I quickly set my beta 75 on fire with 3s, and set my custom 1.5" boss on fire in the first crash)… I can say that the ladrc 1535 prop was my favorite between that, 40mm whoop style, and the 1630’s.


So in experimenting with what I wanted as frames, I printed a few NFE 90mm and 80mm frames which are very durable but as they came around 6.5 grams I wanted to go lighter and made a couple of designs in tinkercad and they were under 5 grams, the 2.5mm 80mm frame is actually at 4 grams exact. That was all good until I had my first crash on the X frame as the cam was pretty exposed and took a bad hit, luckily I was able to fix it before total loss. I then searched for a frame that suited my needs, more about that in the next post, for now I wanted to know if some one wanted the frames that I printed as I wont be needing them and hate to throw them away.

Frames for giveaway - Just pay shipping or pick them up for free. (I am in Ontario, CA)


So I stumbled on this post on Thingiverse called Minnow 90mm and was very intrigued by the frame and canopy, there weren’t any details about the weight of the frame or the pod so I was curious as to how much it would be as it seemed like it would protect the components really good. So downloaded the files and then gave it a print, base plate in ABS and pod in TPU. The frame was 2mm thick so its pretty flexible but since this is gonna be a 1S build only I didn’t think it would matter much. The pod is right at 2.5 grams and the base plate was around 4.25 grams. With a 380mah Tattu it comes at 44 grams and 39 grams with a 220mah Tattu stick. I have an Eachine E010S and for comparison and man its fast for a 1S, cant fly indoors without smashing into something, maybe just me or need a bigger house :wink:


That’s a super cool rig! After a couple cracks at brushless boss builds… they are a pita. The simplistic beauty of its brushed brother was lost in conversion to brushless. I seek moar inspiration! Things like this and the Tiny Hawk are pretty cool. Keep the ideas rolling!!


Yeah, was having a bit of an issue keeping the battery in place, every little bump the battery was coming loose of the bands, so tinkercad to the rescue! Made a few mounts to hold the battery in place, it has increased the weight by 1 gram over all. I know the bands look thick, they are 1.5 mm, I’ll probably print a 1 mm thickness all round except where its screwed up.


I find my latest design (totally inspired by the Boss) pretty easy to build, super cheap components, incredibly robust* and with 2.5" props flies like a dream.

I also now have a teeny 2" version (don’t think it would be possible to get any smaller and still swing 2" props - still not too bad to build, not quite as much fun to fly unless you are in tight spots in which case it’s great. (Need to get round to posting those files).

*Is it just me - but when there is a gap to hit, 75% of the time I’ll hit the side of the gap, even if it’s smaller than the gap…


I absolutely love the one on the right, nice work!


Happily send you a frame at some point if interested?


That’s a very generous offer, thanks! But I’m tied up with other projects at the moment. Really good attention to detail in those builds.


Yeah - 2.5 on a 2S 40g build is where it’s at. It’s a different experience to fly than any other build I have - my favorite I think. Plenty of punch, but it’s so light it feels like it glides and compared to other builds dives and things feel like they are in slow motion.
And it still copes fine with wind, can be flown in tight or larger areas.


I wasn’t too happy with the power of 2 inch 3 blade or 4 blade props on 1S, seemed like they drained the battery way more and didn’t translate into considerable amount of power. I wanted to try out the 66mm props I had for almost a year now but still keep things at 1S since the pepperfish stack I have cant take more than 1S. So imported the minnow frame to Tinkercad and stretched it out to a 110mm motor to motor. Also made it 2.5mm base plate. Frame +canopy is around 8.2 grams. Saved 2 grams on props so the overall weight is still at 34 grams dry.


I’ve just got some pure polycarbonate printed for the first time…

Stiff and oh so strong.

Wow - see some impact testing here:


I’ve been looking through this thread, but haven’t seen someone post this, so I’ll just ask:

Has anyone taken the original Boss 7 brushed frame and altered the design to accept 0802 brushless motors? I love the size of my Boss 7 and the paper airplane props, etc., but I think some 19k 802’s would fly really well. I just need a frame! :slight_smile:


I just remembered this comment from you…
I wonder if you’ve tried a lightweight 2S 0802 type build yet with 65mm Kingkong type props with an AIO Crazybee style FC?
AUW of 40g - it seriously feels as fast as any of my 3S builds…