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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


If you go for a low profile camera mounting maybe your can fit 2" props?


Nah, I’m done with 1.5" for now. Caught it on fire in the first crash.


Oh no :sleepy:.
Is that the same as the super_s stack? I’ve had mixed results with those ESCs, but most of the breakages actually turned out to be my fault (like my standoffs bring too big knocking components off the ESC in a crash)… But at least they are cheap if bought from AliExpress…


Fullspeed. Same brand as the one that started a field on fire in the carnage thread. Yes it was probably due to flex on impact knocking one component into another shorting the board via standoffs … I hit very hard. That said… crashes are an unavoidable part of this hobby. I have seen far too many boards lately with components way too close to standoffs. I say when you have to notch a m2 post - maybe the board manufacturer was reaching a bit to make everything fit


All true. I’ve started making my own narrow TPU standoffs. Haven’t had anything break since.
I do recommend the super_s f4 stack if you are ever tempted to try a light weight 2S again.


I ended up trying for a 70mm 2S LOS quad (parts on order only at this stage). Basically copying the Mobula 7 2S whoop using these SE0802 motors with these 40mm props. Also a 2.5gm carbon fibre frame (no ducts). Will let you know how it goes. Hoping for 16.5gm without battery. Something to zip around the driveway with :wink:


While my time this size class of prop was very limited (I quickly set my beta 75 on fire with 3s, and set my custom 1.5" boss on fire in the first crash)… I can say that the ladrc 1535 prop was my favorite between that, 40mm whoop style, and the 1630’s.