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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


85mm frame v2.zip (794.7 KB)
Here’s something I’ve been working on I’d like to share, still a work in progress, but I thought relevant enough and functional enough to put forward here. The tabs on the arms are for added adhesion and snap off.


@NotFastEnuf Amazing contribution to the community from the brushed to brushless to Silverware. With the cold season coming (already here in Canada) I was looking for a 1S brushless option salvaging what I had. I had some first gen BR1103 10000kv motors and a micro Cam/VTX combo. All i needed was a frame, FC, ESC and RX. I found a Lumineer TinyFish combo which had 4A ESC, F3 FC and a Frsky Rx built in at a LHS so I went for it. Wanted to go for a 3D printed frame since I had a printer with me so I went with yours :slight_smile:.


Battery choices are a tough one, I had some 220mah Tattu sticks from my brushed whoop but they didnt last for more than a minute, maybe 1.5 minutes. I then ordered a pack of 6 380mah Tattu off of Amazon for around CAD $19 only because they would deliver it the same day, originally wanted to go with the 450mah 1S option but thats gonna take a week or so to come over, haven’t ordered it yet since testing on the 380mah is still pending. nn


I would be more than happy to print out a few frames for the folks who don’t have a printer and want give this a try, just pay for the shipping from Toronto to wherever by Canada Post, you can check the prices online to see if its viable or not. Having said that, this is the 90MM 16x16 1103R V2 frame that comes in at 6.35 grams, the 100mm I printed was half a gram heavier at 6.85 grams. This is printed in ABS so “should” be durable.


That looks great man! I hope you find a good battery to make it work on 1s. So you have switched it all over to the 90mm now? First pics looked like the 100mm. Also you may want to try some 2 blade props on the 100mm like those 65mm brushed props but with the 1.5 hub. They may be easier to spin than 4 blade and give longer flight times.


I am also building one right now too… Fullspeed baby 2s stack, eachine 1102 11500kv, and a new prototype 75mm frame size for 1.5" T props or 41mm whoop style props. Here are a few pics from last night’s progress…


Still need to wire in a camera, sort out a bottom plate, and canopy it up… currently at 28g. I could post this file if anyone wants it.


@NotFastEnuf So there is always something cooking in the Quad kitchen, eh? LOL. Ok, so a few things to clarify, I first printed the 90mm frame and tried it with the 66 mm props and got a lot of vibrations/oscillation that didn’t seem to help my flying and FPV video feed. I was also printing a 100mm version while this was going on and just shifted all the electronics to the 100mm frame just so I can try bigger props in the future and also because the frame was only half a gram heavier than the 90mm version. I then tried the 2 inch Gemfan Hulkies 3 blade, they were very quiet but lacked the punch, so the next one available at LHS was the Cyclone 2 inch 4 blade, this was exactly the same weight as the hulky but was much better in control and thrust. I just finished the first cruising flight with a 380mah & I got 4+ minutes so I guess I’ll do a bit more flying and then decide if I want to stick with it.


Wow! Nice work testing stuff. Sounds like I should be asking you for advice! !! Seriously, tell me what you think I should try when you decide on your favorites!


You are right, there is so much to test as there are so many options to try, you can never get the best of everything without compromising something. Anyway, these are the props I have tried so far and I am in just a couple of flights. So I need your opinion on the weight, I at at 46 grams with battery and 36 dry, what do you think?


Awe, you are too kind, I just whipped up what I could in the shortest amount of time. I rather buy locally and satisfy my thirst than wait on parts from China, don’t take me wrong, sometimes I do order for parts from China if they are not available locally, just that I lack patience, hence I am not rich, yet. LOL.


Honestly I have never found a prop I love as much as a cut gemfan3025. But I have not tried a ton of them out in the 2" class. I have also never tried 1s… so I’m at a loss there. I imagine the best 1s prop will be different than 2s. I think @yets maybe tried the 65mm with similar results to yours.


Yes, I tried 65/66mm on 0705’s. Motors were awful which robbed me of power and have so many oscillations that couldn’t be tamed. I currently run 3020’s on another brushless 1s build and they’ve got a lot of punch for so little power. I really like the 3020’s


Can you upload some pics of the quad and provide the details of the config? Thanks.


Yup, it’s a Silverware LOS based Racerstar 1103 8000kv motor with 6a ESC. The frame is a KT100 which is really 112mm. Weighs in at 31g. 3020’s need balancing if you do build with them


@yets 2s or 3s?


1s. I thought xhzee wanted experiences of 1s brushless? Have I got this wrong as per?


Nope, you are right, I guess @NotFastEnuf thought it to be a 2 or 3s as you are using full 3020 props without cutting them down. I have those props but they wont clear the canopy. Interesting though, may just try los and see.


@NotFastEnuf I actually do have a 2s quad with 3020s that haven’t been cut down and 10000kv motors. I haven’t really flown it because they’re old school Racerstar motors without the mounting holes and the centre shaft hole on the props is too big. Every time I barely throttled up the props would fly to the moon.


Sorry to confuse the conversation. I am just power hungry and want everything to be pushed to the limits where smoke almost comes out. I just superglue my props to the old racerstar motors. :smile: @xlnzee, as for prop clearance… just clip them down with a finger nail clippers!