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NotFastEnuf "Brushless Boss Series" - 3D printable frames


I’m still into 2" … just bored with 2s. As for user error… how much can there be when literally the whole stack goes together on pins. IdK. Anyway I’d be happy to share that file if somebody wants it and already has 75x electronics. But I wouldn’t go get that stack to build one.


I’m loving a lightweight 2S 2" right now - perfect for flying in my yard… I’ve also got a couple of 3S builds, but 3S is too much for me in my yard…

In an ideal world we’d have a 16x16 stack or AIO that was 3S capable then I could use that on 2 and 3s… But the extra weight of the 3S stacks means I need to have both right now…

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :kissing_heart:.


Honestly for me, I find 2s brushless only marginally better than 1s brushed. But I fly alot of 3 to 5" in my front yard now. So my perspective has changed. I certainly would have agreed with you at one point and depending on the exact space - you make a very valid point. Unfortunately it’s taking 3s to get my rocks off out front now on 2".


What’s the recommended Kv for 3S and 2" props at the moment? Thinking of building a hot 2" LOS, so I’m interested in the latest trends.


Well you know I can’t totally abandon my weight watcher mentality, so I’m running 1104 7500kv. Specifically the air blade motors. I think they are rebranded spintech. But the step up in power from 1102/03 to 1104 is a big jump. Maybe one of the biggest jumps up for minimal weight increase. As for what’s trendy though, I have no idea… I typically just go off in my own direction.


On the LOS frames I’ve been running higher kv with 2S with good results. I find it’s easier to get higher C ratings in the larger 2S packs than for the smaller 3S packs. Don’t want to open a can of worms though, each to their own :wink: I can’t find any airblade 1104 motors, did you mean 1105?

So 7500kv 3S, that would translate to around 11000kv 2S I guess, just thinking out loud. Yep that makes sense (agrees) with what I’m finding here (comparing tip speeds of 2.5" with 2" props). Sorry for the zillion edits.


Well tip speeds is a far more advanced way of considering it. I’m a hack… just going by motor Temps to establish limits. :wink:


Haha. I arrived at the “tip speed” by checking batt temp, motor temp and observed performance, hardly scientific, but at the end of the day, a particular prop seems to work best at a particular rpm range :slight_smile:


No idea if its recommended but this is what my (fpv) fleet looks like and the motor temps seem to be fine:
2" 2S - 1103 8,000kv Racestars - 2 to 2.5" blades - 40g dry. I love flying this in my garden. Its night and day between this and 1S for me. (right hand side 2 builds)
2-2.5" 3S - 1104 7,500kv ~ 60g dry This really has some pop - too much for me in my garden, but love flying it in my small local park.
3" 3S + Micro Split Mini 2 - 82g dry - 1104 5,000 Sunnysky. This thing terrifies me! The numbers say it has a >10 to 1 power to weight ratio… (left guild)


This hobby really is like a drugs habit isn’t it…

Have you tried >2" props on your 2" build? These https://www.emaxmodel.com/avan-babyhawk.html are bloody brilliant - a lot more pop than a 2" for not much more radius…


Really tidy builds there, and thanks for the info Taylormadearmy. Those Sunnysky 1104’s perform like (very) good 1105’s (and weigh the same too, just under 6gm). I did find them difficult to tune for a long time, finally got there though. I have a set of the LDARC XT1104’s and I’m pretty sure they are the same motor. I have some of those Emax 2.3" props, I’ll have to try them on something (nearly forgot I had them). It is like a drugs habit, just when I think I have it under control, I lose the plot again and buy more parts. So much fun in trying different things, it is ongoing, there is no final destination, the quads just keep getting faster and faster and my pilot skills struggle to keep up. Gotta love it.




I use these as well that might be a good option.
Lumenier 2.2x3 Micro Propeller


Ha! It seems we are all on the same page! I always run > 2" on 2" builds. The cut 3025 gemfan to 2.3" is my go to… but the two props you guys linked are actually the exact next 2 I also want to try. I hear amazing things about the lumenier although it looks a little heavy for 1102 and the emax… well i tried my babyhawk motors/stock props on 3s… and no amount of detuning or filtering would clean the noise enough… so that prop is the only other option.


I love that this Boss project inspired a fleet of things you fly that are your own design. Just had to say that. :slight_smile:


Have heard great things about these - just not managed to find anywhere that sells the to the UK yet :confused:


You really did - thanks - I think :laughing:


My bigger and faster quads are simply impossible to fly around the house. Our citystreets are just to busy and densely built up no sane person would even try. So horses for courses, like you said. Just in love with 2s again when used with high kv light builds. The batteries are just really fitting well, quality wise and weight wise to get my ‘Through the gates of hell, with hair on fire’ rush, in my own street and very small strip of green. The reason why I like the boss frame is that it protects so well against the soaking wet months that are coming.

Hope I have some time this winter to start racing again with the 5"-ers. Just ordered 10 gates.


That’s a very good point. Especially with the bottom covers too. I have always I tended to take another look at those and advance the design for fitment, motor wire entry, USB access & battery attachment. If you have any thought about revision let me know.


On my design I ended up with overheating ESCs / FC with everything fully enclosed. Which took me a while to diagnose…

So do consider ventilation holes - I found they were needed! Also less weight… Though less waterproof - I guess that’s what coformal coating is for… https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3034375